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I am finally back to my old self...


After spending almost a week back in my little cozy crib, I'm back in KL. Ok, ok... I don't mean that the MC room is not cozy enough for me but I just love home lah... So relaxing... can cook for myself, can watch tv... can sleep in air-con room... well, you get the idea right?

Like the title written, I am feeling way better and is ready to kill a few cows...erm~~~ not literally of course...I so bersemangat I think tonight I can study until 3am. Yosh!!!

Anyways, the surprise of 'what is this?' in a few post back will be revealed soon. Some of you already know what it is so....*Zzzzzzz...* HAhahahahah~ But I'm still excited to show you the photos of my new baby la...

Lemme show you something my fatty just bought me. Well, its not something damn expensive...erm... actually its damn expensive la...but its not something you would expect from a boyfriend to a girlfriend.

It's this...
looks weird right??? Some box or some sort

At that time my uncle's laptop was still very alive and on my study table. T____T

The name of the thing he bought...

Some of you might already know what this is. Well, enough of the lame suspense. He bought me a set of multivitamins from Amway which goes by the name Double X. He told me that he had seen enough of me being sick and not going to the doctor. So to prevent me from becoming sick all the time, he bought me this thingy.

Actually we had a fight because of these vits. Coz these vits are quite costly he ended up with not enough pocket money for the week and couldn't go and watch movie with me. But because he had promised me to watch the movie with me even before the movie was on cinemas. Summore we already set the date. Suddenly he told me he couldn't go with me. Boy, I was so angry ok? I scolded him for wasting so much money on something so stupid.

But now kinda think of was a stupid argument and I shouldn't have got angry with him. He bought it coz he cared about me. If he didn't care about me, why would he spend so much money on it right??? Sorry baby... I'm stupid... Please forgive me... not a good girl again... *shows sorry face*

Comes in three compartments. Three vits to eat each day

I don't know if the vits are working or not. But I think it cured a bit of my constipation. Haha~ Shit!!! Now you all know that I have constipation problem. Hahahahaahah~

Let's hope that after finishing double x I could be healthier and won't get sick so easily. Then ma and ney won't get so worried of me.

Healthy 'bao bao' (baby) with Double X

I didn't say it to you but I gotta say it now...
Thank you for the Double X, neney liow... I will take good care of myself... love you!!!

Ok, enough of the mushiness. Let's talk about something else...

The other day after Pendidikan ( education lah actually) class and watching half of Entangled (a Christian musical shown in our uni) we went to Taman Tun to have dinner.
So cute la your face

Don't complain that I put ugly photos of you on my blog, Mel. I don't think you look ugly. I repeat... I DON'T THINK YOU LOOK UGLY IN ANY OF THE PHOTOS I TOOK!!!

My gal who is serious in doing everything... including drinking a cup of honey lemon

Because you are so special, Li Shan... I decided to put 2 photos of you instead of one. Here you go...

Don't be 'beh bin' (thick skin) ah... Everyone is special to me. I just put in the second photo coz Mel sent it to me and I thought it was funny. Why la your face so funny??? Like what Esther said is true...born to be funny. Born with that face I think its only the truth lor... Hahahahah~ Don't get offended ar... joking only...

Anyways, the four of us went to this restaurant called... I'm so sorry but I forgot the name. Damn lah... I must really jot down all the places I've gone to so that I won't disgrace myself like this. Don't know why so forgetful. Neney should have bought me some omega or something for memory lah... My memory is like crap. (Just like me grandma... T___T)

We all ordered honey lemon drink. Mel recommended. Said that its damn nice.

We ordered some...
hot and some...


Basically only Li Shan and I ordered hot and the other two ordered cold. I ordered hot coz I have this weird thing for hot drinks during the time near to my period. I must drink everything hot. Li Shan ordered hot just because she's an old lady living in a 22 years old babe. Ahahahahah~ Cold no need to explain lah... Everybody loves cold drinks rite???
Too hot so had to blow a bit


Then the food we ordered came...

Sorry but I forgot the dish's names too.. T__T I think I could be named the lamest blogger in blogosphere....T____T

Erm... just to let you know, the dish is some sort of chicken. Hahahahah~
Diggin' in

It was good really... Coz I tried. The chicken is really tender. And the gravy's damn good too. If I've not forgotten completely I think its mushroom lah... Damn nice...

Don't remember the exact name but its the seafood pasta... Quite obvious coz you see prawns and fish and sotong rite???

If you wondered why I swept up my bangs to the side and showing my enormous forehead, I had to coz I didn't wash my hair and the bangs were quite oily and sticky. Oh shut it with the "eee yer..." don't tell me you don't have times when you are too busy to wash your hair?? Or too lazy to wash coz you're too tired. Please tell me you do.... coz I don't wanna be coined as dirty bitch...T___T

Anyways, my dish is damn nice I tell you. Its way more expensive than the other dishes that my friends ordered but it was quite worth it. There's pieces of fish, quite a lot of prawns, sotong and two mussels. Damn nice I tell u. And not as fattening as Li Shan's dish which is filled with cheese. Hehehehe~ Purposely one. Making her to lose weight.

Li Shan's fattening dish

Yes, Li Shan. ITs fattening and you better cut down on all the fats and lose weight damn fast coz we wanna grow long hair together-gether remember??? Remember our little compromising act??? Don't cut your hair arh... My fingers will come... hahahahahahah~
My dear friend being all gelojoh with her fattening food

Hahahahah~ I gotta stop it with the fattening reminder thingy. I think she's gonna kill me when she sees me the next time. But Li shan, remember your diet arh... Your good friend here support you habis one.
BTWs, my this dear friend so gelojoh until didn't leave a bite for me. So I have no idea what to comment T____T See lah... how to lose weight like that??? Eat all the fattening book by yourself??? T____T

If you guys realized, Mel didn't eat coz her mum packed supper for her so she decided to go back and eat lor... So no food for Mel.

Well, that's the dinner. And it was totally nice I tell you... I really forgot about the name of the place but if you really wanna know can come and ask me or Mel about the place. Mel could tell you the place's name and how to get there more specifically lah. If you don't know Mel, you could ask me and I could ask Mel for you. And if you know neither of email me lah... I will ask Mel for you guys also. I tell you this place is totally worth it coz its cheap and taste good. Worth the money you are paying. So gotta try it out.

ok lah... Gotta go sleep. Got lots of replacement class tomoro. Damn sien but had to attend.


p/s: it feels good to back to normal... I really hate the grumpy me.