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You guys must have thought that I disappeared into the thin air right? Or are you guys totally happy that I vanished? Whatever you guys are thinking...I'M BACK Y'ALL!!!! Just to give a little update on how's my life going recently.

I didn't blog these few days first of all is of course I have finally decided to put 100% attention into my assignments. Which is of course good coz no matter how multitask-able I am, doing things like that will not bring out the best out of anything. Secondly is because I have nothing interesting to blog about plus the photo's vault is empty because I have not been taking pictures of anything. Third, I have two side projects which I am currently working on. One is a wee secret because I was afraid that I will fail in it and bring shame to my family's name. Hahahahaha~ I will speak of it when the time is right. The other one is co-blogging for my church's blog. Erm... I mean youth fellowship's blog. Well, actually I have not done much contribution apart from doing one post on prayer items. I was damn proud of myself until I saw Su Pheen's post. GOOD JOB GIRL!!! Here's the link to that blog if you guys are curious of it *click*

Anyways, update on my assignments. I have actually managed to finish half of the tasks I mention on the list I said earlier on. *check it out* I totally crap and invented my own theory while doing the critique on The Beautiful Boxer. Hopefully I got tembak some points correct lah. That one I tell you I really drain my brain and energy into doing it lor. As for composition, I finished it after spending a few days sleeping at 3 something. I don't know how it sound to the others but it is kinda nice to me and means a lot. The title of the song is "New Man". I have yet put in lyrics but Jane asked me to do it. Er... I don't know why but she just bugs me about it. Hmmmm... I will add the lyrics in once I have time la...

Which means I'm left with my Research Paper proposal which is due tomorrow. T___T I went to see Prof Anis the other day to see if he could be my advisor for my Research Paper. But then he was not sure that my title was viable enough to do a research paper on. So basically it means that he is not satisfied with my title lah. So I have to think of a viable title and make Prof Anis accept my title bcoz I really want him to be my advisor. He's damn strict (like he's going to bite your head off anytime) but I don't know but I felt that my Research Paper will be well done if he's my advisor.

Then there's the stupid Music Department board. Why now at the most busy part of the semester they must torture me and make me do the board? Actually its already overdue for a week. Sigh~ I will get it done tomorrow la... Hopefully~~~~

Anyways, on a not so stressful note, my appeal at SKR had been granted. Yay!!! For those who don't know...well, actually I don't feel like revealing this but... ok lah...what's so shy right? I failed my major instrument last semester. Well, I am not really a good performer. Or should I say I have problem playing musical instruments in public or places I am not comfortable with. So its pretty clear that I am not recitalist material. That was basically the reason why I failed. I get so nervous that I forgot how to play piano. It was that bad. Serious shit!!! The other reason of course is not enough practicing lah. That one I have to admit. Sigh~ So this semester I have to repeat my last years major instrument's course which was Pengajian Utama III but your bodoh blogger tersalah register course. People register Pengajian Utama IV, she pun ikut. I didn't find out that I had did wrong until recently you know... Have you seen so blur and stupid sort of people you tell me. Some more my tutor already asked me why am I repeating sem 3's exam but my code is Sem 4's code. I can tell her "yahor..." some more. See how stupid I am???

I nearly got barred for major instrument's exam but thanks to Miss Tan who told me about my wrong and advises me what to do, I managed to settle everything. Now the most important thing is to practice hard and then make sure that I pass the exam and don't ever retake again. Ahhhhh!!! If retake again I think I will go KLCC and jump down lor... Too stressful d.

Sigh~ I'm so stressful and grumpy and tired and....I DON'T KNOW LA... Simple things pissed me off. I just want everything to get over with it so I can go to my break in peace. I don't even know what is peace now.

BTWs, I know people from church, high school and family members read my blog. If you tak biasa with my vulgar words or whatsoever on my blog, don't go and shit around to other people about me being a pretender. If you don't like what you read on my blog then leave. I have my temper, my grumpy times. So don't go round saying: "She arr... in front of people ar act like angel then at the back ar speak bad words like gila o" Fuck you la. I don't speak bad words in front of you doesn't mean that I don't speak them. I speak bad words pun doesn't mean that I am some sort of low class bad fella or what so ever right? I had written in blogs a thousand times...dunno million, billion, zillion...etc. times I only use vulgar words only when I am angry. What's wrong with expressing my anger? You all no anger arh? So great arh?

Whatever lah...