Friday, May 16, 2008

Happy 2 years and 8 months!!!

Once again I missed the exact date coz I was too busy squatting in the toilet due to my period, which I will be telling you guys later on.

Mama told me no need to remember every month. Heheheheh~ She knows about how long we are together coz once I wana go out with him and she asked me what was the ocassion and I told her it was our 2 years and 7 months anniversary (which was last month) and she said: "Aiyo~ remember every month for what? Didn't count days ker, hours ker, minutes ker" *laughs like a crazy woman* -____-lll... Mama~ mama~ mama~ so funny la now??? But still I want to remember every month coz small things are important too. If such small thing as monthly anniversary also can't remember? How about the details of everything we share? Like when we had our first kiss, where and when... Its important to me lah.. If its not for you then, up to you la...

In conjuction with our anniversary (wtf), I decided to nick this tag from Eevon's blog. Just to test how well I know about Mr Liow and also to brag about him la... Wahahahah~

1.How well do u know your man?
Quite well I guess... *nervous*

2. His age

3. His Middle Name
Sin...which is quite close to my last name, Shin :)

4. How long have you been together?
Read the title...but people had been telling me as though we had been together for damn long.

5. How long did you know each other before you started dating?
I know exactly how long it was coz I count from the day we started talking to each other....5 months before we started dating

6. What physical feature attracted you to him first?
His eyes. When I first saw it upclose I didn't want to pull away coz it was really beautiful. Even now I still love looking into them. And plan to do that forever.

7. Hair color
Black with streaks of white hair. I always wanted to pull out his white hair but he didn't allow me too :S

8. Eyes

9. Are you "in love"?
From the day we are together I had been in love.

10. Do your parents like him?
I think they do... coz they love to make fun of his name which is quite funny la... Hahahahah~ And also his appearance but its not like something insulting sort of making fun. My dad calls him "Ah tut" behind his back. HAha~ And like when I tell my dad that he is coming over for example: "Dad, Sinren coming later. Please put on your shirt and don't show your fat tummy" He would answer back: "Oh... Sinren (in chinese it meant New Man)is coming...Jiuren (Old man) not coming arh?" HAhahahahaha~ If they don't like him, they won't make fun of him right?

11. Does it matter?
YEs it does. Coz if my parents don't like him, I would be damn sad coz I might have to let go to someone whom I really love a lot.

12. Do you trust him?
Of course I do. I told him everything that even I don't tell my mum.

13. Does he let you wear his shoes?
Yes but he doesn't wanna wear mine even if I beg him. @_@

14. Do you have a shirt of his that you sleep with?
He doesn't let me wear any of his shirt coz he said it stinks. T___T But I like his smell...

15. Can you picture having kids with him?
Yes. But I am more concerned about not being able to bear kids. T__T

16. Are you happy to be with him?
I am happy every hour, min, sec I'm with him. I am happy when I think of him. I am happy when I dream of him. I am happy to have him in my life. I am just not happy when he says something insensitive at times.

17. Does he have any tattoos?
Nope. Coz he's afraid of needles. He wanted to get a piercing once but chickened out after seeing me getting my second piercing on the ear done.

18. Does he have any scars that you know of?
Hmmm.... none that I know of.

19. Is he a party dude or stay at home kind of guy?
Stay home. He just love to snuggle up and just talk the whole day. He only parties when he's forced to.

20.Is he Outgoing or Shy?
I'll have to say none of the above. He doesn't approach people but he is not shy to talk to people. So I don't know what he is... hahaha~

21. Would he hang out with YOUR friends?

22. Does he sing?
Nope. He croaks. Hahaha~ That's so mean of me

23. Do you know how to turn him on?
HAha~ YEah..

24. How many times a day do you tell him you love him?
Lots of time... I lost count. I think its important that you tell someone how much you love him/her. Like my parents and my friends. Life's too short to keep your feelings.

25. Picture of him:
Darn!!!! I don't have one... HAhaahahah~

I tag: Everyone who reads my blog and has a boyfriend/girlfriend/or both wtf Hahaha~


Now I'm going to talk about my disastrous period pain in the afternoon at Midvalley yesterday. It was the worst period pain I had in public since the last time I went Hatyai.

Li Shan and I decided to catch a movie at MV after presentation yesterday. So we went to bought tickets to Iron Man and then we went to have lunch at some restaurant that sells Taiwanese food (I forgot the name of the restaurant again!!!). I already had period when I was in uni but there was no pain and I thought it was going to be fine. That is why we decided to go and catch a movie (and other fun stuff for the rest of the day). I had little cramps and the typical me would go: "Aiyo~", "Oooh~"..etc. to the cramps. But they don't really hurt. They just gives me an uncomfortable feeling. Li Shan told me not to focus on the cramps and try to make myself busy so that the cramps won't increase to some terrible pain.

I did try not to focus on the cramps but while waiting for my food to come. Pain starts to attack. The moment the waiter brought the food, I was really not well and was ready to hurl when I saw the noodle I order. Don' know why but I felt nauseous. So I rushed to the toilet. But I didn't puke. I just have this weird habit of staying in the toilet during my period.

I stayed there for like 20 mins then came out again. I tried to eat my noodles but when I put in one strand of noodle. I felt like vomitting again. Li Shan felt sorry and helped me to finish my noodles eventhough she was already damn full. I am the one who should be feeling sorry dear...Make you eat and pay for my meal. T_T So terharu...

I rushed back to toilet and this time it was real terrible. I wanted to vomit but I couldn't. My pain is getting more and more excruciating. I was sweating uncontrollably and was shivering at the same time. Li Shan sms-ed me to stay in the toilet while she went to buy panadol for me. I just sat in the toilet controlling myself from crying and shouting like mad lady like how I always do when I get period pain. I put my hp at a side and I didn't realised that it ran out of batt. T_T

Li Shan brought me Menstrual Panadol and I took it immediately. But the pain didn't go away immediately as I hoped. It got worst and worst. Li Shan went outside to wait for me coz I told her I would be out real soon coz my body react fast to medication. But it didn't T_T She sent me and sms telling me that she will be waiting for me in front of the cinema but I didn't receive it coz my hp ran out of batt. T_T Then when the movie was about to start she sms-ed me again teling me that she would go in first but she asked me to sms her so that she could pass me the ticket. But I didn't receive it.

Actually I was already well enough to walk (Before this I couldn't) and came out of the toilet already when the movie starts. IT was then I realised that my hp ran out of batt. I couldn't find Li Shan anywhere and I started to get panic. I couldn't call her coz my hp know what... and I couldn't call her on the public phone coz I don't know her number by heart and I was cent-less coz my bag was with her. I don't know what to do. I squatted outside of the toilet in hope to see some one I know and borrow their phone to call Sinren. He could help me to call Li Shan or something but no one I knew came. T_T I wanted to go into a hp store to borrow or buy an extra batt but I didn't have any money and who would borrow a battery???

To cut the long story short, I walked around MV for two hours finding ways to contact Li Shan. And the poor girl was going crazy trying to reach me. I decided to wait for her beside her car at the parking lot but couldn't tahan the stuffiness and the heat so I went to wait outside of the toilet with hope she would come back and find me. But she didn't. I totally gave up hope and thought of just borrowing phone from some stranger.

When I was just about to do that, I saw a familiar back of a girl wearing purple. MG!!!! IT was LI SHAN!!! I quickly ran up to her. And I could be sure that that both of us was so happy to see each other so much for the first time ever. HAhahahahaha~

It was horrible. I hope it will never ever happen again. And my hp... I can just throw it in some longkang nearby coz I just charged the batt yesterday and it ran out. It had been like this for quite sometime already. For months but I didn't bother coz it was a gift from my Uncle and I treasure it a lot. I guess I already need a new phone.

All this would not have happen if I had taken care of my body properly for the past month and also had gotten a new phone :). Was scolded by Sinren summore. T_T

Sigh~ can still feel some cramps. Damn stupid. Summore make me cannot swim on camp. Isk!!!

Ok lah... That's all.

Tomorrow's the last day I'll be here at Li Shan's. Then will be at camp. And then back to Melaka.


OK lah... see you guys some other time.


p/s: due to my period pain, fun activities planned for today was cancelled ie: clubbing and pasar malam T_T Stupid period!!!

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