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Ah Hong's 21st birthday at Riviera Bay

Yeah!!! It's the 100th post. Tak sangka so many posts d. Hahahahahahah~

Neways, one of the few events during December, this is Ah Hong's birthday party. Ah Hong is my good friend since young. Our families are pretty close. And the coincidence thing is Ah Hong's birthday is same with mum and a day away from mine. Auntie Yeow Hao (Ah Hong's mother) asked me to celebrate my birthday with him this year. But I didn't want to. Coz of some probs I have with some people. Aiyo~~~ lots of reasons lah. I just didn't want to.

Anyways, Ah Hong's birthday was held at Riviera Bay. Some hotel lah in Melaka. I think the hotel changed name d. But I don't know what is the name lah... Hahahahahahahah~

Didn't really enjoyed the party coz damn sien. But the place nice to take photos lor coz the Christmas decors are up.

On the way there

Mum and dad were busy talking with Uncle and Auntie Soh. They are our church members lah. We stay in the same taman so dad ask them to go to the party together. So nobody layan me, I self layan lor. Hahahahahaha~

My new sandals

Got it 50% off from Vincci. Love love love...

Reached there with hope to have fun actually. Manatau it's damn sien. What to do... Best friend didn't go. Brother got gf d. Can't pat toh in front of parents so went away to take photos and pat toh. Hehehehehe~

I had to bring my god daughter to go gai-gai so we went to the arcade room. I asked the little gal to take photos with me. But all she said was: "You!!! Quiet!!!" Hahahahahahahahah~ Damn that little bitch.

Then we walked to the lobby and took summore photos. Mostly of mine lah. Hahahahahahaha~

This gingerbread house was not fake wor... I thought was make of polystyrene or wat lah... Manatau I looked close and...

Really is gingerbread wor... tak sangka Melaka's hotel also got standard to do the real thing. Hahahahahah~ So keji I.

One more photo with the gingerbread house

I stole Lele (my goddaughter)'s balloon

Hahahahahahah~ Ask me to quiet summore lah!!!

Its not Rudolph -_-lll

I love Christmas when all the decorations are so beautiful. Lights everywhere. And love is everywhere. Hahahahahahahah~

Love is in the air, can you feel it?

So cute the fatty!!!

Had to take photos of the birthday boy. Or else manatau I lied bout the birthday boy. Hahahahaha~

Ladies and Gentlemen... Ang Tze Hong for you...

I took photo with Tze Hong but its in his camera. But the shitass doesn't wanna give me the photo until I give him his. So we end up fighting see who's gonna give in and give the photos first. Hahahahah~

He asked me to take photo for him and his 'brother' a.k.a my boyfriend.

What the hell is my boyfriend trying to do???

Hahahahahhah~ Too much influence from 'Melaka models'. Hahahahahahahahah~

He and his presents

Last photo of him. Not his blog. Won't promote him. Hahahahahaha~

On the way back to home still nobody layan me. So I continued my camwhoring. Damn!!! This post is all about me lah wei. Hahahahahaha~ Should change the title to 'Camwhoring moments during Ah Hong's birthday'. Lolz~

Britney Spears inspired


Went home and continued the camwhoring madness.

Then I found my partner to camwhore at home lah. Damn happy. And its none other than...
My dad!!!
He started acting cute by taking my woolly scarf and asked me to take photos of him.

Forgive him... what he hast done, he doeseth not know...


Then I took it and wrap it round his head and found out that it turned out to look like some hat from Moscow. Then both of us took photos.

The Moscow hat duo

More Moscow hat's pose

I think I had gone crazy. Hahahahaha~ All because dad started it!!!

Then it became scarf again...

I thought it was over and wanted to go to bed. But dad started his acting cute again...

What is wrong with him???


Something's wrong with my family.

K lah. That's bout it for today. See you guys real soon.