Sunday, February 24, 2008

My dear water lily...

This was how big it looks on the second night after Valentine's Day. The aroma spread around the whole room and I thought Esther bought new perfume or something.
Sigh~ but its al gone now except for the memory of it.

Like Prof. Anis said the feeling of joy of getting the lily was ephemeral but then the memory of it will stay on till... WHEN SINREN GETS ME ANOTHER ONE!!! Hahahahahahahahahah~

Anyways, I bought a vase in memory of the water lily.
I know lah... Damn weird right? Why buy a vase after the flower died? Aiyo~ buy d then got hope that Sinren will get me flowers summore rite?


Plus the vase is cheap...only RM3!!! And its not a cheapo brand of MTM or Hot Market. Its from IKEA mind you!!!

Er...tell me again why did I blog about this??? Oh yeah... its because I am using the best of the RM40 I am paying every month. Hehehehehehe~ Don't call me evil coz life's like with it!!!

That's all for today...


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