Sunday, May 4, 2008

Stupid Line!!!

Damn Zzzz... My house's internet like stupid. The line damn slow. Slow until I can't even view my own blog. You tell me how to live like that? Don't read my own blog ok lah right? I love to blog-hop mah... Can't read other blogs damn sad ok T___T.

Sigh~ Never mind la... Gotta live with it. After I graduate the first thing I'm gonna is make daddy sign up for streamyx. Or else I don't know how am I going to blog or read other blogs.

Tomorrow I'm going back to KL and will be bunking bed with Li Shan till the 15th. Heheeheh~ A bit excited coz I had not gone to other people's house to stay for so long. Maybe just sleepover got la. Then can go "gai gai" after exam. Woots!!! DAmn happy.

But then again, starting from tomorrow, I will not see my dear Sinren for a couple of weeks. Perhaps until June only can see him. T___T Damn sad. Why? Why? Why? But sometimes like some people said longer didn't see and will miss each other more and then when meet each other will be more special. Hmmm~ I don't know if its true coz when I don't see him often we will start stupid fights over little things. T___T I don't want that to happen... I wanna see him everyday kalau boleh.

Today we fought coz of one very stupid thing. I know its damn stupid but I still decided to stay mad with him coz I was quite hurt at that moment.

Today we were sitting down, talking about what we want each other to do for us when not meeting each other. After listing down a list of things, I told him about what I plan to do in the future, which of course involved education thingy. Then I told him that I learned about a lot if things in my Music Education class. I asked him whether he wanna hear about what is The Cognitive Theory coined by Jean Piaget. So I was telling and telling. He pulak making stupid faces at there and suka-suka menyampuk. Damn benci ok? I told him to stop it but he didn't so I got angry and stopped talking.

Then as if not enough, I told him I will go away if he don't wanna hear me talk so much. He asked me to stay then he found one chair and sat there while I stood there. Dah lah I angry he made me standing there like stupid while he and 2 other stupid boys sitting, enjoying the aircon. I got even more angry la...

Then got some more lah... Lazy wanna tell coz it will reminds me of the anger just now. So to cut the story short, he asked me to forgive him and I made him wrote 100 "sorry"s to make me feel happy.
Click on the photo to enlarge

I told him if he wrote a mistake, he would have to write another 100.

Don't call me crazy. Coz I was really angry at that time and when I am angry, I make him do lots of things like that. @_@

Then I made him write this letter:
Sama-sama: Click to enlarge
Please don't mind his ugly handwritting. Hahahahaha~ Biasa la rite???
Let me translate for you la k?
I, Liow Sinren, will always love Dorcas Pang Tsyi Shin. Try my best never to make her sad or angry. Always make her smile. If I ever break this rule, I would buy a water lily as a gift of forgiveness and make sure that she will laugh till she shows all her teeth and cannot see her eyes (hahahaah~ direct translation from mandarin). What I wrote today will go on forever and ever.
Its damn sweet rite??? =^_^=
I wrote a same letter but my punishment was to buy him ice cream everytime I make him angry or sad. And he kept the letter in his wallet just like I did. If any of us dares to forget this rule, at least there's a proof rite?

Yala... We all two damn childish. That's why thought of this. HAahahahah~
Anyways, I saw Aqua Lily EDT in Body Shop today. I wanna get it!!! Summore damn cheap!!!
Gotta go study lah... Haven't finish studying. Study d still don't understand. Damn sad... Don't know how la...
Anyways, Liow Sinren, make sure you read this blog everyday coz I will talk about my life here. Like that can save credit. AHahahahhaahah~
Ok lah... See you guys next post.

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