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Prinsezz's Top Ten Sexiest Man award goes to...

Sorry bout the angry post before this. I was really angry and I couldn't tell anyone how angry I was coz both my roommates are not in the room and none of my best friends were online. T___T Do you know how suffering it is? You feel like exploding. So I blogged. And I cried for hell knows how many hours. I don't know why when I'm damn angry I cry. Is that like what you guys do when you guys get angry? I heard some people like to throw things when they are angry. Hmmm~ Anyways, the "fucker" has already redeemed himself and I forgive him. I still feel the pain but because I love him, I don't wanna waste time being angry with him.

Sigh~ I hate being grumpy because I make people hate me and don't wanna be close to me. Yesterday itself I nearly maki orang again. Sigh~ I cannot let this go on lah... Dah lah tak de kawan d. Later no friends at all lagi teruk. T___T

Ok, now I wanna do the tag. I was tagged by Eevon and I was super excited coz I don't know why lah... just excited. Haha~

01. Compose a list of YOUR top ten sexiest famous men.
02. Collect one picture of each guy on your list.
03. Post them in your journal.
04. Tag five people to do the same.

Esther asked me to put my dad's photo. Whahahhahahahha~ Sorry yer but I don't think an elderly fat man is sexy. Hahahaha~ So bad I...

#10 Pete Wentz
For those who don't know, this is one of the Fallout Boys fellas.He is the lead guitarist of the band. Well, I know some people might think he's fat or something but I don't know lah. He looks nice sometimes but sometimes he looked like damn trashy.

But I like how he looked in all of Fallout Boys' videos. His sexiness lies in the way he plays the guitar. Maybe the music videos wanted him to play it that way lah. But no matter it caught my eyes lah.

But I don't know why such a sexy rocker has to go out with such a trashy, no fashion sense and damn blonde fella...
It breaks my heart Pete. Why must you go out with Ashlee??? T___T

#9 Stephen Fung
Have you guys seen any movies he acted in? He's not really famous lah. And most of the movies he acted in he's the ke lei fei (side character).

I started going crazy for him ever since I watch him in Gen X Cops. Ever heard of it??? Damn old lah actually. I tell you arh... I got so crazy until I watch the movie so many times and I can recite his script in the movie. Hahhaahah~ And I wrote his name everywhere. <3 age="" ago="" am="" at="" br="" but="" crazy="" damn="" dorcas.="" get="" god="" good="" guys="" i="" lah.="" like="" long="" looking="" me="" my="" over="" shameless="" so="" t="" tell="" that="" was="" who="" won="" wor="">I still think he is sexy but drop status coz he's old d lah. Hahahahaha~

#8 Johnny Depp
Ya I know... he's older than Stephen Fung by why is he sexier than him? Don't know lah... My top ten why you care? Bo song then do your own post lah. Heheheh~

Anyways, I think a man's sexiness not only lies on the outlook. I think men who have soft spots or like Johnny, he's a very loyal and loving boyfriend (or is it husband???) and a very good son, are very very sexy. Makes me wanna marry him. Haha~ WTH right?

Of all characters that he acted as I think the sexiest is...
Captain Jack Sparrow

Don't ask me why... I love this character like hell. My friend once told me that I look like him. Haha~ I know I can't live without my eyeliner but that doesn't mean I'm Jack Sparrow ok?

#7 Kunda
You guys probably tak kenal this fella. He's from a boy group called Energy from Taiwan. And of course he is my fave member lah.

You know what's so sexy about him? His sepet eyes, his thick lips, his muscular body, his damn 'sha' dance moves and his shyness. Gosh! I saw him once in a autograph session in Melaka and when he smiled at me, I tell you, I nearly melt at that moment there.

#6 Kimura Takuya
The man who probably gonna look the same when he's 50 something or older. Rumors said that he poke some needles into his skin to make him look the same until now. Don't know whether its botox or not. Other than that rumors said that he also had double eyelid enhancement. Eh~ why I listing down all the plastic surgery he had???

I don't know why I think he is sexy but he's sexy lah... Don't know why. I think his smile is the sexiest. I think any man who is damn cool looking and seldom smiles but suddenly smile is damn sexy. I mean the smile of course must be nice lah. Don't like tak de gigi you smile like gila at me also I won't think you are sexy. HAhahahah~

#5 Wentworth Miller
Let's face it. Whoever who watches Prison Break falls in love with Mr Micheal Scoffield. Whenever somebody shouts "Scoffield!" sure the heart will skip a beat one right? Coz this sexy face will turn up.

Come on lah... Look at the eyes. I think I can just spend my life swimming in the eyes. hahaha~

At first I thought he only looks good botak...some guys are like that ok? They look good botak but when they got hair like damn weird lah...But he got hair also damn sexy lah...
And have you seen his smile??? Damn damn damn sexy lah... Ahhhhh~~~ I think I'm going crazy just talking about his sexiness!!!!

#4 Rain
This Rain here will never make you wanna sing "Rain, rain, go away". Hahahahaha~ You would wish that you could sing "Rain, rain, come and stay" Wah~ I'm impressed with my skill of improvising lyrics lah. Must be something I learned from Pendidikan class. Wahahahaha~

Another thing about guys that I love is sepet eyes, thick lips and muscular body. I have a thing for that. Fetish! (So said by Prof Anis) That explains why my bf has sepet eyes, damn thick lips and not so muscular body. Hahaah~ Actually he had quite fit chest before he became fat. Why la he must go fat??? And some more blames it on me??? T__T

Believe it or not but I went to hug this life size cardboard cutout of him at the entrance of his concert. Hahahahaha~ So sad didn't get to bump into him during the concert. T___T


Before I go on arh... make sure all the ladies reading my blog, go lap your saliva first. Don't wet your laptop or computer. Nanti short circuit and burn your computer teruk.
#3 Channing Tatum
Look at the abs man!!! This is not sexy than what is sexy you tell me? First saw him in She's the Man, which I had watched more than 10 times. Haha~ Then saw him in Step Up and also Step Up 2. Damn sexy lah....

See the body!!! See the body properly...My god!!! Can die just seeing the body.

Ok, don't call me a pervert. I am not treating him like a meat ok? I also appreciate other parts of his body k? Namely his face...
Tell me do you melt seeing his sexy face??? (This one he is fully covered arh... Don't say I'm pervert d arh...)

Ok, one last photo of him...Damn sexy know... Brace yourselves. Get tissue ready... Your nose might bleed. Hahahahaah~~

Ahhhhhh!!!!!!! My nose is bleeding!!!!!

Hahahahaahah~ Thank you lah Eevon. Your tag has totally made me go out of my mind. Hahahahaahah~

Note: I am not a pervert. I have to repeat it. I AM NOT A PERVERT!!! I just go crazy when I see Channing Tatum's body. You can see that I was perfectly normal before his photo.

#2 Kenichi Matsuyama
Who is this you ask??? Well perhaps you would know him better if I show you another photo of him...
Now you know who??

L is the most hunchbacked sexy man alive. No matter is his thick powdered face or his thickly lined eyes its damn sexy. Summore the way he talks, the way he sits, the way he put his thumb on his lips...etc. So many sexy thing about him that I could write a book.

Recently I just watched L:Change the World. And I told my boyfriend this during a scene when he hugged the female character in the movie: "I wished I could hug him too" Haha~ Pengsan or not this type of gf? Some more I keep gushing about how cool he is, how good looking he is... I think Sinren must be thinking: "Menyesal I bring her to watch this movie lah... She's all over him now... Maybe I should just go home..." Hahahaahahhaah~
Minus all the makeup and the L transformation, Kenichi is just as sexy. Whoever says that he is damn ugly outside the L character will say hello to my fist. Look at the first photo. Don't you feel like running to him and kiss him ever so passionately??? (OMG!!! I'm acting like a pervert again!!!)

I think I'm gonna go watch all the other movies he acted in lah. Especially about being a pianist one. Should be damn nice. But don't know Malaysia got or not... Anybody who knows whether there are any other movies that he acted in please leave me a message in the comment box or tag box. I'll be waiting....

#1 The most sexiest sepet, thick lips fella I ever know (Have to put most and sexiest together coz too sexy d. Hahahaha~)

I know none of you want to hear me talking about how sexy he is but I don't care I'm gonna talk about it coz its MY blog.

He is so sexy when he looks at me straight into my eyes. I tell you... the most sexy thing about him is his sepet eyes and his thick lashes. And when I see my reflection in his eyes, I felt most 'hang fook' (bertuah) coz only I can be seen so clearly in his sexy eyes. I sometimes wish the world would stop and just let me look at his eyes forever. When I get so romantic, he would tell me: "After we get married, you will vomit when you see another sight of my eyes". So potong steam right??? Hahahahaha~

I don't wanna talk anymore lah... Or else people will take something and whack me coz so geli... Hahahaahha~ How sexy he is for me to know and not something any other guys or girls should find out coz he's my property. Hahahahahah~

You know... I told him about this top ten and when I told him that no. 10 was Pete Wentz, he said: "Huh? I no. 10 also tak boleh masuk arh?". Then when I told him he was no. 1 he said this pulak: "I sexy meh?" Aiyo~ I tell you arh... Didn't get into the top ten he not happy, then get no.1 d, say he not sexy pulak. This fella arh... Hahahahahha~

Ok, now I shall tag other people... Gonna choose some other people that I had never tag before one lah. Coz the people that I always tag,always didn't do one...
1. Clair
2. Li Shan
3. Mae Fenn
4. Pui Ji
5. Grace
Now go get your heads cracked thinking. Wahahahahaha~

Anyways, did I tell you guys about my gone laptop? Its spoiled and in the factory right? But recently got the new that it cannot be saved already coz the crystal brite (something like that lah...) screen was badly damaged. So I have to get a new laptop lor. Had been looking at a couple of brands and am still thinking which to get. Probably will go to PC Fair to see more deals and get one from there. Anyone has any opinion which laptop is good and under RM4000? I said under RM5000 before this but... don't know lah. Don't know I can earn that much money or not within so short period.

So do leave a comment or a message ya...

That's all for today...


p/s: Wherever you are...I pray for your safety and hope you will come back soon..