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Christmas Eve 2007


Erm... this is gonna be the last post about 2007 I'm gonna post. Coz new photos had started to pour in and I can't just keep doing damn old posts right? Gonna be up to date.

Anyways, I will still finish up about the MElaka Trip Dec 2007. Coz I've already editted all the photos. And I think the photos and the whole trip is good to share about lah.

Those who were waiting for the photos of a particular event can go over to sinren's photo album which is obviously run by me lah... I will put in the link soon. Terlupa the link d. AHhahahahaha~ Damn lame...

Ok... On 24th like every year we have a damn big celebration for Christmas. Its the day when good food and nice performances come together in one night. Everyone would dress their best, get their hair done and secretly compete to be the best looking one for the day. And not to forget to celebrate Christ's birth lah...

That day I was performing. I guess you guys read bout the preparation lah... I've like link it for another post but what the heck... Here's the link again... Part 1 Part 2

The gang got me a really beautiful dress on my birthday and I had decided that I would wear it for the performance. For those who don't already know... I'm a big fetish for dresses recently!!! So if you wanna make me happy, get me dresses. ER.... or printed tees or tees with nice wordings on it. Hahahahah~

Anyways, ma didn't want me to dirty my dress when eating, so she asked me to wear something else during the dinner. So I wore this...

Actually this was last year's Christmas clothes. The top is a tube with a (I think lah...) very nice cutting jacket. And the pants is a short pants which I wore a lot of times d lah. You guys probably seen me wearing it for don't know how many thousand times. Oh... the necklace was bought like don't know how many years ago. Its bought for my high school's prom. Damn nice right? Sorry lah, deeps. I can't sell it to u. HAhaahahhahah~

The makeup I did:
Learn from Popteen like usual. Even mama is following my footsteps holding a Popteen and doing her makeup. AHahahahaha~

Eyes:-KATE eyeshadow GD-1, Maybelline Volum' Express Turbo Boost Mascara in Brown, MAybelline Expert Liner waterproof liquid eyeliner

Face:-Faceshop concealer, my trusty Beauticontrol Perfecting Wet/Dry Finish (which I lost tat night itself!!!)

Lips:- belum apply coz wanna go makan mah...

Thank God I could apply my own makeup. Then I don't need to waste stupid money on makeup artist like somebody... *hint:someone whose name starts from C*

Anyways, the dinner was good. But I can't eat lots of thing coz I was sick remember??? There was voice but not my usual voice. Like the damn garau version you know??? Somewhat like a men??? Hahahahahahaha~ But the food were so temptating lah. So despite kena scold by a couple of people, I ate things that were not supposed to be eaten by a sick fella. Namely: Otak-otak, mutton...etc. Can't remember all.

The performance was damn good too. I only managed to video the choir's performance. And my own performance... Ahhhhhhh!!!! I don't even wanna talk about it. I asked the wrong person to video it, which was MY MAMA. She video-ed Nan and I fidgeting at the piano before the performance and stopped right after we started. OMG!!! I was damn angry ok? I felt like screaming!!! Should have asked Sherlin to do it. She offered but I said: "Its ok. My mum can do it." Why so stupid???? Mama so blur mana boleh do it??? Damn sad la wei... And the anger. You couldn't understand. I just felt like hitting someone up. Maybe I should find a guy who's macho enough to hit when I'm angry coz my bf can't tahan my punches. Punch him a bit scream like gila. But... I didn't mean another bf lah, ney... I meant a best friend/punching bag. Hahahahahaha~

Anyways, thank god someone did record our performance. Will get it from them soon. But dunno when. Can't post videos yet. Still figuring it out how to post video at MC. Somebody help me out lah k???

Here are the rest of the photos for the night:
Pei acted as a bitch in the sketch. I did the eye makeup for her. But frankly, I did it quite messy. Coz I don't know why I was so rushing to do other stuff that when she asked I just simply slap the eyeshadow and the rest of the stuff.

sorry lah Pei... Nxt time I'll do the perfect makeup for you. Make all the guys swoon at your. Alaa~Ah Pei pretty enough.. No makeup also people swoon at her lah.

Damn it lah... Her skin is so nice k? So jealous!!!

Muah best friend

Sheene, the other best friend went off to another party. :( Why leave me alone???

Sweet like usual
I looked so kiddo beside her lah... Why is she so tall???

My hair so nice...
BTWs, my hair is going down the drain again. Need to re-straighten and re-highlight. But during this season damn expensive lah. How arh??? :'(

The monkey said he shy wanna stand close coz Sinren will scold him. WTH??? Don't come and 'jia-jia' with me. Sure the gf nearby that's why scared kena scold. Hahahahaha~
Why lah this people get gf/bf at such young age and I only get mine when I'm so old. See lah waste all the time when I can spend it loving neney... Heheeheheh~

Oh yeah... That's the dress the gang bought. I had to wear the jacket coz I was not well and could get cold easily so I wore that.

I don't if it was because I hunched ker apa. Why I looked like I'm pregnant??? :'(
And another thing... thanks the gang coz with the dress, my boobs looked bigger. HAhahaahah~ Congratulate me lah bit...

The Santa's cap was mine. I forced him to wear it. But his head too big can't fit. Hahahahahaha~ and I purposely made him do an act-cute face. HAhahahahaha~

Well~ that's bout it bout Christmas eve. Erm... actually after the photo session we went countdown at Wingz but no photos were taken coz we were busy screaming (yes, even without voice I tried screaming) and eating more food that made my voice go bubbye. Then we fetched Paulie back to church to get his motor. Then me back to home and neney back to his. How nice if no need so 'mafan'. Hahahahaha~ I wish!!!

Ok lah. I'll end this post with a very scary looking me.

Scary right???

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