Friday, February 1, 2008

Back to homey

Yes, back to home. It was one month since I last came back.

The bed is still so warm and nice to sleep in. The comforter is still so comfy. The room is still so pink. The sofa is still nice to sleep in. The shower still has hot water. Ahhhhh~ nobody can understand how much I love my house.

Well, there are also some things that I aren't keen to come back to. Like coming back to people whom you know all your life but are so unkind to you. How I wish I don't have to see 'em. Why lah neney is not back???

Anyways, neney went to YF committee's retreat. :( FASTER COME BACK... I MISS YOU!!!

Alaa... three days only lah. Hahahahaha!

Sigh~ another thing I don't like about home is can't post photos. Sien diao~

Oh yeah... my lappie finally gone to hospital. Hopefully its ok then no need to buy new one.

Ok, gotta go. Tomorrow's gonna go trim my fringe. Yay-ness!!! I miss my fringe.

K lah... Bubbye...

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