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TRANSFORMERS and some rude asshole at Carrefour

I finally went to watch Transformers yesterday. I had to. Coz my cousins are calling me 'no life' coz I haven't watch it. Damn lah!!! Not that I don't wanna watch lah!!! Can't get the tickets mah... Blame me lah???

Anyways... the movie was the bomb!!! I love it so so much. I will definitely buy the original dvd when its out. SURE ONE!!! Who wanna sponsor me??? If u do, I sure love you like giler one. But leh... I only one fella in my life lah. And I bet you know who you are rite???

I am in love with Optimus Prime and his sexy deep booming voice. Damn sexy can??? Who ever can buy me his action figure or his life size toy...or what ever toy that has Optimus Prime figure on it, I will marry that fella. Erm... only applies to guy lah. I not lesbian k????

My handsome second husband

*after the one who will buy me the action figure lah!!!

After watching the movie, Sinren and I went to Carrefour to do some groceries. Bought quite a lot of food lor. Aiyo... what to do??? We all tak boleh tak makan nyah...

After taking all our food, we went to pay lor. Tak sangka the not-more-than-10-items counter was quite filled with people lor. So we had to line up for quite sometime.

Soon I realized why the row was going so slowly. The stupid cashier... not say i want caci her lah. Her maths like not that good lah. I see her count the change also like damn long. HELLO!!! THE MACHINE D COUNT FOR YOU LEH!!! ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS JUST TAKE THE MONEY AND GIVE PEOPLE NIE... would you believe that she still taking damn long to do that??? I think she doesn't know how to count money lah... Damn kesian sial... wonder her boss got cheat her gaji or not. If I am the boss, sure I cheat one. Coz she doesn't know how to count mah...

Anyways, it soon reached Sinren's turn to pay. She tak tau apa sal suddenly menghilang to don't know where. Leaving Sinren standing there like stupid. After that come back d, do work also damn slow. U know lah... my patience memang teruk one rite?

After counting Sinren's amount and all that shit, she suddenly disappear again. It was too much for me to take. I told myself: "If she dare piss me, sure I wallop her gao-gao (Wallop with words lah...)." And guess what??? After she return from her disappearing and re-appearing, she came to the counter and tell me this:

"Er... boleh pergi counter lain tak?" (Er... could you go to another counter?)

I was already damn fumed. But I wasn't gonna ready to burst and throw my anger at public yet. (Muka punya pasal). All I did was saying this in a very annoyed tone:

"Apa? Pergi counter lain?" (What? Go to another counter?)

Belum I can say something else, she left the damn counter again. Wahlao!!!! What type of shit attitude is this??? She wants me to go another counter she could at least use the word 'please' right? And call lah me 'cik' ker...'adik' ker... damn rude!!! Malaysia can't berkembang dengan maju rapidly is all because of this rude assholes!!!

So I had to move to the other counter which is filled with people also. The funny thing was the people behind of me... I tak tau deaf ker ape. They didn't leave the row. Weird rite? The lady...ok, no need so polite... the bitch ask me to move, they must move also rite? They just stone there and see me move to the next counter.

Then as I was impatiently lining up at the next counter, the bitch-ass cashier came back. I'm like...ok, I was damn angry and one word came out of my mouth a bit too loud.


Damn!!! I was so angry. All the other people behind me before this all paid and left d. Dammit sial!!!

I finally paid for my stuff and marched out of Carrefour damn angry. I wanted so much to complain to the management but I didn't know her name and I don't know where to complain. Most of all... I was lazy lah. Sure have to go through a lot of procedurs one. And it won't gurantee that the damn ass will kena anything also. What's the point rite? SO I just gave up all together and let the anger bypass.

But I didn't get angry very long lah. Coz Sinren was there with me. He 24/7 making me laugh.

Ok lah... Enough of my angry post. I also not so angry anymore. Why wanna get angry so long rite? It will eat up all my happy cells.

That's all for this time. But before I leave, here are some cun-ted Transformers pictures for you guys to save if you guys like them so much... like me. I downloaded it from the official website...

My handsome second husband

*so good looking lah his sexy booming voice...ahhhh~ *melts*

Another favourite character...Bumblebee

*If only my car is a Camaro and also an autobot....

Ugly pugly Megatron

*Dunno why he born so ugly...kesian betul...





The mighty Autobots

The asshole Decepticons

My man Shia LeBeou (don't know spell correct or not) and Megan Fox

K... That's all. Bubbye...