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More updates with photos

I've just found this software (recommended by Li Shan) which you can edit photos. It has simple things lah. FRames, icons, scratch... much simplier to use compared to Photoshop and Photostudio. The photo above was edited by both Photoscape (the software I'm talking about) and Photostudio. Photoscape can make your photos looked like those from neoprints. Quite nice lah... You can download it for free you know... Just type "Photoscape" on your search engine and the rest is history.

Anyways, today its gonna be photo updates. Latest photos... happy not? I heard from my friends that they prefer to read my blog when there are photos. They get bored with my grandmother stories if there are no photos to illustrate them. Yer... Why like that wor? No photos then sien lah? Means my photos are more nicer than my words lah?? Then why bother to blog wor? Better I just bukak one photo album then you all see photos can d right :(

Hehe~ Just joking lah. I love sharing both my stories and my photos. Without photos, I also agree that its kinda boring. Secretly I only choose to read blogs that have lots of photos. Hehe~ But without words some photos are meaningless. Don't you agree with me?

Ok lah... Enough of preaching or whatsoever. Here are two of the worst restaurants that I have been to recently. Just wanna introduce to you guys so that you guys will not go and make urself suffer by eating at these restaurants.

The first one is MJ CAfe. Situated in Jaya 33, Section 14.

Sinren and I went out one day and decided to stop by Jaya 33 to buy some groceries before hitting back to our own homes. This cafe was actually recommended by Shiu Wei (Shiu Li's sister) and I've been there a couple of times there with my friends and Sinren. I am not saying all their food sucks lah actually. There are lots f nice food there actually. But I am damn disappointed with their western food la.

That day we went la. Then saw that they got quite cheap western food set dinner. Biasa lah we so stingy right. wanna eat good food but damn poor so dun wanna pay more mah... HAhahahaha~ So both of us ordered one plate of different dishes lah.

Sinren ordered this...
Looks ok right???

But then the fish I tell u... damn hard. I think can become frisbee man. Can throw back at the cook and then the cook throw back somemore back in nicely one piece. Hahahahahah~ Damn lousy lah I tell u. But arh... this is not the worst dish lah...

Some random photos before I go on.
Hehe~ Sorry neney. I didn't show you this photo. Sure you don't let me post on blog one. So I dare not show you. Hehe~ Purposely one. Damn funny right this photo? Wahahahahaahah~

Damn funny right the icon?? Got it from Photoscape. :)

Squeezing lemon on to the hard rock fish

Then the worst of the worst came...*jeng jeng jeng*
This stupid thing came damn black. Then I didn't bother coz I thought that different restaurants have different versions of mushroom sauce. Some lighter in colour some damn dark. So I camwhored with it O_o

When I started eating, all hell broke loose. Hahahaha~ It was damn digusting. The meat is damn dry. Somemore ar... when i eat i know why the sauce so black. Coz they burnt the meat. So they shy so they don't know how make the sauce so black to hide the 'chao ta' (burnt) part. Isk~ Or it is they burn it most of the time. That's why the sauce is so black.

Sigh~ tu lah... go for cheap food some more lah... Should have just stick to their normal dishes. Their nasi lemak rendang damn nice but butthole itchy go try other stuff pulak. T___T Maybe they are just not so good in preparing western food lah. Cannot blame them...


Ok the next place I'm gonna talk about is somewhere Esther and I went during one of our cari makan trips. 'wai sek' our face
This place is Shih Lin at Gardens.

Actually I tried other Shih Lin's outlet. One at Dataran Pahlawan, Melaka which was ok lah... The best gotta be the outlet at 1u. Damn nice. But I only complain that the shop is too small.

Anyways for all those who don't know what they serve there. This is what the serve...

Oyster Mee Sua
They also serve fried chicken chop and many other Taiwanese Nightmarket Food. But that day Esther and I only ate that lah so only got these photos nie.

Anyways, here are some other photos we took before I go on and tell what is so bad about this joint.

Yer... my face getting longer day by day. Hahahaha~ Damn ugly. And I don't know why I kept putting the "I Love Food" icon. I think coz I don't know what to put.

Ok, the bad thing about the food is the oyster. I don't whether oyster tu tak fresh ker apa lah. Or maybe raw. But raw I got before and its not that taste lor. DAmn geli u know the taste. After we ate, about one hour later, we still can feel the taste in our mouth. Don't know what's the problem. Damn geli. I thought it was my own problem until Esther told me that she also felt the same.

So if you are thinking of going to this places please think not only twice, think berbanyak-banyak kali coz you might die eating the food there. Well, could be literally lor. I mean if the oysters I ate not fresh might die right? So remember the advices I told you guys ya...

Anyways, gosh! this is going to be a damn long post coz I have lots of grandmother stories to tell. Hehe~

The next thing I'm gonna talk about is the movie I watched recently. Not in the cinemas but in MC with my laptop. (Well, its not mine lah...) and its...
Those who read my blog often will know that I had to watch this movie for an assignment. Actually when the movie came out long ago I wanted to watch it. Coz I like to watch life biography movies lor. Don't know why. But never got the chance. Then when they are supposed to show on Astro, I pulak in KL d.

The movie was good and shed a different light for me on tranvestites. I used to be a little afraid of them. I met one very nice transvestite in a camp at Ipoh but I was so scared of her that I missed the chance to really to talk to her. How wasted.

Anyways, I googled about the real person and I found him/her photos.

This is the real Nong Thoom (the main character). As you can see he likes to wear thick makeup in his boxing matches. And on the top photo, at the side there, he likes to kiss his opponents after defeating them.

Maybe I should tell you guys a bit about the movie before question marks grow on your heads. Well, this little boy named Nong thoom. He thinks that there's a female soul trapped in his body. So he die die also wanna become a transvestite. But his family is damn poor. In order to go through his transgender surgery he had to win boxing matches to get money lo. For the rest of the movie, go watch yourself. Hahahaah~ But I tell you... you won't regret one. coz its damn nice really... Try to find it and watch la... Trust me.

This is Nong Thoom now. Or maybe we should call her Parinya coz that's her name now.

I know what you guys are thinking. Thailand's transvestite supposed to pretty right? Why she look so normal nie... Well, she's without makeup lah. Me without makeup also like shit right?

Now I show you one with makeup...
Reminds me of Janet Lim, Jane's friend

Damn pretty right? You can't even see that she was once a man.
Her transition from Nong Thoom to Parinya

This was something like the thing shown in the movie. But look at her!!! Damn pretty right??? Who would think that skinny punk at the end there end up looking like that hot babe? What more can I say? Seriously respect all this geng plastic surgeon man!!! Also I respect all the transvestite lah coz they are brave enough to change to what they want to be. Hmmm~ maybe I should get a boob job and a lyposuction (Er... right spelling???). Hahahahaha~

One last thing to show before you guys get bored...
Its torn!!!

Therefore I need a new bag. Wahahahahaha~

Ok lah... Tata~

You think I end so simply meh???

Got still one more last pic la...
My new past time...viwawa-ing la of course. This is one of the games la.. HAhahaha~

Oklah... Really enough of crap la... Will do the tag that Eevon assigned in the next post. Chaoz for real...


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