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I lost my ring!!!

and what's worst?

When I ask my mum did she see it or not, she said this:

"Oh... you wedding ring arh?" *giggle giggle giggle*

What the heck??? Why my mother like that you tell me? Ask her bout something serious then she goes giggle giggle like a high school lovesick teen. (Woops~ please don't tell my mum that I called her that)

*Runs to a corner and cries out loud*

I can't remember where I left it last. DAmmit!!! Why am I such a forgetful freak!!!

Now I can't have a nice break coz my soul is sad. When my soul is sad, I can't eat properly. When I don't eat properly, my weight descent drastically. When I get thinner, I get even sadder.


I shall drown in my tears again. (At this rate I can be Olympic swimmer d... Hahahaahahah~ -_-lll)

Don't comfort me... nothing can heal my soul until I see my neney. Somebody get him here!!!!