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I just gotta finish this...the so overdued Melaka Trip post...

Here's the last batch of photos of the Melaka Trip.

26 April 2007

At Bukit Serindit:
Happy people...

Jogging pathway at Bukit Serindit

Let your imagination run wild...

Haha! Actually that was what I did 5 years back... PBSM duties...unforgettable memories but I would never wanna go back to those days.

The bridge

On the bridge

more photos on the bridge

What is Li Shan doing?

showing off our dance moves

Can she be anymore digusting?

She's not that scary in real life


27 april 20

On the way to our destination:

During a red light...

My "beautiful" high school

Yes... Would you believe that?

They're everywhere!!!

At Uncle Botak's stall:

The stall

Uncle Botak

Uncle Botak's wife...AUNTIE BERAMBUT?

Air Jagung

Uncle Botak's Chendol

Esther and Li shan trying out Uncle Botak's chendol

Nasi Lemak, the nyonya style...

My school field and basketball court...
PBSM was having their annual kawad kaki competition...ahhh~ bring back the old memories...
Mr. Wee, Encik Halipah and dearest Mr. Dennis

Mr. Wee's photo

Li shan and Mr. Wee

Mr. wee used to be teaching in Li Shan's ex-school, CHS Selangor. But now shifted to my ex-school.

SMKIJC's canteen

Canteen again

Chinese food canteen

A place to hang out if you wanna ponteng class

I am not a pervert lah can?

I was trying to capture this...

My gang wrote this on every table we sat on...Hehe! Vandalism...
The jungle bar which I spent my lower forms recess time at

This should be in a museum
Would you believe that I designed this pavement and painted it?

Li Shan and some hibicus

At Mahkota Parade (again!):
Roibo signs

Li shan and the Roibo Cafe sign
The drinks we ordered

The perfect ladylike pose... watch and learn!!!

A very ugly pose by Miss Dorcas Pang Tsyi Shin

An unsuccessful ladylike pose by Li Shan

A successful ladylike pose by Li Shan

err~ nothing much. Just checking out some stuff at a optical shop

Li Shan and Esther with their curry puffs from You Yee

Pumping petrol at some petrol station:
Esther pumping petrol

She was the only one who knew how to do it. Haha! Lame~
I knew she was taking my photo so I smiled...not thinking about anything saucy k?
Li Shan and her curry puff eat until so long still cannot finish!!!

At Graha Makmur:
Li Shan caught them sleeping while they were supposed to be working...

The unexpected clean toilet at Graha Makmur

Li Shan and her dozens of poses

Pictures of Esther and I


What happened after the photo...

Haha! Kesian betul. I was so lucky that I was the only one that didn't end up with a spot on my ass.


Esther and a very ugly bush

I don't know whats the point of Esther taking a photo with this car

More sexy backs

Us, on the way back to the car

Last photo before leaving the park

At Kampung Saujana (to buy some kuehs for tea break):
The quiet roads of Kampung Saujana

At Ozana Villas:
My piano teacher's bungalow

The biggest bungalow at Ozana Villas:
The enormous bungalow owned by the boss of the Mamee factory

The car porch

The front gate

The two humans who drool at the enormous bungalow:

Went back home:

Er~ I don't know if this is call a tea break or dinner. Coz it was a bit too much for tea break but it was not dinner. Hmm~~~ really confusing...

'Lap Chiong', vege and eggs

'Lo Bak' with eggs

Preparing to go out again

On the way to dinner:

I don't know if he's peeping on siapa or looking at the back of the car

Er~~ that's not a very flattering photo of Esther...sorry~

At Newton Food Court:
While waiting for our food...

'Geng' arh, auntie!!!
'O Chien'
My personal favourite

There's a story behind these tako ballz... Once Sinren and I had a fight because of these asshole-y tasty ballz. Haha! It was kinda stupid. Ask me if you wanna know. I scared he might kill me if I tell it out here.

*tummy growls*

Fattening but yet so tempting

Portuguese style Ikan Bakar

At the Malim Mamak Stall with my peeps at church:
Roti tisu

At Jonker Street:
The entrance leading to Jonker Street

Some senior citizens' singing competition was going on

Some random guy that we found interesting

The best chendol stall in Melaka:
The stall
The owner of the shop

This is the shop that we came er...if you guys remember lah...on Thursday morning. Esther and Li Shan wanna have another taste of it. Coz its seriously damn good (a comment from a person who doesn't like chendol at all). And there's lots of anthique in the shop. Did I tell you guys earlier on? Most of it is not for sale...*sulks*

The Three Little Monkeys not for sale :S

Elvis' poster also not for sale

The things I bought from Jonker Street

At Melaka Town:
A gift by the Holland people

My poser dad
The Queen Victoria's fountain with the carving of her potrait on it

Haha! She's so gonna kill me~~~

I got too free and editted this

Clock Tower

Supper at Bukit Cina's Satay Celup:
The hot bowl before boiling 

The things you can put in the hot bowl

The boiling hot bowl. Digusting yet it tasted so good...

While waiting for the food to get cooked:
Er~ not one of my best photos

No...they were not arguing over anything or fighting of any kind

Damn! I really looked so, so ugly!!!

Li Shan

I think we got too sien waiting...

While eating:

Dad and his blurred face

Esther and mum

Happily stuffed humans

The auntie counting the amount of sticks we ate
And that's the end of the trip.

Finally i finished it. All work had been done. Yay!!!

Ok lah. See you guys in next post. Soon I promise. With all the latest photos.

Bubbye for now...

NOTE: credits to Li Shan for her photos. Thank you so much babe!!!