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The bestest besties in the whole wide world

These are all my besties...

From left to right: Lizzie, Nana, Li, Anu, Puff, Ann, Deepa and Buvie (the last one of course no introduction needed right??? -_^)

These people had been in my life for years. Some even friends since primary school. Without them... I don't think I can survive secondary school. REALLY!!!! Its that serious...

Anyways, yesterday we had a conference call. I was busy doing something (I forgot what lah) suddenly I received Buvie's call. I said: "Wassup?" and suddenly a whole lot of voice popped saying hi back. Its impossible that everyone went back to Melaka as its a weekday mah right? Summore one in UPM, one at ss2, one at sec 14 lagi two more pulak in Melaka. So how can all be together right?

Thanks to technology, we can have that chat together even though it was really difficult coz all were trying to shout into the conversation, namely deepa and ann. Hahaahahhaha~ I had to let them talk and only wait till they realized "Eh, where dookie arh?". Hahahahahahah~ But then I got clever and made people pay attention to me by singing 'twinkle, twinkle little star'. haha~ wth right?

It was really a crazy call but I really appreciated Buvie for making the call coz I really miss this people like hell. It was good to hear all their voices at one time in the midst of my bad-moodness.

Here are message for you people lah...So sorry i didn't say out everything in the sms coz...hehe~ my mum cutting down on my duit credit. So here's the message for all...

Liz: Bitch, I don't wanna lie lah... last time I hate you a bit. Hahahaha~ I don't get it why you must walk on your toes one. Damn irritating lah. But now because you don't walk on your toes anymore, I love you to bits... Hahahahaha~ WTF??? Please remember to put on some makeup lah. Don't make urself look so haggard. Making me shy.But sigh~ pretty people don't need so much makeup lah... Unlike me. ICI beratus-ratus layer... Hahahaha~

Na: Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair... Hahahahahah~ Eh, I still don't know how you can wash your hair lah. Teach me bit lah. I also wanna grow so long but sinren don't let lah how arh? I also love you a lot lah girl... Miss the movie marathons that we had before tuition last time. When wanna go watch ghost movie together? Ahahahahahah~ Don't ever forget 'Jelakung' man... its the all time best ghost movie ever. Ahahahahahahahahah~

Li: Li, Li... so far you... wanna see you more often also cannot. Without you, no mother role lah. How can a princess be without her mother you tell me? Make sure the next time you come back and make a date with me arh... Or else... you know lah what I will do.. heheheeheheh~

Anunu: Dumb blonde, how's my partner in crime? Aiyoyo~ so long didn't talk nonsence with you d lah. So bored without your irritating-ness. Without you, its like donkey losing his partner, Puss-in-boots lah... Wait a minute... we are them right??? Ahahahahahahah~ Also miss you lah girl. Feel like wanna pinch your cheeks cukup-cukup then only puas. Hahahahahaha~

Puff: MY LOVE!!! Words cannot explain how deep my love is for you... Although we live so near i don't know why nobody made the initiative to meet up. WTF??? Come lah we go midvalley ker some where then we camwhore cukup-cukup. Making all the other people feel how strong our love is for each other. Hahahahahahahah~ And puff, manatau you club at 7pm leh... Hahahhaha~

Ann: Ann Ben, I know you are one true friend who reads my blogs. Oops, and lizzie too. Sayang you so much. Ahahahahha~ I still don't know which part of us look alike but I love you twin. Tak sangka we know each other so long d arh? More than a decade ballz like damn long la wei... If one year give birth one anak, can have one football team d wei. Hahahahahahahah~ Still the same words to you: Kalau kena bully by kuah tell me I go let him smell my ketiak. Ahhaahhahahaha~ Sure pengsan habis one.

Deeps: My little friend, one more time you miss the chance to come my house, I will do the same thing I will do to Kuah. Hahahahahaha~ Dah lah u so short kena kepit by my ketiak then you know. But still I miss you like gila you icy cold queen. Try crying lah and stop taking in so much liquor. And baby, shake that booty of yours always.

Buvie: I don't know how to thank you for that call gal. Kiss x100000. Hahahahahahaha~ That's like the maximum kiss ok? Even sinren don't get that much. Anyways, take good care of urself while working. And if u ever go to US and don't return, Imma gonna tie pleads on your ketiak hair and play drum on your tummy with the marching band beat when I see. Hahahahahahahaha~ Love little brother...

Well, that's about all. Those who finds these messages disturbing...well, so sad for you coz you don't know us well. Heheheheeh~ And yes, we love ketiak more than any other body parts on our body. Hahahahahahahah~

So happy to have all these friends lah. Think about them nie all my stress and unhappiness gone off.

Ok lah... Gotta go sleep...

Nite and bubbye...

p/s: those who wanna save the photo... click on the picture then save. Don't save the small size one. i don't know what can you guys see. Hahahahaahhaah~