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Showcase Rehearsal Day 1


Just finished our UM Music Showcase and so I'm finally free enough to edit photos and blog. But I tell you arh... The Showcase photos are so many that I have to take hours to edit and also hours just to upload them on blogger.

In this post, there are only photos of day 1 of the rehearsal. Really too many d. Add up all the photos, its like about 200+ photos.

Anyways, the photos aren't only mine. Some of it is from Li Shan and of course I gave her credit. Those with her name at the bottom are hers and are not edited. If edited was edited by her.

So enjoy...

On the first day of the rehearsal, we have to be there by 2pm. Early in the morning I went to the stupid SKR which I had blogged about the stupid "M" incident. *click here* I walked all the way from MC to the SKR ok? Summore walk to CC then only walk to DTC. Damn tiring ok???

The following photos are all camwhore photos of me... Coz its damn boring at DTC. We don't have to do anything but wait for our turns to rehearse so I used up all the freetime to camwhore. Hehehehehehehehe~

Wearing a cap coz I had to walk around UM

Couldn't possibly carry an umbrella while wearing such a cool tank top right? What's the point of carrying an umbrella when I'm wearing a tank top that will make my body darker??? Well, I just wanna protect my face from the sun can??? Coz my face is darker than my body. I wanna get even tan lah...

The damn pimple on my face

I got so bored that I started to go crazy and imitated various characters from everywhere.

A failure imitation of L(from Death Note)

And yes, Li Shan... I love L like crazy. Coz he's Kenichi Matsuyama!!!

Being Stitch

Its my new handphone bag

Nice not??? I'm in Stitch craze now. I wanna own everything that has got anything to do with Stitch. I now have a Stitch handphone case, a Stitch toy and a Stitch makeup bag. Gonna get a new Stitch handphone hanger soon. Wahahahahaahahahah~
Me Love love Stitch

Then I became a Malay auntie...
A very "hiao" Malay auntie

Damn funny la this photo... Hahahahahahaha~ Why am I like this????

Then I was a boxer...
The beautiful boxer

I assure you I am 100% woman...unlike the Beautiful Boxer in the movie.
Stop it already!!!

I was not the only crazy one camwhoring k???

Li Shan and rabbit

What a lovely couple??? Haahhahahahahahahahh~ Ok lah... Maybe her camwhoring pics are more normal compared to mine. hahahahahahahahahaah~~~

A very normal photo of me

Those in the photos are (from left): Me, Chooi yin, Shiu li and Li Shan

After getting bored of taking photos of myself, I went to take photos of the asleep people. Eh!!! It takes skills k to take sleeping people's photo. Kena caught the consequences can be bad alrite???

My skill was not bad right??? Hahahahahahaha~

My room mate is going to kill me for posting this. Wahahahahahahahahaha~ I am damn scared!!! ^_^

Behold!!! The brave twosome!!!!

Warning: Don't try this at home. You might kena whack until you lose your sense of touch.

The balasan:

Ok lah... I think some of you already know that I requested that Li Shan to take this photo. Hehehehehehehehehe~ I wanna show you all I am really tired mah... A lot of days didn't get enough sleep k???

Why the hell I pull up my top when I sleep arh??? Damn ugly la.

Thank you Li I know how ugly I look like when I sleep. HAhahahahahahahaahah~

My camwhore in crime and I
Damn geli man my face

Ooops!! Can see my bra!!!

I didn't realize it but Mel told me that she took more photos with Esther while I took more photos with Li Shan. Weird ain't it??? I really do have a lot, a lot of photos taken with Li Shan. I think I can make an album out of it. Ahahahahahahahahahahaha~

We got bored camwhoring inside we continued it else where...which is of course around DTC.

Now only I know DTC was "rasmi" by our first PM

We can do this anywhere. Can you??? Hahahahahahhah~

Some really "don't know why we took these" photos:
I really don't know why I took this ok???

DTC with and without flash

I prefer the one without flash. At least can see everything clearer.

Then we got even more "mou liu" that we started to take photos of the pot of flower on the sidewalk of DTC.

so artistic, konon!!!

I even camwhored with the flowers.

I was surprised that I did not get rashes as I am allergic to some plants. Can anyone tell me what is the name of the plant? Maybe I am not allergic to it. Just wanna know its name so perhaps I can use it for my wedding bouquet. Hahhahahahahahaha~ Ok, I'm serious on this one. I mean about the name... -____-lll

I am of course not the only one who camwhored at the flower pot

Then there are pics of us together at that flower pot:
Me trying to lick her

Me trying to kiss her

My favourite photo for the night

Looks like I'm high on something. Lolz~~~

I know I look damn sampat and not so pretty in all my pics lately. Sorry la... I didn't have enough sleep and I'm forced to wear my specs everywhere coz I didn't bring my contact lense to uni. -____- Please don't leave my blog coz I look so ugly. I know some people read blogs to see lenglui. I am a lenglui...really!!! But lenglui also got their ugly times rite???

Ok la... That's all for today. Will continue day 2 tomoro...