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O happy day~

I went to meet up with Vivian with Sinren yesterday.

Started the meet up with her at the taxi stand outside Sungei Wang. The feeling was complicated. I missed her so much coz I have not seen her for like 3-4 years but yet I didn't know what to do when I see her. I wanted to hug her but shy pulak. And I was so nervous to see her, I don't know why. When I get nervous my English sucks like hell. She must be thinking :"Why her English suck like this still wanna converse in English? I think she better speak in Chinese.

Vivian is damn tall and thin now. The last time I saw her she was shorter than me, a lil plump and lack of confidence all together. But now... the way she dresses, makeup, the way she talks, the way she brings herself. I know she has found the confidence that I always wanted to tell her to have. I looked so short and so not doll-ed up beside her. Dammit!!! All my fault for not bringing my contact lense back to kl. :'( Can't do any makeup. Wear specs do makeup for what u tell me...???

I had a wonderful day spending the whole day with my favorite cousin (after my best friend/cousin, Christine la...). It was odd at the beginning but turned out to be very nice after that. I really appreciated the kindness of Auntie Doreen for letting Vivian here to visit us. You have no idea what it means to me. I really did miss Vivian a lot and no one knows how important it is for me to grasp this chance to see her.

I really hoped I can spend the whole full week with her but I couldn't. This week is the busiest week for the moment. Screw all those things lah... Why must all this happen when my favorite cousin comes for visit??? Sigh~~~~ I must really start to save money to get passport and get my ass to Singapore the next time to visit her lah...

Hopefully I can still meet up with her again before she goes back to Singapore. I am afraid that I may need a few more years time to see her again... :(

Damn emo la lately... not because of period or PMS but just things that are happening around me saddens me a lot.

See you guys in next post...