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post-Christmas plan

I didn't tell anything bout what happened to all my sem break's plans. Hahahahhaha~ I guess I have to give some kind of explanation bout it lah. Or else people think I did nothing during my break.

Anyways, here's the whole plan if you missed it during the break:
1. do something to the hair
2. brush up on my Japanese
3. spring clean my room
4. bake something
5. hang out with the gang
6. go for piano & violin lessons
7. spend five days with Mel, Jane, Li Shan and Esther
8. Christmas shopping
9. prepare Christmas performance
10. work
11. get phone fixed
12. learn something crafty
13. exercise
14. practice piano & violin
15. read a book

Erm... I didn't do all of it of course. Tu lah... Plan so hard for what. Hahahahaha~

1. I think you guys read the post bout me highlighting my hair lor. ~read about it~
2. I did read my Japanese text book and tried memorizing them. Even tried putting down them everywhere so that I remember. But er... I dun remember all lah. But did improve a bit lah. Hahahahaha~
3. I wanted to bake some egg tart for my dear Sinren. I don't know why I suddenly wanna bake an egg tart. But manatau my house's oven is spoiled. Mama said that she will bring it to repair SOON. Wonder when will that happen. Hehe~ Sorry lah baby Sinren. Wait for it lah.
4. Next, I did clean my room. But tak kenapa it didn't look clean enough. Hahahahahaa~ Will do more in depth cleaning during CNY break. Huhu~
5. I didn't hang out with the gang a lot. 'Cept for during my birthday and Bu's birthday. Maybe next break lah k?
6. I didn't go for any lesson lah. This shitass prinsezz is damn lazy. Didn't even contact my piano teacher and then my violin teacher was too busy for class. :'(
7. I guess you guys can read bout it lah in the blog ~Part 1~ and ~Part 2~
8. Went Christmas shopping with mum and bought lots of things. Will blog about it soon.
9. The performance went well. I did told you guys bout the stories that I've gone thru preparing but didn't finish bout it right? ~preparation~ Neways, I changed my partner from Ah Yu to Nansie who did a way x100 job. And got help from my ex-piano teacher. Mum didn't record the performance like I asked her to. So I had to get it from other people lah. Will get it and post it up lah...
10. Shitass my boss!!! Didn't call me to confirm bout the job. So I didn't get to work.
11. Fixed it but it still ain't working properly. I guess its true about old one don't go, new one won't come.
12. Nada happened...
13. I did the Oppapi exercise that I learned from Cawaii mag. But didn't do it everyday lah. So not so useful. hahahahaha~
14. I did practice piano and violin. But not like gila as planned.
15. Read a book by Dr. Tan Hann Tzuu. Good book but belum habis. Hahahahahaha~ Now started reading Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren. Later starting on Nodame Cantabile by Shiina Takasato. Yeah... its the one showing on 8tv. Nice rite? Better watch lah... Especially music student. Good la wei!!!

Hehe~ See I did made some of it happen. So I didn't just get sick and sleep all day. Hahahaha~ Really regretted not finding another job and earn more money. At least I have more to spend now. Hahahhahaha~ and can get new phone summore. Sigh~

Ok lah... Gotta go sleep. Tomorrow will be going out with Mr. Fatty Liow Sinren. No more Enoch d lah. Hahahahaha~ -_-lll New photos will be taken. Tapi entah biler baru boleh post. Hahahahaha~

Tomorro will post up Christmas photos.