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Not very amused


The lappie miraculously went well today. No need to use other people's lappie. And so got photos to post. Woo~hoo!!! Hahahahahaha~

My mood is way better now. Still stressed over period coz its still not here yet. Ahhhhhh!!!! What's wrong with my body??? I didn't do anything wrong so its impossible that I'm pregnant. Why still belum come? I don't want it to come coz it will hurt like hell but at the same time I want it to come coz this proves that I'm normal lah.

Anyways, lately my mum bought me pajamas. Coz I don't have pajamas. She wants me to wear long pants pajamas to sleep. So she bought lah.

I thought she will buy something normal ker apa. I mean I am 21 d mah right? Pajamas for a 21-year-old should look like how you guys should know right? Guess what type she bought for me?

Take a good look at it...

The top

The pants

Damn ugly right? I mean it looked like for young kids lah. HELLO!!! I'm 21 lah. Wear like that damn funny ok? My roommates also laugh like gila can when I wear it.

You know what's the ugliest thing about the pajamas???


Even this makes Hello Kitty looks damn nicer k? Don't know which capalang fella draw one. Making me shy!!!!

But even if I don't really like it, I still wear lah. Coz its kinda comfortable lor. Hahahahaha~ Some more can keep me warm during these cold nights. The only thing wrong with it is its ugly. Hahahahahah~ But never mind lah. Bukannye I am doing fashion show on my bed right? Hahahahaah~

Not amused event no. 2 is the Christmas present godma got me.

She got me this...
There's nothing wrong with it lah actually but if you guys didn't realised it... ITS A FAKE CONVERSE BAG.

Why lah she bought me something fake? I mean she could have gotten me a brand-less bag at least I don't have guilt of using fake.

When I first opened the present, I already knew it was a fake. Coz I was a frequent visitor in Converse stores so I would know. I bet those who is a fan of Converse or uses it would know right?

I always gave lecture to people who uses fake stuff and asked them to use the real stuff or God will punish them. Hahahahahaha~ Now I'm using it. God will punish me then. Ahhhhhh~

Anyways, those who know, I'm currently using this bag to uni. Hehehehehe~ what to do? No bags mah... Somebody get me another bag lah. Then I can keep it.

But then I still appreciate what godma got me lah...

The Fake logo

BTWs, mama's present was worst. It was a fake Burberry bag. Why lah my godma so cheapskate????


My tummy suddenly have the 'period-y' type of pain. Woo~hoo!!! 'Aunty' might be visiting soon.

Darn!!! Tomoro I've plan on going swimming. Why lah come at this time? Can't swim d. Blueks!

Sigh~ never mind lah. Tomoro go Aunt Michelle's house to watch tv nie lah.

That's all for today.

See you guys when the lappie is fine.