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Blogging from Mel's


Currently in Mel's house doing group study but...erm~ its obvious that I am not doing any studying at all. Hehehehe~

Miss symmetry strikes again!!!

One eye monster came too

Yes... I am damn lame. I don't have very long attention span so I do silly things like this to entertain myself before hitting the books again.

Anyways, enough of lameness (it seems like every post also got lame photos...haha~). Today we (Esther, Li Shan and I) went to Dataran Hamodal at Seksyen 13 for their warehouse sales. Damn excited can??? Coz I had not ever been to a warehouse sale. Damn sua-ku rite?

Actually we wanted to go for the Adidas and other sports apparel's warehouse sale but then there's not much things to buy. Actually got la but we damn poor so couldn't find anything to buy. Mel bought two tops from Puma and her family bought shoes or something.

So we went to the Guardian's warehouse sale section. I tell you... like pasar like that the people there. Macam tak pernah tengok Guardian's. Hahahah~

To cut the long crap long, I bought something which is...
I've been looking for this foundation for quite long d. Coz its recommended by the Popteen models that this foundation is long lasting. Summore Tsubasa (one of the models) said that you can create wonderful fake tan with this foundation. Woo hoo!!! I guess I can get nice tan without going to tanning after all. Hehe~

This is the shade that I bought

There's a couple of other shades la... The other darker shade is called toast brulee and the lighter one sand beige.

Testing it out on my hand

Spreading it out

Erm... can't really see la but its darker by a shade lor. Not bad la...but then its wee bit oily. Don't know why.

Wanna guess how much is it??? Aiya... lazy wanna give suspense lah. It's RM5 only... Damn cheap right??? The original price is RM50++. Damn happy lah...

Didn't get anything else coz i've only RM5 in my wallet. Dammit!!!!
Unlike any of me, Esther bought damn a lot of things. Since she dont blog, I will tell you guys what she bought. She bought four Hershey's dark chocolate bar and four Nutmeg bar. Then she bought sunscreen. How much do you think is that all??? All together is only RM15. Damn cheap right???

Then arh... she went to another warehouse sale section, she bought this REAL LEVI's tote bag for RM29.50 only. Like gila rite? Summore its the only one left. Damn lucky!!!!
I saw this pair canvas shoes from Levi's which cost only RM50. And there's only one pair of size 6 left. I wanted to buy but of course cannot lah. No money how to get it??? T___T Damn sad...
Sigh~ never mind la. Maybe its fated that I couldn't own it. T___T
Anyways, for those who are interested to go this warehouse sale, its at Dataran Hamodal Seksyen 13, 2nd Floor. It will be on from today on wards till the 11th. Don't bring big bags there coz its not allowed. The items on sale are Adidas, puma, Embro, Levi's, Dr Cardin, Mattel Toys, Revlon, Silkygirl, In2it and lots more... Go check it out la.. Those who need directions there can come and ask me la...
Ok lah.. Gotta go. Tomorrow ma will come and fetch me back to Melaka. Yay!!!
Happy Labor's Day people... But its so unfair its not a holiday for me...T___T
Bubbye la...damn sad d....T___T