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Quick updates before I go crazy


I haven't been blogging lately coz the finals are here. Damn stressed now. But gotta de-stress right? So I blog lor...

Actually I could blog everyday but coz unfortunately our MC's prepaid internet expired. *boo* I was able to blog today coz I'm at somebody's house. Hehehehehe~

Lately its all about studying and preparing for stupid presentations. So most of the photos today are just basically photos of me studying and bermati-mati wanna camwhore. ahhahahaha~
Preparing for Music App's presentation at Mel's

I'm not in Mel's group but because we need access to internet we went over to house to borrow her internet. Paiseh hor... Summore her mum so nice. And gal, the rice wine rocks man!!! Ask if ya mum can make one for me and I'll pay la of course...

The stupid presentation had caused me to sleep less than 6 hours per day. Coz we (our group consist of me, Esther and Shiu Li) don't know how to do it. And the resources are not enough. Damn kelian you know...

But its over d la... Not so stressed

The drink that kept me awake the whole time

I am know I am such a loser coz I had never had anything from Starbucks. Erm... ok la I had the green tea thingy that Sinren bought me during V day. The other we went to Starbucks to go online (yes, we had to go till there to go online T___T) and I decided to give Java Chip a try coz I heard lots of people talking about it. And DAMMIT!!! Its damn nice ok????

Thank you at whoever at Starbucks who created this drink. Love it... And it keeps me awake... What's not to like????

Sometimes I had to do the preparation until my eyes couldn't open. Really... I didn't pretend to sepetkan my eyes in the photo above. That is how I looked for these past few days.

But craziness still kick in and I still play with my webcam sometimes...
Prinsezz Sepet Eyes

This is the only time my eyes open the biggest. Hahahahahah~

I realized one thing one night during my preparation...
I could tie my hair d. Yayness!!!

But a bit cacat lah... Hahahahahaha~ Can't wait for it to be long again...

All this hectic life in uni had caused me not seeing my baby for like hell knows how long. Damn sad ok? And we even fought over really stupid thing. Anu once told me that she thinks that long distance is good coz the longer you don't see each other you will miss each other more and when you guys meet it will be real special. Sorry gal... That doesn't work for me. Coz when Sinren and I don't meet up, we will fight like gila and I will start to do stupid decisions...

Kissed and made up

Anyways, that day after we finished our practical exam, Esther, Li shan and I head to Midvalley and had a little lunch at Kenny Rogers' to "celebrate" our hardship in preparing for the exam. Here are all the photos... not much coz I didn't bring my camera and the hp's media memory was running low. -_-lll
Lala Pang

Moo-fins...stupid joke!!!

Li Shan always looked like this in candid photos... Like Eshter said..."MOU CHONG YI!!!" (No creativity!!!)

The Queen of Candid

Non candid shots that looked like ass:

Maybe she should just stick to candid photos. Hahahahahaha~

A little more story about our little midvalley here>>>>>>> <(o^(oo)^o)>

On last Saturday, Li Shan's mama had a small Western food dinner at home and asked us over.

The food looked damn good right? It tasted just as good and we finished everything. Hhahahahaha~

Lately, thanks to Li Shan, I'm into this thing called online shopping. Hehehehehe~ Ok lah... I like going for online window shopping before this but thanks to Li Shan, I started to order things from them.

This is what I ordered...
Photo courtesy from: Little Princess World

This website belongs to Esther's friend and the clothes are damn cool and I love lots of them. If only I have money to buy them all. Hahaa~ But then again the things sold are quite cheap compared to other places I checked out. So do check out the link k???

I will review the quality of the things sold once I receive my item. Not sure how it will be but I am damn excited.

Ok lah... Gotta go. Don't know when I can blog again.

See you guys soon...