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Last night I experienced the worst jam in Melaka ever. I had never experienced jam in Melaka ever unless its a road block at Melaka Raya to check if you are driving under the influence. =___=

My baby girl all grown up...

I still love her even if she's such a brat. *smooch smooch* Her eyes so sepet lah... Hahaha~ My eyebags pulak looked as if can put another pair of eyes in it. Wahahahaha~

Last night, Jacy, Alex, Paulie and I planned to go for karaoke. All of them except me of course, has damn nice voice ok? Damn jealous.

The stupid government had to announce that they will increase the petrol's price that day itself. Causing all the kiasu Malaysians to go fill their tank with petrol out of the sudden. So on the way to karaoke, Jacy, Alex and I was caught in jam coz on the way to the karaoke there were too many petrol kiosk.

The cars were barely moving. We could even get down from the car and looked at what was happened. Actually, we didn't know what happened coz we forgot bout the petrol thingy. All of them blamed me for bringing them to a jam area. But come on lah... tell me when Melaka got jam until so teruk one u tell me...

So being in the jam we got nothing better to do. So we took photos...
I have a lot of sepet friends


His rabbit tooth

If you are wondering where Paul is, Alex is on the phone with him. Hahahahaha~

Other than that, we waved and played with kids from other cars, Alex making stupid jokes about selling "yau zha guai" in the middle of the jam (he can make jokes at almost everything) and planning what songs to sing later at karaoke. We were laughing so damn much that my tummy got bloated and I got sick. Another reason to my bloated tummy was because I didn't had dinner and people with gastric problems would know what is the consequence to eating dinner too late.

We had to cancel our karaoke coz we were stuck in the jam for 2 freaking hours. We booked 8-10pm. We got out of the jam at 9pm. Which means we could only sing for an hour but pay for two. Who would do such stupid thing right? We wanted to watch movie but GSC Mahkota Parade had the lamest movie on earth... We had already watched Prince Caspian so it was out of the story. We didn't wanna watch Superhero Movie or Indiana Jones and the other movie was a Malay movie. So we ended up in 24 hours McD at Pahlawan.
Alex tried Mega Mac. And Paulie and him had the lamest conversation ever
Paul: How it taste like?
Alex: erm... like any other beef lor...
Paul: Wow~ that's new. Let me try it.


I have the lamest friends ever!!!

I'm glad we went for dinner instead of karaoke-ing actually. At least we could talk. Many things were straightened out and secrets were revealed. At least we knew each other much much better than ever.
I came to realize that Paulie is really mature for his age compared to Alex. Haha~ If you are reading this, Paulie, don't get too flattered...

I was glad that at last somebody finally understood the situation I stand in with the bitch other than Sinren. At least, they knew how I am and how that bitch is. At least, they did not stand on one side to look at things. I guess guys are more on the fence compared to girls. I'm glad that Su pheen is such a tomboy. Hahahah~ Coz she's also much on the fence as the guys. Alex and Paulie were right...girls are much more troublesome than boys. Life is much easier after getting all that off the chest.
But I hate it coz everytime I talked about the bitch I get nightmares of her slapping me. Why like that arh? Damn scary ok?

Anyways, we left McD at 12am. I was really not well by then. My tummy bloat to the size of a huge balloon and I felt like puking. A huge ulcer grew on my tongue and I couldn't talk properly. Hahaha~ That was quite funny coz I talk like I had a big tongue. Ahahahahah~ Uni's gonna start soon and gonna separate with them again... T___T Me don't like....

Anyways, I'm going to both the Hear Us Out concert and Popo's birthday party coz popo's birthday party postponed to Sunday. Yay!!! But I still can't see Sinren.... Boo....

Sigh~~~ I miss Sinren even more...

That's all for today. I'm such a bored blogger coz I didn't go out and no photos to post. T___T

Bubbye lah...