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Oh happy hols...


I'm blogging from my faculty's lobby. Damn pathetic right? Have to search for places to go alone. Feels like a beggar. Hehehehe~ But then... the line here is way better than the one at MC. So I don't mind all the fuss.

Next exam will be on 6th of May but I have no heart to start revising yet. Today at 5pm there will be a presentation for Music Education class. Damn sien. But think of what is to come after the class also happy. Hehehehehe~ Li Shan, Mel, Esther and I will be having dinner together and then shop at Midvalley. *Yay yay*

Anyways, the hols is gonna come and once again... ITS PLANNING TIME!!! Woots!!!

I had already planned a few (like I am damn free and got nothing to do) and here are some of the stuff that I had planned...

1. Learn to make chocolate desserts
The last hols I wanted to learn to bake some stuff but don't know its my luck ker apa... my oven broke down. T___T And mama didn't go and repair it until now.

I read in Li Shan's blog about her making chocolate *link* (don't bother reading her blog if you can't read a word of chinese characters) and it seems easier to make chocolate compared to cakes and those bakery stuff. Some more no need to use oven. So I'm damn inspired to try it out. Summore March's issue of Popteen is filled with chocolate making recipes. *Woots!* So I shall try it out and blog about it k?

2. Get a more even complexion
Actually I want a tan like PartyQueen. So damn nice right? (Er... sorry, Sonia... Is it ok to link you to my blog. So sorry didn't ask for permission...) But then I don't know how to get it so evenly. My skin tone is kinda not even and damn ugly lor. Somebody please teach me how to do it... T___T

Gone are the days when John calls me "Ying Du Ren" (Indian) and I wept like a baby. Never heard before dark skin tone is damn sexy meh? As in "Xiao Hei Ren"??? (Erm... I don't know how to translate this but its something to do with a small blackie being sexy) Some more my bf doesn't mind me being dark. So I can go as dark as possible. Erm... but not until like African sorta black lah... More like the color of bronze.

3. Go on a holiday with my uni friends
Planning to go on an adventure trip to Perak. Going to Gua Tempurung and all those various guas (caves) there. Some more got so many hot springs there. And waterfalls... Some more can go Cameron Highlands coz Esther has relatives there. Oooo~ Can't wait!!!

Hope to go Penang as well but can't go too many places lah. No income so can't go so many places. Summore Penang is a heaven of shopping and eating. T____T

4. Practice piano and violin like gila
God...please give me the strength and determination to do this...coz I failed all the time.

5. Start on my thesis
No title... I wonder how to start doing it. T___T

6. Spring clean my house
In hometown la of course. Actually not the whole house la. Just the places with my stuff all around la. Coz my things are everywhere. And very unorganized. Gotta spend some time organizing everything and most importantly beautify my house.

7. Move into University Tower
New place and new room mates for the new semester. Yay!!! Actually not all new lah... I'll be sharing a room with Jane (my ex-roomie in MC) and Chooi Yin. A bit excited and also a bit scared coz I'm afraid that my weirdness will scare Chooi Yin.

Before moving in, I must plan how I wanna decorate and vamp up my little corner. Plan dy then go IKEA to see if I can get anything there. Can't wait, can't wait!!!

8. Party with Li Shan and my gang
Will be staying over Li Shan's house during the break for a week. Will be clubbing and singing K and party like gila. Hehehehehe~

And I miss my gang like gila. Haven't seen them for like so long. The only person I had seen so far is Parveen last night on webcam. T___T Damn I miss my bitches!!! Bitches!!! Get your asses ready for serious partying and laughing. Hahahahahaha~

9. Put on a little more weight
I don't wanna shrink in my S size clothes. Hahahaha~ That's what Puff said lah... I think more weight will be more healthy looking for me. Coz when I get stressed I go thinner. Later end up looking like skeleton then die lor...

10. Get another hair makeover
I'm gonna get red highlights this time!!! Sure damn cun one!!!

Well, that's about it for this time. Hopefully will get all the things done unlike the last hols. Ush!!! The plans aren't really academic compared to last time but... I think I deserve some fun. Hahahahaha~

Ok ah... Gotta go. Damn hungry...go search for food.