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Swedish Food and Dream Car

I had never had Swedish Food ever in my life. I think that's coz there's no Swedish Restaurant in Malaysia. Ermm...rite?

To be honest, I had not tried any REAL international cuisine apart from Japanese and Korean. So can anybody suggest where can I get nice French, Italian (apart from Italianese), Dutch...blah blah blah...whatever cuisine so that I could try it all? Well, of course price is one big factor for me because I just declared that I'm broke recently. So if there's any CHEAP and fabulous food that I could try, please leave me a tag or email me at I'm up to trying anything at all.

Anyways, those who are looking for good food blogs, I would recommend this one LIM MEI YEN coz there's where I usually get my ideas where to eat food.

The other day I had my experience of trying Swedish food. Well, not exactly Swedish food lah. One Saturday, Esther and I was planning what to eat for lunch.

Esther: You wanna eat something special or not?
Me: Can... what you have in mind?
Esther: How bout French food?
Me: Wah~ expensive arh?
Esther: No lah...
Me: Ok lor... Where arh?
Esther: IKEA.
Me: Why IKEA selling French food?
Esther: Why cannot?
Me: Can lah... But IKEA is Sweden company what...
Esther: Oh, oh...its Swedish not French.

My roommate is officially a blur sotong like Li Shan. Hahahahahahahaha~

So we went to IKEA.

I had never been to IKEA's cafe and tried any of the food. Erm... except for the RM1 curry puff with an egg in it downstairs. That's obviously not Swedish rite? So I was sorta all blur upon reaching the cafe.

The cafe, for those who had not been there, its something like the high school's cafeteria you see in movies. You take a tray, put a cup (either for coffee or soft drinks), the utensils you need and then the food that you choose to eat. After all that, pay at the cashier. Dammit!!! I am so "suah ku". I was like all awed by the whole cafe. I was like that O_O. Hahahahahhaah~

My Dish

I forgot the Swedish name for this. Damn sophisticated lah the name. Hahahahahahaha~

The salmon was damn nice. Esther gave me the 'Eeyer~' look when I gave a small tiny piece to try. Well, what does she know about raw salmon. She doesn't even like Japanese food. Hehe~ Jk, jk... anyways, the salmon has this sweetness that comes from within. Don't know how to explain. Thank god I'm not a food blogger. Coz I can't find the right words to talk about food. Maybe my English is too teruk d. So sorry to all my English teachers. T_____T

Ok, the point is I love this plate of thingy damn much. Summore the salmon is not cut till too thin or too thick. I thought I would be still hungry after finishing, considering my appetite, but its actually quite filling.

The only thing I hate about this dish is the vegetables at the side. Dunno whether the vegetables were meant to be bitter or what lah. But its damn bitter can? Like eating bitter gourd. Even some bitter gourds are not that bitter.

Esther's dish

This is called Chicken in Lemon and Herbs. Apparently no Swedish name for it.

This dish is way better than the lemon and herbs in Nando's.

Then we shared a dessert coz after eating our respective dishes we were too full to eat one dessert by ourselves.
Our dessert

Its a cake actually. Forgotten the name in Swedish anyways. I think its the most Swedish thing we had lah... Coz my dish was like a Japanese dish and Esther's one was like normal American or British. Summore on the cake got Sweden's flag. Hahahahahaha~

Well, that's my first experience in Swedish food. Erm... can I consider it Swedish food ne? Ok lah...for the time being can lah... Hahahahahaah~ BTWs, its damn good lah. Next time will go try other dishes at the cafe. See when Esther got the "gan dong"("touched feeling" WTH?) lah...

After lunch, we left IKEA coz we had to go to the performance rehearsals at uni. But we passed by Volkswagen and I saw my dream car...
I shouted so loud that Esther got a shock and nearly banged some other cars. Hahahahahahah~ Mama always said that I scream for no reason. What does she mean no reason man? When I see something interesting or hear something interesting on the radio sure wanna share mah...

Like when I heard my favourite song on the radio in the car, I would shout: "OMG!!! ITS MY FAVOURITE SONG!!! SING IT WITH ME BABY!!!" *shaking sinren like gila* Its normal right? Who wouldn't do that right???

That day I made Esther stop by the road side so I could take photos of The Beetle. And she did... what a nice roommate she is. driving me around summore take any request without complaining. *HUGS*

Damn cun rite??? Er~ paiseh hor... spell wrong d. should be VOLKSWAGEN. Heheheheheh~

Volkswagen Beetle had been my favorite car since... Nth years ago. I think when it first came out d I was crazy about it. Actually my granddad used to own the old kinda Beetle. Er... like the one in Herbie. I used to play in his car. So I guess since then I had a think for Beetle lah... I even asked my dad to get me a second hand old Beetle when I first got my license. But.. it's only available in manual and I hate to drive manual. So... :S

I told mama that when I work and earned enough money, I'm gonna buy a Volkswagen beetle. She said:"Good. Put on a target and work towards it." That's my mama...whatever I say also that phrase will come out. Hahahahahahah~ Then when we moved to our new house (not so new anymore...) she told dad:"Eh~ next time ah girl's Volkswagen park at the porch arh..our house sure looked damn cun one." Hahahahaha~ Ma... Gua belum beli la ma...

Anyways, I always wanted to get a lime green Beetle coz it was one of my favorite color. But I found out that its limited edition so I think there's no more except for second hand ones. So my latest target would be a RED VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE.

Wonder how much is it... gotta go find out lah...
Ok lah... gotta go print my assignment.