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Rehearsal: Day 2


Here's the day 2's photos like I promised. See I can hold on to my promises one know... Don't always promise and tak jadi one...

Anyways, lately I felt like I'm gonna be a computer pro. Coz I'm editing photos and blogging and uploading photos into photo albums at the same time. Hehehehe~ Aiyo~ I bet lots of you out there also can do the same right??? Ini lah kerja orang tak de benda lain nak buat. Now only can do this noe... Later assignments start to pour in then no time to do all this nonsense thing d.

Ok, back to the photos...

Like biasa we had to be there early. Don't know for what... You know I need sleep ok?? All the practice has already led me to many late sleeping. Summore have to wake up early. damn torturing ok???

Rise and shine!!!
The beautiful DTC hall

These are all random photos taken in the morning. Hehehehehe~ Damn bored that's why la...

Esther's, Shiu L's and mine

Mine looked so "dai gao" beside theirs. Heheheheheheh~ ^_^

There were less people sleeping today. Probably hiding while they sleep coz scared that Li Shan and I will take their sleeping looks. Heheheheheheheheehehhe~

but I did catch two people sleeping in a rather peculiar way...
She was sleeping on the VVIP seat

Hahahahahahahaahah~Geng arh!!! Can find until so comfortable place to sleep. Why didn't I think of this???

Ok, its nothing peculiar about hugging something to sleep. Of course I know... The peculiar thing is why hug somebody else's bag to sleep??? Summore that rabbit stinks. Wahahahahahhaah~ So evil I ...
Dinner time...

Looking at the video of our rehearsal

I dirtied my top during dinner -____-lll

Tak berubah since young. Eat something with gravy sure kena baju.

Note to self: Wear less white top!!!

Stupid face

Act chio earring

I always wanted to go enlarge one of my ear holes so that I can put a belly button ring in it. Like this one. This is obviously a fake belly button ring. Those who have belly button hole would know rite??? I know its available in Klan but I don't have the guts to do it coz I know it will hurt like hell. Since I don't dare to do it...have to put the act chio earring lor... hehehehe~

After Day 1, we decided to make DTC our home. Check out how Mel sat...
Hahahaahah~ So comfortable huh???

Me being over comfortable with the surroundings


I didn't know my other roommate was sick until Huey Ching told me. Damn paiseh can? We stay in the same room but I didn't know bout it. But you couldn't blame me. I have to wake up early to go to DTC then only back at around 1am or so. Can't even talk to her properly about anything...

Don't cry Jane... I will not leave you alone in the room no more...

Actually she was reluctant to take photo with me. Hahahahahahaahahahahah~

I don't know how this happened

But its damn cun rite??? Hahahhaahah~

Kiss kiss my sick Jane

I'm gonna break who ever's hand is that

A normal photo of us...

Me being normal is actually seen to other people's eyes as abnormal. Wahahahahahah~

Frankly, I see my own face also I cannot tahan lah... I really don't understand why a "mei nv" like me always making stupid face. Wahahahahahaahahahah~

Some funny and totally random photos:
Erm... Sorry if you don't find this funny... actually its random, not funny

The Japanese words meant "CUTE". But I missed out one more "I" at the back. Paiseh... (Should be Ka-wa-i-i. But I wrote Ka-wa-i only...)

This photo got nothing to do with me but check out Samuel's face...Why his face like that???

HAahahahahahahah~ Everybody smile until so sweet he pulak showing muka sepuluh cent. AHhahahahahahaahahahahahahahah~

I don't wanna say this but tak tahan lah...after he cut his hair, he looked like some convict from don't know where. haahha~

From left: Yiing Siing, Yun Ying, Convict Samuel and Huey Ching

Sexay Mama Yun Ying

I bought a pair of pajamas pants just for the performance coz my other pajamas looked like crap. This is how it looked like...
Eshter said that putting the pants like this is inappropriate coz usually put the pants like that to call the dead to come back... Please la...don't so superstitious can???


Me love me pants

Apparently I couldn't find a matching top for this pants coz all the tops at FOS are sleeveless and also not appropriate for the performance. So I couldn't wear this pants la... but I wore it on the rehearsals lah since I belum beli the appropriate one

Me pants and me clogs

I'm in the toilet department...or should I say bathroom department. That is why I have to wear pajamas and clogs to make it look like we juz woke up and heading to the toilet to clean up and wash clothes.
I have no idea when Li Shan took this. But I like it... Haahahahah~

Esther and her pajamas

She looked like a boy ler... Or maybe an old man. Wahahahahah~

Her pants and her clogs

Li Shan acting uncivilized

Damn "chor lor" I tell u this girl... Hahahahaha~

Kai Yee's private moment with her bf, Rabbit

I realized that my group has more gila people than any other groups. Is it good or bad neh???

Another gila thing my group members did:
Combining Kai Yee's pajamas top with Li Shan's pajamas pants

I tell you...I nearly died laughing looking at them. Sampat betul!!! Hahahahahhahaahahahahah~

Ok, enough gila stuff.. on to more serious stuff.

Many people think that our performance is just crap. Aiyo~ whack bucket, hit this, hit that only mah... Wah~ simple you say... Come and try doing it lah... You know how much effort all us put in or not huh???? So much work, sweat, tears and blood were included ok???
My blood

Hurt myself while rehearsing. Ter-hit my hand instead of the bucket. Damn pain ok???

My blood is just one tiny speck of dust compared to wat others did lah... I just wanna show you guys my injured hand only. ^____^

I was surprised by my youth fellowship cell group leader. She came over to DTC and brought me things to help me "jia you"

An apple

I guess she believed in "An apple a day, keeps the doctor away" saying.
Chrysanthemum tea

A bit bitter but I gulped in down also lah...

Thanks Soo Ying for you care... She even cooked porridge for me when I got diarrhea today. So terharu... T____T
With Yun Ying who looked as if she was ready to sleep anytime

What happened you ask??? Why is everyone standing by the roadside???

Well, my dear friend Li Shan's car ran out of battery. Coz our dear girl forgot to switch off her head lights. So all of us went to her rescue lah...

Everybody "Pei Si" Li Shan!!!!

As you can see we are charging her car with Esther's car. All thanks to Mun Fei who knew how to do it and Li Shan's brother who left the wires in her car.

We can have fun in any situation at all... heheh~

Making sure that she knows how to shut the front cover

Coz she doesn't know how to open it sure don't know how to close one. -____-lll Seriously ok??? Pengsan I tell u...
Making sure she goes into the car safely

Where to find such good friends like Esther and I??? Kalau boleh we will make sure she reach home safely. chinese they say "Got heart but no strength". Haahahahhahahahaha~ In other words it means our heart says:"Let's do it" but our body says:"No".

Returning home...
Esther on the phone with "shoulder"

Wahahahahaahahahahahahahah~ She's gonna kill me.

Ever heard of no using handphone while driving Esther Niak???? I still need my life ok??
In the car
I swear she's gonna kill us all one day

Coz she asked me to take her photo while driving. I thought she was going to just look front and drive but she turned and looked at me. Scared the hell out of me.

That's all bout Day 2. Will continue bout the day of the performance when I get better.

Pray for my health people. I don't wanna get sick coz the peak season of assignments is coming.

Till then bubbye...

p/s: Please tell me whether I spelt "diarrhea" correctly. Malas wanna go search the dictionary. Heheheheheheh~