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Music Showcase 2008

The final post for the Music Showcase...which is of course the day of the Music Showcase itself.

Woke up and realised that I have pimples on each side of my face!!!

Where is the justice??? Why give me pimples when I have to perform????

Anyways, on the 3rd day we have less things to do and less rehearsals. So we were darn free. The only thing to do were to get the miscellaneous things ready.
Esther teaching Mun Fei and Mel how to do the chef hat

They are both from the Kitchen department. They needed chef hats to show that they chefs but couldn't get them anywhere so they decided to make one. But their art not so good so they got Esther to teach them.

Nice right????

So talented my roommate...

Apa-apa pun boleh camwhore

Play until half Chiew Hwa came and...
Hehehehehehehehe~ Joking lah... Its just some candid photo Li Shan took.

I was told by my group peeps that I have to tie up my hair senget to one side. So I tied it up and camwhored...

Ok, I know I looked freaky.

Our group's miscellaneous thing to do include getting pajamas. So Li Shan, Shiu Li, Esther and I "kat" to Midvalley to get my pajamas coz the rest of them already got theirs. Damn sad right left me alone don't have??? Actually I got la...but not nice. Remember the one my ma got me??? *click*

But when we reached there instead going to get the pajamas straight away, my dear the rest of them decided to shop in People's.
Thanks Li Shan for this beautiful photo of me

Waiting for Esther to try on something in the fitting room

She didn't buy the pants she tried coz it was too big for her. and it was too small for Shiu Li. They forced me to try it but I didn't coz I was afraid if it fits me, I would wanna buy it. I can't coz I'm damn broke!!! T_____T

After not buying anything from any of the shop we went (Actually Esther bought a pair of shorts which she had been eyeing for damn long lah...), we went to lunch coz we couldn't walk any further.

We had McDonalds...

Me eating and sms-ing my dear Enochie

So long didn't call him that dy... -o^_^o-

Shiu Li filling up the form for McDonalds' Kids' Club

Don't laugh but I applied for it too. Hehehehe~ Got a lot of kebaikan k??? Can get free icecream everytime I order. *Yay!!! No need to pay for ice cream anymore!!!* But the fees a bit expensive lah... RM3 lor.. Then every year have to pay RM1 to renew. Yerrrrrrrrrrrrrrsssssss~ no need to pay to renew kan better???

Shiu Li being too full

Esther imitating Li Shan's kissable lips

Besarnye mulut

We saw this guy with damn weird fashion sense walking round MV (midvalley). He wore something looking like a snow boots then he stuffed his damn baggy jeans into the boots. Tell me weird or not???

First of all, Malaysia is not snowing, why you wearing snow boots??? Secondly, if you wanna stuff your jeans into the boots, don't la wear baggy jeans. Ever heard of skinny jeans???

And you know what??? We met him in McD (McDonalds) and he sat right opposite us. Li Shan managed to take a not so clear photo of his ugly pants and boots...

After eating, I went to get my One Day contact lenses coz like I said a thousand times already, I left my contact lenses back in Melaka. Getting these contact lenses was one of the few reasons I got broke. Damn sad T_____T

Testing my eyesight

Trying on the specs the lady handed me

I have no idea why but I just follow nie lah... Damn funny right??? Hahahahahahaha~

I spent RM160 for the contact lense alone. Summore I bought Sinren and my 3rd year anniversary which coz RM300++ which was supposed to be a surprise but Li Shan revealed it out on her blog. -____-lll Tell me how can I not be broke???

Don't ask me why I got the present so early??? Got promotion lah k???

I did get a pajamas which you guys will see at the end of this post coz I wore it for the performance mah...

We got back and doll up and returned to DTC to get our "gan jeong" selves ready...

Before the Showcase start...

She looks so much like Shiu Wei, her sister

The act ugly queens

No matter how "A" people say this photo looked... I really like this photo. I was trying to act cute lah... Manatau come out so "a". Hahahahahaha~

Besties in uni...

My crazy people from Toilet Department

From left: Esther, Kai Yee, the very ugly sharp face me, Jing Xuan, Sheh Lin, Li Shan and Hui Hui

Another member Siew Pei was no where to be found so she was not in the photo. Oh yeah... and YY too.


The "Bao Zhu Po" look of Chiew Hwa

I thought I was brave enough to walk around in that dopey hair until I saw her doing this. Really salute her sial!!!

After all of us get dressed

But not all are there yet. Esther and Hui Hui missing in action.

Look at Kai Yee... Who she smiling at???? Hahahahahaha~

Then look at YY. Somehow she reminds me of Anita Mui. HAhahahahaha~

Anyways, I had some of the videos of the performances of the showcase including the wonderful finale but I have not uploaded them up yet. Well, I will but don't know when la. After I upload on youtube d then I post them up lah.

After the showcase:

Not everyone was in the photo

Don't have to name all lah right? Too many name d.

Anyways, the caption in the photo should be either "2nd year rocks" or "2nd years rock". Put wrong caption d. Paiseh arh...

Various poses of the 2nd years...

If you realised, those on the right are not very cooperative. when we ask to act cool, they smiling...when we ask to act cute, they act cool pulak... Hahahahahahaha~

The kitchen people doing Marilyn Monroe with Chooi Yin kepo-ing

The Ending pose of the toilet people
Too bad many kena block d.

This one better but the exposure too high d

The Best People I ever worked with...

The gang again

Ooooo~ there's my pajamas. Can you see it??? Damn cute right???
Worst roommate photo ever
Look at my bloody face!!!
I like this photo a lot!!! Good editting Li Shan!!! Gotta teach me how you do it!!!

another favourite photo

But Mel mel didn't follow what we did lah!!! What la you...

With some lecturers:
Mr Lim

I didn't wanna take this really. I thought they wanted to take photo with some lengchai from...hehe~ not gonna tell you guys who lah...shy shy~
The other Mr. Lim but the nicer one

Geisha face is out again!!! Damn scary O_O
Li Shan, Chiew Hwa, Shiu Li, Careen, Me and Esther

Careen looked damn weird in this photo. Like frozen. Wahahahahahahahhahahah~

Mun fei was selling like hot cakes the other day. Don't know why he became so popular suddenly. Everybody wants to take photos with him. These people include...
Jing Xuan

Hui Hui

Shiu Li

Mun Fei looked damn funny in this photo. Don't know how to explain but damn funny.
That's better
Shiu Li damn paiseh wanna take photo with Mun fei coz scared her "friend" will get jealous. Aiyo~~~ Like tht also jealous meh???? Coursemate only mah...

They looked so compatible huh?
I was joking. Don't kill me.. I know you got "shoulder" already!!!
So many girls arh???
Sure Mun fei happy until cannot sleep lah!!!!
I didn't have chance to take with him coz he's too busy d. T_____T

The other hot cake, Samuel:
Mel seems like she's attending Sam and Sze Ying's wedding
With an apron. How inappropriate. Hahahahahahahahahaha~
The Koala Bear pose that I taught them

Wahahahahahahahahahahah~ A bit "A".
A groom with two brides
Why Sam put the "peace" sign on his lap??? Who can see you tell me??? At least he didn't have the convict looking face he had on the rehearsal day. Hahahahahahaha~

The two beautiful Miss Ipoh

Shiu Li!!!! Can see your cleavage!!!

Same tutor and came from the same place

Sama-sama crazy geng

I hate flash!!! Make me looking like a geisha!!!

OMG!!! I look so "cute"

Wahahahahaahahahhahahahahahahaha~ So often I crack myself up. -____-lll

Sorry a bit dark coz Sinren went to toilet together with my camera in his pocket.

Mellie and I

I wanted to take photo with my best camwhoring mate but there were so many noises going around and my dear bf took this when we were talking to somebody.

Thanks honey...for the beautiful photo

Hahaha~ I guess he was bored waiting la...

We act weird most of the time

My love for Li shan is unexplainable

My boy and I took lots of photo together after the showcase...
With the flash on, my eye bags are not so visible... but my thick makeup can be seen

*I have to put on thick makeup coz Jane said light makeup can't be seen on stage*

Without flash, thick makeup is not visible but eye bags are hell so visible!!!

Tell me which to opt for????

My God!!! I love this photo like hell!!!! I looked like a kid in his arms.... (o^_^o)

Took outside of DTC while waiting for Esther

The worst photo ever

Hahahahahahahaa~ Li Shan always manage to take ugly photos of anybody anytime.
Everyone during supper
From left to right: (first row) Sam, Su Yin, yiing Siing, Kai Sien, Sze Ying, Mun Fei, (Second Row) me, YY, Mel and Esther
My baby eating

I thought that I lost my Stitch bag so I was quite down during supper. It was actually in Shiu Li's bag. Thank God for that. I nearly cried can???

Trying to act cute with Mel's chef cap

Me and my cakey face and the pimple

Well, that's the end of all the showcase posts. Damn tired I tell you... I think I'm gonna rest for a few days after this coz really tired k? I have to edit and upload photos at the same time. Then I have to post the posts and edit summore photos. Phew~ but its the end of it...

Anyways, I wanna thank Li Shan for all the photos that she sent to me especially those edited ones coz it saved me lots of work. and thank my fatty pants who worked as a non-profit cameraman for all of us on the showcase nite. I know you are damn tired but had to help.

Its all over and its time to hit the books now.

K lah... See you guys when I am ready to blog again...which is probably tomoro...hahahahahahah~~~


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