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I can change the world

I tell you... I am damn excited that my lao sai stopped. Hahahahahahahha~

Last night I was checking out Nuffnang's website to check my analytics and stuff. I read their blog and found out about this...


I missed out the Press Screening that was given by Nuffnang coz it will be held today but I saw the blog only today.-___-lll

Anyways, I won't miss the movie at all. I watched Death Note and Death Note:LAst Name. And my favourite character is of course L. Don't ask me why his name so weird. Apparently that's just his nickname to hide his identity from Kira. (You'll know who that is if you watched Death Note). His real name is erm... Ryuzaki or something like that... hahahaha~ I forgot.

Here is the movie trailer for you guys to have a sneak preview:

Hopefully you guys will grow to like it and go watch it. I totally recommend this show to be a must-watch.

But then, if you didn't watch the first two movies, I'm not sure whether you will understand this or not lah...

On not that light note, assignments are starting to pile up. I don't know why these lecturers cannot give their assignments at different months of the semester. At least we don't have to rush like gila by the end of the semester.

Summore my diarrhoea (I finally know how to spell it *YAY!!!*) is still at its worst. Please pray for it get better coz I really have to stay healthy (and awake) to pull thru this peak hour of assignments.

For some insight of how busy I am, here are the list of assignments due before my study break:
~Two compositions for Karya & Gubahan- one is dued next week!!!! I hate composing!!!!
~Thesis proposal-due next week!!!
~Performing Arts Theory's 5 -page critique on either "Brokeback Mountain" or "The Beautiful Boxer"-another one due next week!!!
~"Why is Music Education important and needed" and "What are the challenges for Music Education?" paper for Music Education-due today farker!!!
~I have to redo for forum tomorrow
~I have to do the stupid Music Department board by this week

Ok, the last two are not assignments but they are all the reasons why I have to stay healthy!!!

My Gosh!!! I think I'm gonna die after all this ends. Goodbye to everyone... Don't forget to mourn for me... T____T

Before I go, I pay tribute to the another love of my life...

L!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!

Stress punye pasal...don't blame me...

Gotta go do my papers now...