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The new baby...

The other day mama and papa came over to KL and we went to an important place that nobody can miss when they come to KL and its of course...

And being a tourist...
Mama insisted on taking photo in front of the infamous towers

Actually we went KLCC for the PIKOM PC Fair to get my beloved thing lah (which I have already hinted earlier on... *click here*) And any idea what it is???

Well, most of you know that I am getting a laptop. So going to PC fair only meant to get a laptop rite? But what type right?
Yes, despite Sinren telling me not to get a VAIO, I still got it. And my dear friends, this is not a box containing flat screen tv -____-lll

Out of the box

It's white

The name is pure white or something. There.... the one you saw on the ad one leh... with wings and angelic stuff one??? Yes I bought that one.
So beautiful right???

Actually I wanted to get the pink one. Which is really really nice and damn ladylike. But its damn expensive. RM1000 than the white one I got. It was over budget and dad won't pay that much.

But one day I'm gonna get a pink laptop. And a pink camera and a pink car... everything pink kalau boleh.

The keyboard is covered with a layer of cover. Quite difficult to type fast actually. I'm not really familiar with it. That's why you see I made lots of weird mistakes lor in my blog posts recently. Hehe~

The cover thingy

Then one thing I absolutely love about my new laptop is this...
The Motion Eye

In other words is the webcam lah. *yay!!!* now I no need to share the webcam d. Can just leave at home. And this webcam can bring anywhere at all. So I can see my best friends in Melaka anytime and also my dear sinren too anytime I want and no need to find the stupid webcam and install into the laptop coz this webcam is already in the laptop.

Look at wonders I could do with the webcam (unlike my old webcam that can do nothing but work as a webcam.)

I could be a pirate!!!

Then an Athens princess

I call this 'my royal palace and the royal crown' template. Hahahahah~ Parveen sure pengsan one when she read this. Coz I kept webcamming with her with this template and waving at her like she's one of my subjects. Ahahhhahah~

This is damn hilarious

I cannot stop laughing looking at this... Hahahahah~ Like so real say!!!

Then there's other effects of it. But I didn't save all of the photos. Here are a few which I think is quite nice to show...
I lost my head


HI!!! I'm miss symmetrical...

So scary the fringe like that. Summore got pimple on both sides. Yer~~~ Don't like.

HI!!! I'm the 2 heads monster and Jane just split herself into two to deal with the hectic life now...


Enough of the scary shots d lah. Show u guys others when I have nice makeup on lah. Coz I have so much pimple on my face even I, myself don't wanna look at myself. Hahahahaha~ And that is also when I have time lah...

I love the mouse also. Damn cute right? The fella told me its Rm100+ but I got it free with the laptop *smiles like a whole pie*

Well, that's all bout my laptop. Erm... I know... A lot of people ask me why I go get a so expensive laptop since I'm so clumsy and don't know how to take care of my own things. Aiyo~~ I know I should learn to take care lah... I will learn one. I will make sure that I will take care of it until I kahwin d still use this laptop one. Really!!! Serious ok? So have some faith in me k?

I wanna thank daddy for spending so much money on the laptop. He actually told me to pay myself one. But don't know why he paid for it summore. *terharu* And thanks for teman-ing me to go to PC fair for the whole day. And gave Sinren money to take care of us the whole day. I will promise that I will take care of this laptop with all my heart and soul.

Mama...thanks for coming to KL. I miss you lot...
Sinren...thanks for being a slave. Hahahahahahah~ I love you like gila my best friend. I think I fallen for you. How arh??? Hahahahahah~ (Ignore that. its a stupid joke)

Ok lah... Tata. See you guys in the next post.



pink_angel said…
Oooh you got my dream lap top! Hahahaa. But I wanted a pink one though. Unfortunately, my course requires a lot of MEGA HUGE specs that VAIO doesn't supply. Booo. So I had to go with Toshiba which had indeed no special design. I don't understand why they can't come out with good design and good specs! Look at apple, good design but specs not as good as the competitor's product. Sad case.

Anyway, I miss you mama! Cuteness! Send her my regards k? Oh sorry so rude, never ask, so how are you getting on? Its been ages since I last spoke to you huh. You must hate me like shit now. lolz. But one thing hun, I love and enjoyed each moment spent with you to bits! Hugs~~
haha~ i wanted to get the pink one also T___T yeah, i heard toshiba is good for designs. I heard it from the computer people. apple is not very user-friendly is it?

aiyo~ do not hate you at all lah...ya i miss all the times we spent together too. If we ever had any misunderstanding please forgive me arh... might be my fault. love u!!! *hugs*
pink_angel said…
Then why you didn't buy the pink one? If you did I will rob you! LOLz. Well, Apple is good for certain things. It depends.

Haha, don't worry about it. We were just young and stupid being our child-like self =D I'm glad you're not mad at me. Smooches! Hugz!
it was 1k more expensive. my dad doesn't wana pay for more. haha~ *hugs*