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Happy Chinese New Year!!!

For those of you who can't seem to read the post below, its not that I've gone cuckoo and started to speak in alien language. Haha~

Anyways, its actually the lyrics to the song '鸽子' (ge zi in mandarin), which in english translates to pigeons, er... or doves. Its sung by Aska Yang, my favourite participant in One Million Star.

For those who did not watch/not interested in watching One Million Star and have no idea who the hell is Aska Yang, here's a photo of him...
He's gonna be big man!!! Mark my words!!! He's gonna take over Fish Leong's place as Love Song Queen.

So do support him ya!!!

Ok, enough about Aska.

Here's a photo of me...
Ok lah... not me but my hand.

That's the mark of doing things carelessly. Heheehehhe~

The other day I was curling my hair in the morning before going to church. (Oh! Terlupa nak cakap gua sudah beli hair-curler) I was in such hurry that I didn't realized that the curler was too near to my hand and terus burned my hand.

Damn pain ok. I nearly wanna cry out. But had to hurry to get my ass downstairs to wait for the van.

What is worst is that my dear bf just look at it as though nothing happened. WTF??? Cannot sayang a bit ker??? Damn sad T_____T

Now ok d lah. First few weeks is like torture. Ter-touch nie will scream like gila. Now the skin is peeling off revealing pinky new skins.

Sigh~ next time curl hair must be careful a bit. Coz no matter how pain...nobody sayang you. *jelings at Sinren*

Anyways, its Chinese New Year Eve today. How's all the preparation? New clothes ready? Shoes? Food? I've got clothes but not shoes. Ma doesn't allow me to get any. She says I have to0 many. Tell me is 6 pairs sounds a lot to you? In total ok!!! *not amused*

Tonight my family and I will be having a small reunion dinner at home. Usually we'll have an enormous one in JB. But since everybody (the relatives) went to Cameron Highlands this year, we'll have a small one by ourselves.

Tomorrow morning, we'll be leaving for JB to visit ah gong, ah mah and the rest of the relatives from dad's side. Then back to Melaka again.

I edited a damn nice CNY feel photo but I left it in my laptop and dear ol lappie is in the hospital now. So...without that photo I still have to say


get angpow d, don't forget to help me click on my ads to feed my empty wallet.hehehehehehe~

Last thing before I run off helping mama, news from the computer shop. My lappie is in deep shit. Probably in the state of ICU. Uncle Teh says that probably it needs to spend 2 months or more in the 'hospital'. Now I have no laptop to use when I get back to KL. Somebody tell me what kinda life is that???


This is probably the Nth time you all saw this word popping up from my blog but Imma gonna say it... I'M GONNA GO DROWN IN MY TEARS OF SADNESS AGAIN!!!!

Hahahaahhah~ Why am I so dramatic???