Saturday, April 19, 2008

Sibaraku Buffet


I tell you... I am turning into a shopaholic. DAmn shit la!!! This week alone I spent RM60 on clothes. That's clothes alone. Didn't count the rest of the things ok? Food summore sure die one. Summore the clothes tht I bought was on the same day and in the same shop. Thank god I only went to one shop or else would have spent more. 2 pieces of RM100 just gone like that. I know people says that retail therapy is good for releasing stress. But I don't feel wee bit good ok??? I just burnt a bigger hole onto my wallet. I think I cannot go to any mall anymore until I get my next allowance or earn more money. Or else either my mum will cut my allowance or my account's gonna go dry. T___T Damn sad la... really cannot simply spend money d. Or else I will not be able to buy that branded item that I had been eye-ing by the end of this year. T____T

But the top and the jacket that I bought was damn nice I tell you... I love it a lot. Summore the jacket is the one I've been looking for everywhere. And the top is the type that I like a lot. So yeah... eventhough spent a bit too much on them but totally didn't regret it. HEhehehehehe~ Will post the photos once i load and edit them.

During the study break, mama brought me to eat at Sibaraku. ACtually we only planned to order my contact lenses, make her specs, photostate some stuff and buy dvd rom and go home one. But you can never let a empty stomach go like that right? So we went to Sibaraku.

Sibaraku's still having their buffet thingy. But I think by end of this month no more lah... Sinren wanted to bring me there for like don't know how long d but didn't. So mama brought me lor... hehe~ lembap la my bf.

Anyways, once u enter Sibaraku you will see this two places:

ACtually at the sushi bar, there's this fried things counter, soup counter, oyster mee sua counter and xiu long bao counter. Then opposite of all that, there's another bar for you to make desserts.
See like damn nice rite? But they are not nice at all. BAh!!! I can tell you one by one. First of all, the sushi. The slice of fish on top of the rice is so small and the amount of rice is so a lot. Cutting cost ler tu. Not nice you know. Like that you get stuffed so much easily. I think that's their plan. To make you eat less than what you paid for. ISk!!! Teruk!!! Then the fried things. All damn lao-yah (lousy). Some dunno is not cooked or what damn digusting. Summore the flour mixture is more than the main ingredients. More like eating flour than what we supposed to be eating. -____-lll Then the tako balls.... Same lah... so much flour but so little takos (squid in japanese). Overally, the buffet sucks!!! Didn't bother to try other stuff coz they'll probably be sucky anyways.
But when we walk over to the teppanyaki table it was a different story. I must say Sibaraku should just stick to their teppanyaki and throw the others off. Summore the chefs are mostly good looking. HEheheheh~ Yes la... I admit I was cuci mata-ing while eating my food. HAhahahaha~
This was given to all customers

Something like starters I think. I don't really like the combination but since its sweet so ok lah... Didn't finish it 'tho. Coz its really a weird combination. HAhahahaha~

MAma and I nearly ordered everything on the menu. Coz its all-u-can-eat mah... So must eat back all that's worth.

Ma said she prefer the beef. But I think the mutton is way better than the beef. MAybe I prefer to eat mutton la. Used to like to eat beef but don't know why not anymore. Must be mixing too much with my Indian friends la... HAhahahaha~ But my favourite burger at McD and Burger KIng is still of beef lah... hehehehe~

Whenever I see this in any menu, I would order it
Coz its my favourite yo!!! Anything with seafood is my favourite la!!!! But this was quite disappointing coz so little baby oysters in it. Dah lah baby small...they give so little summore. @_@

The rest of the food have caption coz mama ordered them and I don't know the names to it. HEhe~
Don't know why the sotong so small. Not so nice...

NIce!!! Tasted like how usually ma would cook the prawns. It was so tasty ma ordered twice. HAhahah~

This fish was damn good also. Don't know the name of the fish la. Don't know is it dory or what lah... DAmn nice. ALso ordered twice. waahahahah~

Last but not least to end the lunch...
So kiam siap (stingy)!!!!

Only got 2 mussels for me to eat. T____T
WE couldn't order anymore coz our session timed out. All the guest who checks in only can eat for two hours. So it was the end of good food (on the Teppanyaki) and good looking chef on the table. *drools* Joking la... hehehehe~

I love weekends with mama. Good food and free shopping spree (as in I don't have to pay for it. hehe~) She bought me a new pair of slippers. Whee~~~

Sigh~, a happiness sigh~ just now Sinren and I got bored and hugged each other and sway here and there. Then I hummed "Without You" (REminds me of Ken Leeeeeeee.... Hahahahaha~). Felt like we were slow dancing. HEhehehehe~ So nice... So long didn't spend so much time with him eversince both of us got busy with uni work and his brother coming over to his house during the weekends. *love love love*

I love you sinren liow... coz you did stupid slow dancing with me.
I love you...coz you laugh like a small boy out of some anime when I tickle you. So cute!!!
I love you...coz you alwayz tahan taxi for me.
I love you...coz you bought that laptop cooler for me.
I love you...coz you let me talk a lot.
I love you...coz you care about what I think.
I love you...coz you care about our future.
I love you...coz you care about my health.
I love you...coz you are you...Liow Sinren.
I love you like madness baby....
Muaks muaks muaks!!!
Ok, don't puke my dear readers. hehe~ ITs time for me to roll. SEe you guys in the next post.

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