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Things That I Had Done in 2007

Got this idea from Clair's blog last year. Decided that I should try to mark down all the special events that I have gone through 2007 and post it up at the beginning of the year.

Was supposed to post this up at 1st January but I thought I was going back to KL. Wanted to do it when I got my internet connection back at KL. But manatau I didn't go back to KL and I forgot all about this post. Yesterday was cleaning up my computer table's drawer and found it. So came to post it today lor.

I have to keep you warned. Its a heck of a long post ahead. And with no photos at all. HAahhahaha~

January 2007
6-7 Jan UTAR CAMP at Rawang -yes, i am not from UTAR but my bf is mar... :P
16 Jan Our 1 year and four months anniversary -hehe~ have to remember it every month that we had been together...
27 Jan Rain's Coming Work Tour 06/07 KL Stop -worked as a ticket seller. Damn stupid!!!

February 2007
1 Feb Chinese New Year shopping with Queannie and Carol at Times Square
1 Feb Bosnia Day special performance at Times Square -Bosnian guys kinda cute arh... Hahahahah~
6 Feb Went Ampang's pasar malam to do Hubungan Etnik's assignment
10-20 Feb Mid sem break
10 Feb spent the whole day with sinren at my house -coz ma wanted him to help out our spring cleaning- and dada threated us to seafood dinner at Portuguese Settlement -early Valentine's dinner konon
14 Feb cried whole night coz Sinren didn't celebrate Valentine's DAy with me
16 Feb 1 year 5 months anniversary
22 Feb rushed back to KL in the middle of the CNY hols for tutorial but the stupid tutor didn't turn up!!!
27 Feb watched Philharmonia Taiwan -first time to MPO

Etnography Assignment -how to forget??? had to sleep at 5 am next day to finish it!!!

March 2007
1 Mar Forum -i sucked like hell!!!
2 Mar Esther's 21st birtday celebration at 2nd cafe -our fave place
5, 6, 12 Mar Mid Sem Exams
9 Mar straighten my hair for the first time -Valentine's present from Sinren
10 Mar Titiwangsa Outing with Esther and Li Shan
14 Mar Showcase Audition
16 Mar 1 1/2 year anniversary
16 Mar Business Night -accompanied a performance
18 Mar MAMB II
25 Mar Sat on The Eye on Malaysia with Sinren
28 Mar Hubungan Etnik presentation -it was so lame I wondered why so much preparation was made
30 Mar Music Showcase
31 Mar Puff's 21st birthday party

April 2007
4, 5, 6, 17, 19, 24, 25 Apr Finals
7-15 Apr Study week
13 Apr first time a pianist for Youth Fellowship at PJ Logos
16 Apr 1 year 7 months anniversary
25-28 Apr Esther and Li Shan visit Melaka

May 2007
5-6 May Port Dickson trip with Youth Fellowship
10 May UMSO audition -I failed it!!! :'(
10 May finds for a place to stay for the new sem -I guess you guys know where I am staying now right?
13 May Parents' Day celebration at GPM
13 May Grandpa's birthday celebration back at JB
15 May went to visit the kids back at Nobel Classroom
16 May 1 year 8 months anniversary
16 May Teachers' Day performance at SRJKBB -I accompanied the school's choir
16 May Teachers' Day and Mr Low's retirement at SMKIJC
18 May went for some stupid seminar -didn't know why I went. Bah!!!
25 May went out with my ex-colleague, Karen
26 May the stupid ticket seller incident -ask for Spiderman 3's ticket, give me POTC 3's ticket!!!

June 2007
1 Jun pianist for Holy Light and GPM's combined seniors fellowship -all thanks to good 'ol dad
4 Jun kepo and went to support Ah Yang and Ah Hong for their first day at TPM academy
4 Jun Bukit Tinggi Trip with Auntie Yeow Hao
10 Jun made sushi with Sheene, Paulie and Ah Yu
15 Jun started working part time at Nobel Classroom
16 Jun Lee Pey's 21st birthday party -met lotsa ex-classmate
16 Jun 1 year and 9 months anniversary
26 Jun Anu's early 21st birthday celebration at MP

July 2007
4 Jul Brought the kids at Nobel to Tesco's wet market -one word, CHAOTIC!!!
4 Jul Had my bob haircut
6 Jul Last day of work at Nobel Classroom
7 Jul moved into Millineum Court
12 Jul Grade 5 violin exam
16 Jul 1 year and 10 months anniversary
20 Jul PJ Logos BBQ SJ night
22 Jul Christine's 21st birthday party at Uncle Paul's house
30 Jul kena food poisoning
signed up for California Fitness' one-week membership trial pack

Aug 2007
4 Aug Tan Hann Tzuu's seminar at church -with two other people lah but I tak ingat the name. Hahaha!!!
4 Aug Nana's 21st birthday party
8 Aug started piano lessons with Wei Xian
9 Aug Forum -sucked like hell again!!!
11 Aug Bukit Gasing jungle trekking with Sinren, Esther and Li Shan
16 Aug 1 year and 11 months anniversary
16 Aug Music Fac's SJ night and midnight show at GSC Midvalley
23 Aug Kai Sien's 21st birthday celebration
26 Aug First time playing piano for the Sunday Worship at PJ LOGOS
29 Aug Perarakan kemerdakaan at UM -Pusat Kebudayaan won!!!
30 Aug Malaysia International Fireworks Competition at Putrajaya -Sinren brought me there :)
31 Aug Cat's 21st birthday party

September 2007
2 Sept watched MPO for the second time -watched it with Sinren
6 Sept went Maison for the first time with Sinren, Li Shan and her friend -thanks to Li Shan's friend for the invitation
8 Sept Audrey's wedding
9 Sept Youth Sunday Worship -its an annual thing at church
13 Sept felt earthquake for the first time
16 Sept Our 2nd anniversary -celebrated at his house and had dinner at Pizza Hut
22 Sept Coco's wedding dinner at JB
25 Sept Mooncake Festival prayer meeting and celebration
27 Sept watched The KL Young Singers at The Actor's Studio

October 2007
4 Oct Piano Ped's teaching assignment -taught Wei Xian...did not a bad job. Huhuhu~
12-13 Oct Family Outing at EL Sanctuary
13-28 Oct Study week
16 Oct 2 years and 1 month anniversary
20 Oct Gang's gathering at Carry On Steamboat
21 Oct watched Yinqi's Requiem & Mass in C concert at Flamingo's Hotel -got me wanting to join Yinqi's Chamber Orchestra
26 Oct Music Showcase
31 Oct Finals start

November 2007
4 Nov Sinren's 21st birthday -ate at his house
8 Nov Deepavali visiting with the gang
12, 14, 15, 20 Nov Finals
15 Nov lost my wallet
15 Nov went to Cineleisure and The street to celebrate the end of our writing papers
16 Nov 2 years and 2 months anniversary
16 Nov went to report about my wallet at SS2 police station
17 Nov Pei pei came to stayover at MC
21-23 Nov spent 3 days rushing to finish Muzik Komputer's final assignment
23 Nov Sem break starts
24 Nov Sunday School Camp
26 Nov went to remake my IC, driving license and ATMs
26 Nov dinner with Ah Yu at Pizza Hut to celebrate the end of SPM
29 Nov watched Enchanted with Ah Yu, Puff and Deepa at MBO -first time watching movie

December 2007
1 Dec first time took bus from Melaka to KL -yes, I'm pathetic!!!
1 Dec Fe's 4th year death anniversary
1 Dec Pixie's 21st birthday party
2-5 Dec Jane, Mel, Li Shan and Esther visit Melaka -and celebrated my birthday with me!!! :)
5 Dec highlighted my hair for the first time
8 Dec Ah hong's 21st birthday party
9 Dec celebrated birthday with Sinren
11 Dec my 21st birthday party
14 Dec Yeah Show 2007 at Pay Fong -damn hilarious
15 Dec Christmas shopping with mum
16 Dec Sunday School Christmas celebration
16 Dec found my new performance partner, Nansie and dissed Ah Yu
19 Dec Christmas celebration's rehearsal
20 Dec Christmas carolling
21 Dec got too sick to go for carolling on the second day
23 Dec totally lost my voice -must be because of straining myself to hit the high notes
24 Dec Christmas celebration
24 Dec Christmas countdown with Youth Fellowship at Wingz -we rock the place. Hahaahah!
25 Dec Christmas worship
25 Dec went to Pusat Kanak-kanak Terencat Akal with Youth Fellowship -showing that we care...only during Christmas... AHahahhaa~
25 Dec pastor belanja all the Youth Fellowship makan at Green World -not cheap k?RM200++
28 Dec read CS' blog and found a post for me -so 'touched'
29 Dec the last 21st birthday of the year, Buvie's and the Royal Family party
31 Dec had the worst countdown ever!!!

Well, that's all for 2007. Hopefully this year will be much better. More happiness and less sadness.

And all those stuff happening in December... HEhehehe~ will blog bout them soon.

That's all for today.


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