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Christmas 2007

Hello to all...

Here's photos from Christmas. I know some people are waiting for the photos to be up and wanna grab them. Especially pastor and Ah Teck who have been pestering. Hehehehe~ Some photos were not edited coz pastor said he wanna send them into the newspaper.


Christmas morning like biasa have to go church for worship lah. I was sick and had no voice and the day before went countdown-ing till 1 something. So waking up was not a easy job. Hahahaha~

Woke up and got ready.
What I wore

Bought it during my Christmas shopping. One of the other dresses I bought lah. Got crazy over dresses nowadays. Will get more. Heheheheheh~

I purposely post this up with the flash coz I had not done my makeup. My face in the morning without makeup is not a good sight to see. Hahahaha~

After church, its like a tradition to take photos with ya family with the church's Christmas tree. Not that its nice or anything. But everyone just rush to take photos there. This year lucky for my family, we have our own camera and we can take photo there. Before this we could only look at other people taking or ask people to take for us then will only get it after years.

Papa looked like he was some stranger trying to barge into our twosome photo. Wahahahah~

Look at the Christmas tree lah. Nice meh?

This is much better

My best friend

Sheene left earlier on 24th so I didn't take any photos with her. So took 2 on the 25th to pay back. Hahahahah~

Sheene's camera died on her so I borrowed her mine. That's John's gf beside her. Damn sweet lah her. The only thing I wonder is what she sees in John. HAHAHAHAHAHA~ So teruk lah. Say like that bout my own buddy.

Then we went to Pusat Kanak-kanak Terencat Akal. Pastor said that we need to go do charity once a year. And plus Youth Fellowship has our own charity fund. Gotta give it to those who needs it lor.

Reached there and what shocks me was there were no kanak-kanak there. All like a bit old.

Actually I was kinda scared to go to the Pusat coz I'm sorta afraid of the special needs. Who isn't lah tell me!!!???!!! I didn't wanna get down from the car but Fern asked me to have faith and go. So I went and acted as tho nothing bothers me. Geesh.... tak sangka I can be fake also. Hahahahaha~

Took couples of group photos. Pastor, you can choose lah which one you like. But make sure I'm in the photos. Hahahahah~ The options are cut down wor... Choose wisely. Hahahahaha~

This one is without me and everyone is not looking at my camera

This one has no me

This one got me!!!

*shouts PICK THIS ONE!!!*


Intro to who's who... Back row, from left: prinsezz, the three Indians are the supervisor for the pusat, the one behind the Indian lady wearing orange is Pastor Yong, next to her is Seow Wei, Sheene, Fern, Pei Pei, Chelse and Nansie. Front row, front left: My fatty, Ah Teck, Ah Hong, Wen Feng (fatty's bro), Yu and Khan.

Some candid shot I took

Nothing much there lah. 'cept that someone scared Sheene till she cried.

We went to this Pusat mia upstairs. Upstairs was for men lah. (And downstairs was for women) Before going upstairs, the supervisor told us that girls should be careful coz the men will try to touch or pull their skirts. Damn scary rite? I didn't wanna go mia. But Sinren pulled me to his side to protect me and sort of dragged me upstairs. So went lor. Then this guy were standing in front of us. He took out a box of biscuit and offered it to Ah Teck. All the girls siam behind Ah Teck coz scared that the guy will run to us and give us biscuit or whatever. Manatau Ah Teck also scared. WTH??? We were so busy playing 'Eagle catch chicks' (some chinese game lah) with the fella then suddenly Sheene screamed.

Sheene said another guy came behind of her and put his hand in her bag. She got a shock and started sobbing unstoppable. All of us girls got scared that something might happen again and ran downstairs.

The lesson of the story is... don't go to scary places like this.

After that we went to lunch together. Actually we planned to go to buffet together. But dunno why the plan was cancelled. Then dunno who suggest that pastor belanja us makan. So after much pestering he gave in and all of us went to Green World to eat.

Can you spot pastor looking at us from afar? Hahahahaha~

Pastor spent about RM200++ on us. Isk isk isk~ Mama terus goes berserk. She said that we shouldn't ask him to belanja us. But aiyo~~~ next time we belanja him back can d lor. Hahahahah~

Oh yeah, thanks to Mr. Alex Ang for this photo of Sinren and I. Actually taken by Khan kor kor but it's stolen from Yu's MSN space. Huhu~ Didn't take any photos coz was to busy eating and talking alot. Hahahahaha~

Before going to Pusat Kanak-kanak Terencat Akal actually we went to Tesco to buy supplies for them. While others go and buy the supplies and Sinren went to pee, Sheene and I went to buy some stuff from the Malay stalls outside Tesco.

Tak sangka can buy get stuff lah wei. Useful summore. So bad of me to discriminate them before this. Sorry~ sorry~

Anyways, I bought...
Two hairbands

I don't know why I bought the one on the right. hahahahaha~ Like so stupid nie. I don't think I would wear it anywhere. If last time in primary school maybe got use lah. Now??? Waste money nie. Just because buy two is cheaper then I bought. Tsk tsk tsk...

The one on the left, if you see close enough I wore it in the photos above. Buy d terus wear. Haha~

A White Bag

Bought the same one with Sheene. She used it as a wallet while I used it as a clutch.

For those who have no clue: on the right is the bag and on the left is the close up of the texture of the bag. Same goes to the picture below.

A Pink Case

This is to store my sanitary pads to bring around so its not so obvious that its sanitary pad when I bring it around. Aiyo~ Don't know how to explain lah. Girls should know what I mean right? Hahahahaha~

That's all for today.

Oh yeah. Today didn't go to Pavilion coz there's stock clearance sale at Jaya. Only went to Guardian 'tho. Cz every shop's queue was damn long. At Guardian alone I think I lined up for half an hour.

Erm... don't know how to end this but have to end lah...