Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I had not been posting a decent post on my blog ever since I started my phase of bad mood and throwing tantrum. Well, I was not exactly hiatus but there has not been much life going on in my blog recently. And that explains the drop in the hit counter. T___T Damn sad you know???

Anyways, the reason for my bad mood was obviously from uni coz the heaps and heaps of ass assignments and presentation and worst of all the final exam that is coming up real soon. I guess I had not been put into so much pressure at once so that is why I couldn't handle it properly. But I think things will turn out fine once the break is here. REally couldn't wait for the break to come...

The other factor to stress is none other than my period. It didn't come last month. And it bothered me quite a bit. Not that I was afraid that I'm pregnant or what lah... I am just restless when it comes to my period problems. I think I told you guys before right? Sigh~ I just hope I won't have to face this every month. Its tiring.

I just wanna apologize to whoever that I pissed during my bad mood and shouted at. I hope you guys don't put any of this into heart and change whatever we had.

Ok, on a more lighter note. I think I told you people that I went to watch L: Change The World right?
The Official Poster

It was great as I predicted. Hehe~ Of course lah... see who's the main actor rite?

Anyways, the movie's about a virus that has coz a whole village in Thailand to die. But one little boy, without any information on his background survived. So an agent saved the boy's life and sent the boy over to L who was the only agent left in the agency. Basically, the whole movie's about saving the lifes of the two survival of the virus and battling the days remaining to live. I'm not gonna say a lot about it coz I want you guys to go watch it. Some more if you guys are big fans of Death Note 1 & 2 this is the spin off that you will love alot. So go and watch it!!!

Ok lah... That's about it for today. Its the study week and its damn boring. All I can do is practise piano and read books. Ma doesn't allow me to cook or make anything in the kitchen coz she says that it would be wasting my time. Yer... summore I cannot decorate my room like I planned to do. Ma said that I can start doing that when break starts. But aiyo... just reading and practising no fun leh... Sien~

Talking about decorating rooms, I'm gonna start thinking how to decorate my new room in UT. But cannot do too much la coz I'm not sleeping alone right? But will make it look nice lah... Since I didn't had the chance to customized my MC's room.

Ok lah... gotta go before mama starts making noise about me wasting time. Before I go, to all my coursemates and whoever that's gonna take the final exams soon...


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