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Your blogger is busy at the moment...come back later...

Ok that was a joke...

Please don't leave and read on coz more lameness strikes in my life. Hahahahahahah~

Actually I am currently still busy with stupid presentations that will end...don't know when. T___T Damn sad ok??? So restless but still have to keep holding on till the end coz the marks given for these presentations are damn high. *sings Keep Holding On by Avril Lavigne* -__-lll

But...even though I am busy, I have some photos which I had not posted them up sooner. No time to talk grandma stories so I'm just gonna put the photos and caption them lah.


The cartoon looked exactly like her right?

I can eat lollypop, scratch my face and look under my arms with the mirror at the same time

Waiting for Esther to take a bath

Being a monkey, digging kutu on Li Shan's head

You will know what stupid lame thing both of us are doing while waiting for Esther

I hurt her coz I was too rough

Can you guess what I am doing already?

Now you will know what we are doing...
Dorcas Pang Ah Lian

Kwan Ah Fei

Don't ask me why I've got a purple hair extension. People do crazy sometimes and in my case I do crazy things about half my lifetime.

As you can see in our group, Li Shan and I always take sampat photos

I look fat right???!!!??

Li Shan trying to do the seductive eyes while I try to be the sexy pregnant mama

I don't know what happened to me but all the photos of me at that night sucks. Hahahahah~

It was my redo that day

While waiting, I camwhored


With my seniors who are gonna graduate this semester

With a small part of lengluis of my fac

Well, that's all the photos that I took recently. Got summore la but no time to edit. Will post them up once I edit them.

Anyways, today I learnt that my friend at church is going to audition for Yin Qi's chamber music orchestra for trombone. I don't know if you guys read but I wanted to join YinQi's orchestra last year but my dad doesn't allow. *read about it* One of his reason for me not to join was that I don't know where is YinQi's office and nobody can bring me there. Bi Hui, my church friend asked me if I wanna go for the audition. I immediately said yes. Of course must say yes right??? Its what I wanted to do and now I've got the chance. Summore my friend can come and bring me to the office every week. Dad won't say no and no more stupid reasons to say no.

The director is currently overseas so she can't audition us for the moment. Thank God coz at least I've got time to prepare a piece properly and get ready for the audition. Hopefully I can get into the orchestra.

Well, wish me luck for my presentation tomorrow and my other exams... So stressful I can die!!!

Ok lah... See you guys soon...when I'm not so stressful.