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Esther and Shiu Li's bday celebration

On 26th February...gosh!!! This is so out-dated!!!...ok, ok... on that day we celebrated Esther's birthday.

After attending half of the PACIA thingy, we rushed home and got ready.

The process of getting ready...

One of the normal arguements between Jane and I...

After getting ready...

The room mate photo

1... 2... 3...

Pardon the tiny fonts... don't know what is wrong with the computer at home. Cannot type big letters

Jane smiling like some sort of rich aunty


One of the birthday girls, Esther

22-year-old aunty... HAhahahaahha~

Shiu Li is not in any of the photos coz she got ready in her own hostel. So we went to fetch her then headed our way to Damansara...

Me camwhoring in the traffic jam...
I like this photo a lot...well, apart from the ugly dark circles lah...

Some ANTM pose I've learned

Showing off my ring and my ugly painted nail

We went to The Street (AGAIN!!!!) and decided to dine at...

First time dining there lor... Kinda excited to try the food there.

Ordering food...

Jane said that it was exactly what she was thinking at that time. Tak sangka I have mind reading skills by just looking at the photo. Hahahhaahah~

After ordering the food, we took some group photos...
Without the prinsezz and Shiu Li

Without Li Shan

The drinks came first:


Then back to more photos...

Preparing to dig into the food d

The food finally came....
The Starter

Mel cutting the bread

My piece

The garlic butter spread

The other starter:
Not a big fan of onion rings or anything that has got to do with onion or garlic. I basically turn purple and puke. But this onion loaf is really good. I stopped myself from thinking that it was onion and also this dish has not onion sort of smell and taste. Summore really sweet. I love it... But still that doesn't mean I'm gonna like eating onion k???

they love it too

The main courses:

Not my favourite dish... Actually it was none of ours. Coz it tasted weird. Hmmmm~ maybe we weren't biasa with the taste lah. We didn't finish this dish. I know its wasted but...really awful lah!!!

Damn nice I tell you... the cheese and shrimps served were so many ok??? Unlike some other cheating place that give so little only. Damn happy I tell u... Must really try this when you go to Tony Roma's

Ok onie lah... won't order this dish the next time I go. Very biasa only...

Not bad also... The sidedishes are actually nicer than the fish. Erm... one thing that I don't get it is...why is it call fish and fries when I don't see the fries anywhere. ???????

Cute lil Shiu Li

Although she's elder than me, I always felt like she's our little baby sister. AHahahahahhahahahahahaah~ Summore her name in chinese sounds like "Little One". Suits her like hell!!!!
My dear Niakie

Hahahahahahah~ stupid nickname. Sounds like Chiaki from Nodame Cantabile.

She was still chewing when I took this photo. Hahahahahaha~

Also chewing... But not as good in hiding it as Esther. Ahahahahhaahahah~
My sampat Li Shan

Pelbagai-bagai pose in her head I tell u...

Aunty Jane

Mana boleh tak ade my makan posing pics????
So serious aku...

Some random photos:
Totally candid I tel you... Can become model d lah...

Before we left, we asked the waiter to take a group photo for us and...
... I went to close my stupid eyes!!!

Because of that we had to "ma fan" him to take another photo for us -____-lll

Sorry it was badly edited. Hehehehehe~ The table was filled with our stuff and many ugly stuff so I had to cut it all off.

Anyways, Shiu Li and Esther belanja us to the dinner. Actually we were supposed to like share the dinner among ourselves but they insisted to belanja. Damn paiseh can??? Aiyo~~~ Next time I will belanja you guys back one. I assure!!!

After dinner, we went to take neoprints.

Li Shan and I love taking neoprints. Don't know bout the others lah. But on such special day must take one lah....
These were all taken after taking the neoprints. This one above was being edited by me on the machine. Nice not???

Note: All poses were designed by Li Shan. Geng or not u tell me???

" Pei Si" pose

Editing by Li shan...

This obviously not a neoprint. Hahahahahahaha~

I love how the neoprints always make everyone so beautiful. Ok lah... everyone in my gang is beautiful but with the help of the strong lightings, all of us looked flawless especially me. Its like even without makeup also will make you look damn good. Hehehehehe~ That's why I love taking neoprint. Confirm 100% nice one.

After taking neoprints, we walked around The Street and taking lots of random photos...

Maybe we should have eaten 1901. Since its food for friendship rite???

At the PACIA forum we heard this speaker who can't say etc. properly. He said something like "Essesa... Essessa..." So when we saw this signboard we were extra excited. ahahahahahahahahahahah~

Li Shan being retarded

She's imitating the girl at the back.

We came to the place where they had mirrors on the wall. We had fun taking pictures here during Kai Sien's birthday. So we decided to take it there again.

Group pics

Check out Esther's face on the second pic. WTH is her problem????

Shiu Li is not trying to say that Mel stinks k?? HAahahhahahahahaha~ Someone was smoking downstairs and she cannot tahan the smell.

BTWs, why she kepo into other people's photo la??? Ahahahahahahahahahah~

All of us agreed that Li Shan won best dress for the nite. Damn cun lah the way she dress. Summore her makeup skills damn geng. Even better than me. So so jealous can???
No award arh... Next time can welcome come and take free sweets from me. That's you prize. One year supply of free sweets from Dorcas. Haahahahhahahahahahahahah~

Ok lah... That's about it from Esther and Shiu Li's birthday celebration.

Before I go, here's a beautiful photo of the two lovely girls that I love like hell...