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Why does my room always smell like something turned sour in it???

Its not like anything rot in here. But just don't know why every time we step into the room after whole day of class, the room just have this soury stench. The room I meant is MC's room arh... My prinsezz room back home always smells nice. Coz I smell nice. Hahahahhahaha~

But thank God the stench don't stay on lah. After we open the windows and after awhile the smell's gone. It will re-appear after each time we leave home and comes back. Don't know why. Anybody knows why please tell me.

Lately just started watching some drama series. Totally influenced by those people around me. Currently watching 3 drama series. One Japanese, one Mandarin and one English.

#1 Nodame Cantabile

Had been listening to Li Shan's screams of craziness bout the lead actor, Hiroshi Tamaki. She just goes on and on about how nice this drama is about. Also heard from those Taiwanese Entertainment shows that this is THE drama for those who loves music so much.

When 8tv announced that they will be showing Nodame Cantabile in January 2008, I got excited. I can get to watch it without having to buy the DVD. (I didn't know that Li Shan already had it) So on that first showing Sunday, I skipped my nap time (my nap time is precious ok?) just to watch it. I tell u!!! Damn funny la wei. So dramatic lah the whole drama. So suitable for me. Hahahahahah~

I came to realize I can't watch the next episode coz I won't be going back to Melaka every week like I used to and here at MC, I've got no tv. So the sad can??? I asked Li Shan to see whether she got so crazy and bought the DVD and guess what??? She did. No surprise lah. Hahahahahah~

Actually I just watched 2 episodes lah till now. Coz I'm watching it with Jane. Now she's back to Seremban so I gotta wait till she's back on Monday to watch together. I so good rite? Wait for her to watch. This call friend mah... Hahahahha~

#2 Prison Break

I don't really watch any English drama series other than Desperate Housewives, Ugly Betty and CSIs. Ermm.... actually I watch quite a lot lah. Hahahahah~ Just that I just watch more to the comedy type. Those with lots of suspense gives me nightmares and I basically have a extremely weak heart for these suspense series.

Esther burned a whole DVD of first season from her hometown and watched it beside me almost everyday. And this made me caught up with it. I didn't get nightmares lah but there are some parts that leads my heart to hard pounding. Jane was worst. She didn't even wanna listen to the sound of the series. Hahahahaha~

It was really nice lah. Gets hooked on it easily. Just continue to watch one epi to another.

Esther brought the DVD back so probably she finished the whole season. I'd only watch till epi 7. :S

The 3rd one leh is the Mandarin one. I only know the name in Mandarin. My laptop doesn't have the Mandarin typing program so I can't type the name and also can't search for a pic for intro.

The series is kinda childish lah. Biasa lah you know all these Taiwanese drama. Got so over it man... Don't know why last time so hooked onto it. Now think like the story line like same nie... But quite entertaining lah during boring times. Hahahahah~ Currently watching epi 7.

That's bout it I guess. After finish this all don't know what to watch d lah. Hahahahaha~ Aiyo~ by then probably assignments will be stacking d lor hor?

Anyways, that day I went to Popular at Bachang. Then I heard some songs by PCD playing as background music. They sounded like the live version. So I headed upstairs to the CD Rama department to see if they are playing it. Manatau it wasn't a CD they were playing it was a DVD.

I so wanna get this DVD. Its RM69.90. So expensive but I will get it.

In case ya guys don't know, I LOVE PCD. I know many people thinks that in this group there's only one person, namely Nicole, who can sing. I don't care who can sing. I just love to see them dance. How I wished I could dance like them. I downloaded all their videos with hope that I could learn some of their dance steps but typical lazy prinsezz kicks in and nothing was learned. haahahhaha~ Hopefully when I get this DVD I could get my ass shakin'.

Ok lah. I gotta go sleep d. Tomorrow have to go to church and after church will be meeting godma and grandma for lunch. Popo (grandma) says she wanna get me my 21st birthday present. Passed so long d lah... Summore she so old d. Wanna move around also susah. Summore no income. Told her no need but she insisted. Sigh~ Its been awhile since I last seen her. Plus we might not be meeting up this CNY. Better go see her lah. If only Godma could bring Yani, her dog along. Hahahahaha~ Miss that fat boy.