Saturday, May 17, 2008

Steven's Corner and Sungei Wang

Hello~ shitloads of photos again.

The other day, went to dinner at Steven's Corner with Li Shan, her mother and her siblings.

Heard that the food at Steven's corner was heavenly. Especially the infamuos, cheese naan. So I gotta try it!!!!

And my Lord, the food are really damn good. Not just the cheese naan. Everything else was damn good.

Here are the photos of the food I humans coz I was too busy trying all the food.

Li Shan and Yin Hui's

DAmn long right the name??? Hahahahahaha~ But its damn nice ok? Got laicee and the pearls from bubble tea.

Li Shan kept singing "Shakalaka Baby" when drinking the drink. Talking about sampatness.


Nicer than Murni's. The sweetness was what I loved. Not too sweet and also not too tasteless.

Qing Yu's

Li Shan's mum took this from the stall inside to eat with her rice at the bottom. DAmn nice. Instead of her eating with the rice, her children ate it. Heheh~ I also did la...

Fry until too dry already. TAsted not as good as the ones I love at Portuguese Settlement.

Gosh!!! I miss home like hell!!! Can't wait to get me ass back there.

DAmn nice!!!

Li Shan ordered this. But end up everybody else finishing up for her. Wakakak~ But never mind la... Since she's losing weight right? We are helping her in a way.

Braise yourselves for the best cheese naan in the whole mamak history...

WEll, it was the best I ever tasted ok? Really damn nice.

I thought that the Cheese NAan at Banana Leaf, Centre Point, BU was the best but after trying this, that one really lose lah...

Imagine thick cheese oozing out everytime you bite into this. My gosh!!! I don't mind going there again just to eat this...erm~ I mean from PJ lah. Not from MElaka. WAhahahah~ Gila ker?

The curry to go with the Cheese NAan

On Tuesday, Li Shan and I went to Sungei Wang for some crazy shopping afternoon. And we took so many photos. Wanted to choose a few to put on the blog but couldn't coz I looked so nice that day. IT was good hair day, good makeup and good everything day...

Theory's replacement class

With minimum makeup. Coz we're hitting Sungei WAng after class, I plan to look more good lookcing than usual. I NEED beautiful photos of myself in my blog!!!

Crazy people

ON the way to Sungei Wang

I love the sun. It made my hair colour looked damn cun. Yay!!!

I had already put on full makeup but hidden behind the shades.

DAmn nice rite all the photos?

Lovely day it is... Wheee~

My dear driver

Wakakakakakak~ So mean of me.

We went to Sungei wang and straight rushed to have lunch coz we're starving.

And we had Korean.

At Shin

The name of the shop is somehow same as my last name. Hehehe~

My Plum Tea and Li Shan's Corn Tea

I forgot what I ordered the first time I was there. And plum tea was a bad choice coz I had it before and it sucked. Should have ordered red tea. T_T

Didn't taste hers 'tho. Should be nice...

The last time we went there. We ordered a meal for each of us. But we nearly puked trying to finish. So this time we got clever and ordered only one meal. Can save money also at the same time. Wakakka~

Li Shan mixing up all the ingredients

Eat Korean always felt like playing masak-masak.

My share

Fail coz cannot see my food


We ordered something else but I forgot the name of the thing.

Its basically a roll of egg

With Kimchi inside

ERm... actually I'm not a big fan of kimchi. There's sour and spicy. Well, I love sour stuff but not spicy. I managed to stuff down 2/7 parts. Thank God I didn't puke.

After filling up out stomachs, we started our mission to break our legs. Haha~ from walking around the shopping mall of course.

Camwhoring moment

Why does the photos looked so nice?

Because I'm in this machine...

In case you didn't know, its a neoprint machine!!! With crazy lightings that make you extraordinary beautiful. No wonder the price is extremely expensive.

Eeee... got bugs!!!

Got sample of how your photos gonna turn out to be summore. DAmn nice!!!

Unfortunately we didn't take any neoprints. Just went to pinjam the lighting to camwhore. HAhahaha~ Damn cheapskate. But we did play on the dancing machine ok? Paid also right?

After a long session of shopping, we decided to have some tea in Secret Recipes. DAmn long didn't eat there d. Had been craving for their cakes for hell knows how long. Damn glad that Li Shan and I finally to have tea there.

Will show you guys what I bought later...

I had the Fibre Cream Cheesecake while Li Shan had Classic Cheese

I don't know what is up with me and healthy food these days. I'm not that a healthy freak at all.

Looked so emo here

Woops! Can't see the food again!

I love hot chocolate

Apparently, my boyfriend, who brags that he knows how to make the exact same hot chocolate they have in Secret Recipe (coz he worked there once), had not make me any yet!!! I am still waiting for it...and the chocolate ice blended too!!!

After tea, we left Sungei Wang and rushed back home before the jam starts. But unfortunately it had already started. And I am stuck in the car with crazy enough time to camwhore... Hehehe~

Li Shan hates the jam especially when she's driving. That's why her face looks extremely pissed.

I don't know what to do... I just continued taking photos...Wished I could help what is there to help???

Some random pakcik sleeping by the roadside

Do you see a hint of a green car at the side of the photo above? Its a MYVI. I didn't realised that the kind auntie stopped for me to take a shot of the pakcik until when I finished taking the photo, she drove to the front. So nice of her...Manatau she damn pissed with me. Wahahahah~

Don't get sick of my face yet coz you'll be seeing more...

My poor sleepy friend who is getting more and more frustrated of the jam

And she drove with her barefeet

Geng arh ji mui!!! WAhahaahhahaahha~

Brace yourselves for something damn gross coming up...

Hahaha~ not gross la actually. This is the consequence of using cheap makeup.

I bought Beauticontrol (Have you heard of the name ever???)'s black eyeliner coz I thought the colour was damn dark. I usually uses liquid eyeliner but sometimes I am so lazy to wait for them to dry, I use the Beauticontrol one coz it was as dark as the liquid eyeliner.

But the because its a cheap brand, when your face goes oily, it will start to smudge and stains your lids. And that is why I had black lines on each of my eyelids.

Nobody can see those lines when my eyes are wide open

Finally I cannot bare my sleepiness and drowsed off to dreamland

I did slept off but that photo was taken when I was asleep. I where got look so nice when I sleep lah... my mouth is aways wide open when I sleep. Hehe~

Reached home, had dinner, shower and time to show you guys what I bought... Whee~~~

My hideous eyebags

Damn cute right? Hehe~ NEw stuff added to my Stitch collection.

Plan to use it to put all my keys...erm~ actually can only put one key lah.. So gonna put my new place's key.

Couldn't make myself open it coz I had not start using it. Fear of dirtying it...

Another thing of Stitch

Opening it

Haha~ The tape was quite sticky so I was kinda struggling to open it.

Another Stitch's pouch!!!

Stitch's arm could be move... Like he was waving sort of way. Damn cute right???

The cute embroidery of hibiscus

Can anyone tell me whether hibiscus is the national flower of Hawaii? Coz I see lots of things of Stitch has hibiscus.

Actually I bought his pouch to replace my camera's pouch. Coz the one that comes with the camera is damn ugly...
I don't know why the colour fades and it is damn ugly. I had to buy a better one lor. How can carry so ugly pouch around?

Bye bye ugly pouch...

Don't worry I had already think of tasks that the ugly pouch can do instead of being the camera's pouch. It shall be used as camera's usb wire and charger's pouch. Good right? Not abandoned or being thrown away. Still could be used as something.

There's this other Stitch item that I had bought before but I think I had not posted any photos of it on the blog. Its my makeup pouch. Damn cute I tell you...

Nice right? I love it to bits. But I put very little things in it. Coz I scared I might dirty it. Lazy wanna wash. Hehe~ Just like my handphone pouch. DAmn dirty d but still haven't take it for a bath. Hehe~ Soon lah... Just don't know when.

The Stitch doll was at home so didn't have it in the photo. Woots!!! Now I have already 5 items of Stitch. Gonna continue to expand the happy family.

My friend asked me to get a Stitch wallet. Are you kidding me? I mean its cute to have Stitch's stuff like makeup pouch and handphone pouch and...etc. But having a Stitch's wallet is absolutely too childish. Imagine being asked to pay and you pull out a yellow colour wallet with Stitch sticking out at front. Gosh!!! Too chidlish lah!!!

I did saw the wallet that I described in the store I bought all my Stitch's stuff. Haha~ It was more like a kid's wallet lah... Not for young ladies like me. Hehehehehe~

I read somebody's blog and this girl went to Disneyworld. She took photos with lots of stuff in Disney Store. One of the many things she took was Stitch's stuff. I was going crazy looking at them. You know the paw of Mickey Mouse we usually see of the cheap imitation? There's like Stitch's paw. My gosh!!! I wanna have that. And there's this drink like slurpee in one of the stores there where you could choose how your cup's top and bottom wanna look like...they have stitch's head as the top and his piku (backside in chinese) as the bottom. Damn damn cute ok? And you could bring it home. Wah!!!! Somebody bring me to Disneyworld quick!!! I don't even mind if its Hong Kong Disneyland. I just wanna buy Stitch's stuff!!!

Ok...enough of Stitch, back to the things I bought...

This was the exactly the same one with the one Li Shan wore in this post *click*. Just that hers is black and white while I bought it black and grey.

It looked so nice and stylish on her. I wanted to try to create the look for myself too so I bought it. Somemore I got it cheaper than her. Wahahahahahah~

I bought the scarf for RM19.90 but it was a buy one free one item. So I pick the scarf and li Shan picked this...
See how it looks like from her blog *Click*

Something I wanted to get for a very very long time

I don't know what's with me and opening up plastic's shots. HAhaahhaaha~

I finally bought a vest...

...after it is nearly out of fashion. Wahahahahaha~ Good also lah... No need to look like stereotypes. Wearing something of fashion is not stereotype right? Erm.... trying to convince myself. Hahahahaha~

No big mirror so I took it from the small one

Came out looking damn nice also hor...

Imitating those online boutique's model who are too shy to show their face

This is the chocolate bar necklace that you guys show me camwhoring a couple of times with at above. Hahahaahaha~ Damn realistic ok? Its soft and feels like real chocolate.

Here are some of the stuff I bought from The Curve on YY and Yiing Siing's birthday that I didn't show the other day

Faux Alligator skin Bag

I wanted a sling bag for damn long d. But can't find any nice ones. This was not exactly damn nice but it suited my taste so I bought it.

Its a two way sort of bag. Could be a sling bag...

Or a small purse and even a mini pouch
Depends which strap you use for it.

The interior

Very normal only lah...

The skin

Puff and I called this the Paris Hilton wannabe sunglasses. Well, Puff, she's my best friend remember? So I seriously need a pair of sunglasses like that to be in the clique right? Haahahhaha~ Don't wtf girl.. I knew you would say it.

Now I can call myself Camwhoring Queen

Damn ugly... Thank god my hair was long enough too cover it. Wahahahah~

Got something from Skin food...
You guys probably could guess what I bought coz there's only one item that I always get from Skin Food....

I love the colour like crazy. It looks like hot chocolate colour but when you apply its some sort of crimson red. Damn damn nice!!! I'm in love with nail polish in any shades of red and dark pink.

The colour of the nail polish looks like the poison apple's colour I would picture that the stepmother is holding for Snow White to eat. That's why I posed like this.

Trying to do cock eye

Well, That's all the things that I bought.

I am a goner coz I had turned into a shopaholic. How weird it is for a tomboy who don't care shit about what she wears and would even share clothes/shoes with her mum and dad had turned into a shopaholic and fashion freak who is always having not enough to wear. @_@

I gotta start earning money in quick before my bank account goes 0.00. T___T

Well, that's all for today. Tomorrow I'll be going to camp and thus end the days of me slacking in Li Shan's house. Hopefully there's wifi at campsite so that I could blog and chat with my fatty pants.

See you guys soon or after I return to Melaka.


p/s: I just realised that I counted the dates wrongly. I didn't post the anniversary post late. It was actually 16th when I posted it. I thought it was 17th already. HEhe~ So I didn't miss out the anniversary wish afterall. :)

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