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Thanks for all the concerns

Grandpa's funeral is over. Grandpa's body now lay peacefully and his soul hopefully be in the place that should have been.

Grandma seems okay even though she did cried. I don't know if she remembered anything but she seems ok.

Everything is back to normal but I still have the very sad feeling in me. I still don't feel like smiling because I kept thinking of the moment they close up the coffin. The feeling at that moment was the worst of all. So much memories flash and ah gong's (grandpa's) smile keep running in my head.

I had not felt so down ever in my life. Every time I think of ah gong I'll start crying. I cried till my eyes and head hurts. But I just can't get over it.

Sinren told me I shouldn't be sad. Coz ah gong's at a better place and he's with God at this moment. I know all this by heart. And I know ah gong died peacefully. But I don't know why I just felt really really sad.

It will take time for me to get over it. Coz I had to. Ah gong would want me to.

Thanks to those who left me a message on the tagbox and my best friends in uni who had been there to make me forget the sadness. Thanks to Sinren who had to hear me sob and talk to me. You guys don't know how much these all meant.

Here's a smile for those who kept asking me smile... :)

Sorry if I am MIA for awhile. I really need time.

Thanks once again...