Saturday, May 3, 2008

Waiting for it to close

Hello people...

I am back in Melaka. But nope its not break yet and neither it is study break. I still have one more paper on the 6th and two more presentations to come. But I just missed home and decided to come back. And also I have no place to stay for the weekend coz I had already moved out of MC.

Anyways, dad drove up from Melaka and helped me to move somethings back to Melaka. Then, after lunch he brought both Sinren and I back to Melaka. So sweet of him rite???

Reached Melaka after I don't know how long coz I slept off. Woke up nie reached Melaka and stopped in front of dad's shop. I thought dad will bring sinren home and then drop me at home ker apa. But he drove us both to the shop coz he said ma will fetch us back.

Manatau don't know why Mama was too sick to drive and asked me to drive. I couldn't coz I left my driving license with Li shan. (Will talk about this later) So I asked Sinren to drive us all back to my house and then we will go church together at nigh.

Don't know what's wrong with mama 'tho. She vomitted and said that her spine hurts. But after taking a nap, she felt better. And today she could skip around the house. Hahahaah~

Anyways, last night dad brought Sinren and I to a newly opened restaurant to try their steak. Coz he heard that the steak they sell is damn big but cheap. But...
So "beautiful" la this pose...
Imitating him...Wahahahah~

Fatty Daddy

Dad brought us to this place called My Homey Steak. It was opened by some Taiwanese. And the food here are mostly fusion of Western and Chinese food. Quite creative I must say.

We ordered our food and I started to take photos of nonsence, as my dad said.

Dad's chopstik and the chopstik holder

Guess what this is

Take a peek

Its a set of cultery for Western food

Not bad rite their concept? I must say I was quite impress with the restaurant.
I'm using the new foundation...nice???

What's with the face dad???

I tell you arh... He damn ganjeong about the outcome of the photo ok? I upload it into the computer nie, he ran to the computer to check out the photo. Then said, "Ehm. This one nice." ahahahahah~ Probably he got scared that I might post ugly photos of him again.

The food soon came after that. Not that long after all. Not bad...

Both Sinren and I get these two complimentary to our Western dishes

Blur face

Had to put on makeup to church coz... I was afraid that someone was going to comment on my everything like she loved to do. Gotta look the best in front of her. Don't want to 'sat lai' (make shy)

Untuk orang tua, dad's drink

Soon problems start to arise...

Dad ordered Beef Noodle. But after waiting for awhile, the dish didn't come. The waitress came over to tell dad that his dish is out of stock coz they run out of beef. Erm... ok. So dad ordered something else.

Then my drink came...
Don't you think the colour is wee to green for apple juice? Some more no apple taste at all. But, many other places' apple juice are tasteless too. So I don't blame them.

Then Sinren's drink came. I remembered I took a photo of it but it was no where to be found. Just gone la. Anyways, he ordered Mocha ice-blended. And guess what??? It was tasteless as well. Erm... I had not gone to anywhere that their Mocha ice-blended was tasteless. See the problem here? They probably suck at making beverages. =___=


He ordered this after knowing that the beef was out of stock. It tasted mediocre. Not as good as the one I ate at Malim (a place in Melaka). It was a bit spicy la. But extremely oily. And dad hated it.

I took a photo of dad eating but the photo is gone too. Damn!!! Wats wrong with my camera phone???


Usually when people talked about fish fillet for Western food they would probably give you dory fish fillet right? Even when I cook Western food at home, I also use dory fish. But they use some ciplak fish which I don't even know the name of it to do this dish. Ok la... Maybe if its a fushion dish that's why they didn't use the typical Western dish fish lah.

Sinren said it was way below mediocre. Didn't taste chinese or Western. It was that bad.

Ok and that's the end of the photos.

You might think why didn't I took the photo of the food I ate right? Yes, you have great observation skills (Those who didn' too bad!!! Hahahaahha~) Well, here's what happen...

I am that type of people who talks alot. Many people might know that. So when dad and Sinren was eating I just blab about almost everything that happened to me for the past few months. (Hahaahahah~) Then I was going on and on until I was talking about what happened to Esther, Li Shan and I at Kenny Rogers a few weeks back. The waiter took our order but didn't bring it to us. And other people who came later got their meals already and we are still waiting like stupid. As I was saying, I realised that my dish had not come. So I called the waitress and asked her about my dish. She got all blur and asked me what did I ordered. WTF right? I told her and she went in to check. Got out of the kitchen and told me: "Sorry miss our beef steak got out of stock". (I ordered beef steak noodle) I was already all fumed up la. I asked her why didn't she tell earlier coz when dad's dish is already out of stock, she should already tell me that mine is out of stock as well. Then she got all scared. I just simply ordered another dish and asked her to do it quick. Coz I had to be at church at 7.45opm for prayer meeting. By the time she told me that the stupid beef steak was out of stock it was already 7.53pm.

We waited and waited for the dish to come but it didn't come. Then it was already 8pm and dad couldn't take it any longer. He called the waitress and asked her how long will it take for the dish to get ready. She told dad that the chef is already cooking it. Dad got sarcastic and asked her "Must we wait until 9pm?" Then her face changed and gave us one fucked up rude look like she was damn bo song with us. What the hell? Now whose wrong is it you tell me? You didn't bring my first order I d damn angry. Now you take fucking long to the second dish, you think I not angry is it? Some more give black face. Wanted her to screw her d but didn't la... I think she was around my age so I didn't wanna humiliate her there.

Finally it did come and I faster, faster wash it down my throat coz I was already late for church. I didn't take any photo of it coz I was damn angry remember? Anyways, I ordered Sizzling Oyster Mee sua which also tasted damn mediocre.

Dad asked for the bill and told the waitress that he demands for discount and the boss agreed and gave us 5% discount. WTF??? I think not enough lor... I think 50% discount better right??? You know arh... dad seldom brings me to Western food restaurant one. Coz he's that sorta China man, you know? This time he so kind and brought me here and this sorta shit happened. Damn stupid!!!

WE were not the only table who had problems lor. If it was I could still forgive them. The table next to us ordered all Beef Steak Noodle. The dish did come but it tasted like shit. The outter of the steak was too hard and the insides were not cooked. Thank god the dish didn't come or else I would end up having another food poisoning.

The shop's chinese name is "Wo Jia Niu Pai" which means My house's Beef Steak. Why put that name when you cook lousy beef steak and the beef steak gets out of stock??? Its like Coffee Bean selling bad coffee and ran out of coffee beans in the middle of the day. So inappropriate right?

Sinren said he could stand any bad food and bad services but he has a few restaurant which he lists them in his black-listed list. And this shop is one of it. Same as me ok??? Now all that I am waiting is to see this shop close down. What's the point of having this type of shop when it sucked like hell. Some more stupid waitresses who goes black when kena say by customers. Damn lousy.
Sigh~ spoil the name of Melaka's name as good food heaven d lor. Tsk tsk tsk~~~
Ok lah... that's about it. Currently trying to squezze in all the info about Performance Studies into my brain for the exam on next Tuesday. Damn suffering coz its damn difficult. And after that my break starts but there are still some tasks to be finished before I could enjoy it properly. The sad thing is not having to spend more time with my sinren during the break coz of all this shit stuff happening. T___T But the time I am free he's already in his new semester. Why la UTAR cannot have the same break as UM??? T___T

Oh yeah... for those who wanna know about the sucky restaurant. Its called "My Homey Steak", situated at Pandan Malim near Econsafe. Wanna know exactly where can ask me lah...
That's bout it today.
See you guys soon...



Tricia said...

Hey girl..I have heard many ppl said that the food there sucks too...I didnt try it since u posted up their bad food + bad services...I think can definitely save my time from trying out there...hehehe..must boycott them a bit..haha..dare to show face to customers..tsk tsk tsk..

prinz @ prinsezz said...

damn lame rite??? yeah dun go!!!


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