Thursday, March 27, 2008

Meet up with Vivian

Apart from being busy doing all the given assignments and blogging everyday, I picked up a new habit... well, its not a bad habit but its nt a good habit either coz its highly addictive.

Lately, I had been viwawa-ing. I read about Viwawa first from Xiaxue's blog then I read about it again in Janice's blog. I thought it was some Mahjong website coz both of them said about playing Mahjong there. Well, I don't know shit about Mahjong so didn't care to check it out. But then thanks to MEl, who told me she had been viwawa-ing, asked me to check out the site and...good lah!!! now I'm addicted to it. Now I'm just taking a break off Sushidon and blogging here. Hahahahahaha~

Anyways, Vivian had been back to Singapore for don't know how long d but I haven't even posted up the photos of our meet-up. HEhehehheheheh~ *SOrry arh, cousin... too busy lah...*

Well, actually I met up with her twice when she comes to KL. But on the first meet-up, I was sorta shy coz I haven't seen her for hell knows how many years. On the second meet-up, I guess we spent almost the whole day together on the first meet-up that we got close again (but stil not as close when we were younger... :'( *sorry*)

We met up in Midvalley and godma treated us to lunch at Seed cafe. I didn't know that Seed had a cafe and thanks to my cousin's I thought she asked us (Sinren and I) to go to Sweet Cafe. Hahahahaha~ Search the whole Midvalley pun tak jumpa. Coz there isn't one cafe called Sweet Cafe. Hahahahah~ We only found out that we were wrong when she told sinren: "Zhong Zi arh..." Zhong zi= seed in mandarin. Hahahahahaa~



Godma asked why I took the shots so unartistic one...So she did this...

Adding the little pot by the chocolate milkshake

All I can say is... "Geng arh, godma!!!" Hahahahahahaha~ Maybe she should start her own blog since she's trying to be an "in" auntie. Hahahaahahah~

Sinren's one too

Don't really like it cooked this way. Not that nice...

Stitchie added to give an artistic feel to it

Artistic enough not godma??? HAhahahahaha~ BTWs, its my icecream. Don't know why they served icecream at the beginning. At the written as dessert mah... should have served later right???

Its too sweet and very moderate in green tea taste. Not that nice. Tasted nicer ones.

Mine mine mine!!!

The amount of cheese!!!

Li Shan, are you seeing this?? Do you love it??? Waahahahahahahahahahah~

My pasta tasted better than Sinren's. Heheheeheh~ Well, it was only my opinion lah... He thought his was nicer.


Quite spicy lor... Very nice also...


Didn't try it so don't know how it tasted like. But I tell you the noodles are so little, its so damn pathetic. Noodles naik harga heh???

Vivian's beef noodles came with a bowl filled with these. She asked godma: "Why they give me grass?" Hahahahahha~ Damn kelakar lah my cousin.

Its not grass la, bi. Its leaves. Hahahahaha. WTF?????


erm... its Sinren's friend and also Viv's online buddy. Don't know his real name.

Godma calls him the "very organized" person. Coz he started eating his food by finishing the fries first, then the cucumber and tomatoes, then the bread and finally the grass...oops! I mean salad leaves. Hahahahaha~ *I cannot stop laughing at the joke lah viv* wahahahahahaha~

Anyways, we did various normal activities teens would do. Actually apart from Viv, none of us are teens anymore. But since she's the guest. WE went to play pool and play at the arcade. And I won sinren in the Daiko game. Ahahahahah~ Say la summore you are better than me. Tak malu. Hehe~

Then all of them teman me to take some stupid photo at the Elizabeth Arden booth. Ok, the story is that Esther, my roommate bought a bottle of perfume from Elizabeth Arden. One of the free gifts was a free make over and photo taken professionally. Esther didn't wanna take the photo so she asked me to do it. So i did lah... Erm~~ will show you all the photo at the end of the post.

After they teman me all, we have to separate coz Sinren had to go church, I have showcase practise and Viv has to go back to godma's. So before she goes, I insisted of taking photos with her. Manatau I'll need to wait don't know how many years more to see her again...

The unprofessional Sinren Liow took this

Kena maki from me coz take photo so ugly. Hehehe~ But I gave him a second chance to prove he can do it...

He failed T_____T

Two very pretty girls take until like that... damn sad can??? T____T

My God!!! My hair looked so aunty!!! The stupid hairstylist don't know how to style my hair lah!!! Spoil my image only!!!

I gave up on Sinren's skills and took photo with her with camera phone...

Got standard!!!


After seeing my "got standard" photo taking skills, Sinren gt envious and said: "Alaa... you take with you handphone sure nice lah..."

Oh... Tak dapat take nice photo say other people pulak...I showed him that I could take nice and not blurry photos with my camera as well to shut him up.

Nah!!! Ambik lu!!!

His hand was blurry coz he was waving it. It wasn't that my skill was bad. :P

Still not satisfied, he started taking more ugly photos of me...
People ask you to take that time don't want... I use my handphone d then come kepo take pulak... isk isk isk~~~~

OMG!!!! I looked like some gila mak cik!!!! T____T
Thank God no bald spot

Ok, enough of the revenge of taking photos of each other. Hahahahahah~ We sent Vivian to the taxi stand then both of us went to take bus back to University LRT station.
Somehow I think we look scarily alike
My makeup is so thick!!! Yuck!!! FYI, I only put thick makeup when I need to perform on stage. So tak biasa lah!!!
My boyfriend loves to carry my bag for me. Summore he carries it like a girl. Hehe~ I told him not to carry it this way and even showed him the better way to carry my bags. But he said..."People won't think I'm gay lah... I got you beside of me mah...Never mind how I carry lah..." I don't know bout you guys but that sounded damn sweet to me... ^____^

L again...

L with blusher??? HAhahaahhaah~ And lipstick??? Hahahahahaha~ I forgot what's L's sister's name d. Apparently she looks like this. rEally!!!!

After that I returned to uni and rushed to practise but only to find Esther and Li Shan. No one so usual... I was surprised we were able to pull it through since the whole practising sessions were blah.

Since no one was there, I sat there and....
...camwhore lah!!! What else???

Eating the fried seaweed thingy made by Li Shan. Don't know what's it called. Haha~ Damn nice 'tho. Good job Li Shan. Shall try to make it when I'm back in Melaka.

Because my partner was not in action (she's in some camp lah...) so I couldn't practise. So I camwhore while they practise. Hehe~ ^_^

My hair is flat by now so it looked nicer. No more birdnest looking.

Lobby got nice lighting huh??? I didn't know until I saw these photos...

I don't know what's wrong with me...


I like this photo very, very much. Its blurry but don't know why I like it so much. I looked like a ghost ler... Damn nice...

Like I said before, I took the photo at the Elizabeth Arden booth right? Before I show you guys the photo, let me first show you the make over they did for me...
The eye

This is not how I would usually makeup. I seldom put pink or purple eyeshadow which is quite weird coz I love pink like hell. I usually would put gold or brown or blue eyeshadow. I would usually put damn thick eyeliner but this makeup fella juz did a small thin line for the eyeliner.
More obvious with the eyes closed

But I love how the mascara compliments my eyelashes. Its not clumpy like the one I am using now. Konon best mascara in the world but damn clumpy. >_<
I have cow's eyelashes...

So said by the elders of my family lah... Hahahahaha~ But I have not really seen cow's eyelashes. Are they really long??? Gotta go ask Puff and see lah.. Hehe~

Overally, I'm ok with the eye makeup lah... Juz tht I tak biasa with the style nie coz it wasn't my style. I like damn thick eye makeup lor.
Kissie Kiss

I don't usually use lipstick coz I hate the smell of it. I only use lip glosses or juz plain Vaseline.

I don't like the colour of the lipstick they used on me and the smell is... the one which I hate lah... I think they put gloss but all hilang d. Hehe~
Give you face
Many people said that the base they did for me was great. Erm... I don't know the definition of great base lah. Coz I hardly much attention to my base makeup. I just simply cover up my dark circles then slap powder which is a tone darker than my skin to cover up everything. But recently I bought the wrong shade and people kept asking me why I put so thick powder on my face. T____T Sorry lah... will go and buy another powder soon.

They really did a good job in covering up my dark circles and pimples lah but I tak biasa that they makeup until I felt as though I had ten layers of something on my face.

Ladies and gentlemen... are you ready for the photo???
Don't get heart attack k??? Not my fault...
Now I have a photo to put in front of the coffin car when I pass.

I am not saying that I hate this photo lah... I know the makeup artist made much effort to do makeup for me and did that "birdnest" hair for me. I know the cameraman had to come up with poses and ways to take photos so that my damn face don't look so longish. I know everything was done perfectly. But....

Its just not me lah in the photo. I look at it. It looked like me but I don't feel like its me.

I always wanted to take studio photos to...well, celebrate my youth...Hahahahahaha~ But I hope in the photo I can potray the real me and not some weird looking me like in this photo. I won't like the photo if it was me trying to be another me. (God!!! Too much of Performance Theory!!!) And that is why I know I am not model material like my aunt say I can be.
Trying to re-create the same pose

At least I felt more me looking at this photo.

Ok lah... that's it for today... hope you guys won't get nightmares seeing the photo just now. Hahahaha~ Its not that scary right??? HAhahahaha~

I'm going back to Melaka tomorrow. Like finally!!! I miss everyone back home. Mum, dad, my bed, my tv, my friends, my Malacca food...etc. Too many to name d lah...

Please continue to pray for my health coz I have not recover from diarrhoea yet.

Before I go, last two pretty face of mine for you guys...

Don't miss me... Hahahahaha~


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