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Grace Tan's Recital

So this event was pretty important to me even though it's not my own recital. To be honest I took so long to blog about it that my high for the event has already died down. But I think I still need to blog about it to remind myself that I once became a concert master.

My violin tutor told me that there will be a concert and they need a strings ensemble to accompany. I haven't been performing for quite some time after refusing to perform for the wedding band (or is it I got fired? 😂) so I decided to give it a shot.

(pic from Instragram story) Finally time to use this baby other than for teaching 💕

I didn't know at first who was/were the performer(s). I just went for the practice and finally found out about the performer during the rehearsal. Turns out the performer is my church member, Grace T (have to specify which Grace coz I have too many Graces in my life lol) and concert/recital will be held at my church.

Anyways, I was asked to play the first violin coz the person who got us together said "All Miss Ong (my violin tutor)'s student will play first violin". So yeah that's how I got chosen to play first violin even though I've been playing second or third violin parts for years.

After finding out who the performer is and where it's at, I started to promoting the recital. Not coz I'm performing lah. Grace T organized this recital to earn more experiences in performing. I really want to help her lah.

Last rehearsal day all the musicians and other performers finally met. Before this I've only met up with Grace T and the rest of the strings ensemble players. I didn't even know there will be other performance.

Also finally met my violin tutor coz she didn't attend any regular practices hahaha. She's playing cello here coz her friend asked her to replace him for the time being. On the day of the performance she played the first violin with me.

It was my first time watching a Yang Qin perform live. This guy is really damn good and the sound of Yang Qin is just 👌 I should look for more Yang Qin music to listen to.

I had a problem one day before the recital. I couldn't find any all black clothes to wear to perform coz I hardly buy black clothing.
Unfortunately there aren't any treasures fml

I don't think this is appropriate lolol

BTW mum got censored coz she's wearing pajamas.

So last minute I rushed to Uniqlo and got myself a romper. Thank God I was able to find lah or else I really don't know what to do d.

Fast forward to the day of the recital...
My church choir was going to perform during the recital as finale. So these monkeys were all there.

I looked like damn awkward coz I didn't expect the rest of the kids to squeeze into the pic. It was initially just me, Jacy and Seow Wei.

Ok here's a less awkward one

Pics taken by the kind audience coz I didn't ask anyone to help me take any pics

We played a total of 4 songs but I was able to find recording of just one. Here is Amazing Grace for those who are interested to hear Grace sing and the strings ensemble accompanying here.

Well what's an event without some interesting stories. So here's some funny, exciting (to me) and ganjeong things that happened on the day of the recital.

  1. I forgot to bring my score to the recital *facepalm*- I made sure everything (violin, music stand and score's file) was put at the same place but I just somehow didn't take my file fml. This leads to another ganjeong thing which I'll talk about later on. Thank God I was able to share my score with my violin tutor coz usually two people will share one score. So either one of us has it and it's fine
  2. I was asked to be concert master which is something I've never done before...for the obvious reasons lah coz 1) I was always in violin 2 2) I don't think my skill can make it as a concert master. I don't know what was the reason I was chosen but I was thankful that I was given the chance lah. I was damn ganjeong but really there's nothing much to do as a concert master. You have to make sure that everyone is in tune then just shake hands with the conductor and singer nie.
  3. All was well until performing the second song (the song right after Amazing Grace), my violin tutor brought a score with the correct song but different key with the rest of the ensemble FOLs. So for the whole song we were silent hahahahaha. Damn funny now but during the performance I was shivering damn badly hahahaha.

 Joined in the church choir to take a group pic with Grace T after the recital ended

Damn my arms look fucking thick. I was always damn proud of my arms but from the pics, I need to work on them from now on.

All my supporters who came to see my 15 minutes of fame hehe

Selfie with my long time perempuan kesayangan

Look at this bish selfie-ing alone beside us

Then Puff gave her the death stare when she found out we were left out 😂

Selfie with Cikopek Nana


This pic is nice too but Tze Khan had to ruin it by yawning at the back 😒

After everything ended I went to pick up my darling love ball, Zyon, from my in laws'. I was super hungry after all the energy used up during the performance wtf. So SR brought me out for supper coz he knows how crazy his wife can get without food.

I missed Zyon so so much that day. The last time I saw his that day was when I left for work. I dropped him then went to work and straight to the recital. Sighhhh...babies, you can't live with them (for long) and you can't live without them 😘

All right for today's post 💗 Anyways this week has been yet another productive week woot woot!!! If I got time I think I'll be scheduling some posts for next week as well since there are a few holidays coming. Will see how lah.

Ok I'll see you guys in the next one.