Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Karaoke-ing at Neway with Li Shan


I am still at Li Shan's house. Its like my house now. Wahahhaha~

I love it here. Her family members seems so close to one and other, even if they do fight. I never had sisters and never had the feeling of fighting with anyone. Hmmm~ only with my dad I think.

The other thing was seeing how close Li Shan and her siblings were with Ah Yeh (her granddad) made me think of Grandpa Pang, which I didn't really shared much memories with. I never had a chance to run up to him and say: "Ah Gong, Good night, I love you" like Kai Li did every night. I never had a chance to chat with Ah Gong until he wanted to sleep like Yin Hui. I never had a chance to watch funny shows and laugh with Ah Gong like Qing Yu. I never had a chance to drive Ah Gong anywhere like Li Shan. Sigh~ I really miss Ah Gong. If he had not passed, last week we would have return to JB and celebrate his 86th birthday.

Ah gong... I miss you...

Ok lah... Back to something happier.

Here are the photos we took when we went to "cheong K" at Neway Puchong. It has got to be the best Neway I ever been to. The designs were damn nice ler...

This time I was not unprepared. But I was too lazy to put on any makeup. Blah~

And I look like shit as usual... T___T

See my spectacle is crooked. Know why? Coz I so stupidly go bang into Esther's arm when she was standing beside me. And then all crooked already. T___T When to my optician to get it fixed but she told me it couldn't be fixed anymore. T____T Didn't dare to tell mama coz it was not even one year and it was damn expensive.

I like Neway's microphone coz it has this purple light at the back. Damn cun.

I have uber crescent face shape from the side. I seriously looks like a moon from the side.

Singing her lungs out

I sang Cantonese tunes...Woohoo~ Damn proud of myself...eventhough my pronunciation was like shit

We paid for student's price and got an offer of free lunch and a drink. Woots!

She ate the whole thing without offering a bite to me T___T This is what she calls friendship.

This girl ate lunch with Ah Yeh and still can stuff this whole thing down. GEng!!!

I couldn't stuff anything heavy down man... I had this...
I'm no health freak like the rest of them in my gang. I have to have heavy lunch. But chicken rice was heavy enough for me. SO I had Octopus Salad to erm... fill a bit of the corners of my stuffed tummy.

The Bill

Well, that was it. I didn't bring my camera coz it was out of batt at that time. All photos courtesy to Kwan Li Shan :)

Some random photo she took of me editting photos -___-

Very nice, Li Shan...

Ok lah... Gotta go. See you guys round.

Going to camp on Saturday. Wonder if they have wifi at the camp area. Not totally looking forward to the camp. I hope it involves nothing like in the same group with some certain bitch... I don't wanna spend my camp with Paris Hilton (although I adored her sometimes... *guilty*)


Ok lah... Bubbye lah...

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