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Year 2 Sem 2 ***editted*** (Lots of error...Heheheheheh~)

Here's my timetable:

11am-1pm Music Education in Primary and Secondary Schools
2pm-4pm Karya dan Gubahan I

11am-12pm Music Education in Primary and Secondary Schools
1pm-3pm Music Appreciation
3pm-4pm Karya dan Gubahan I
4pm-6pm Muzik Melayu Asli

10am-11am Music Appreciation
2pm-4pm Performing Arts Theory

9am-11am Music Theory and Composition IV
12pm-2pm Forum
3pm-4pm Performing Arts Theory

10am-11am Tutorial

This sem I felt more free. The classes' times are not so hectic compared to the sem before. And classes don't always start at 9am, except for Thursdays. Thank god for that. I hate waking up at 8am!!! I usually sleep at 1 till 2am and have this policy of sleeping 8 hours a day before the exam week starts. So I have to get up at earliest at 9 and latest by 9.30am. (Wah!!! So much difference la wei!!!)

This sem I had only took 18 credit hours. Coz there aren't any course that I am dying to take and the out fac courses are all fully booked or clashes with my in fac courses. I so wanna take Japanese but its full. Portuguese clashes and so does German.

Anyways, for those who think we Music student are just bunch of people who studies nothing, here's a intro to what I'll be studying this sem:

Music Education in Primary and Secondary Schools
Taught by Pan again. He and his 'think about it' is still living to its name. Hahahahaha~ Nothing much lah. Just bout music education lah basically. And we had to do rote teaching this sem. I mean present it in class. Rote teaching is teaching without using any tools. We'll have to think of a subject to teach and then present it in class, pretending that the fellow classmates are our students. Last year I sucked during teaching presentation. I had my plan on what to teach d but shall not revealed it yet. Coz I still have so problems on how to do it the rote way.

And like last year we have to do summaries every week. Damn sien arh... Summore this year the journal Pan asked us to search on has damn long articles. The one I passed up last week has 14 pages!!!

Karya dan Gubahan
This is basically a composing class. Ayob will teach us how to compose jazz and popular tunes. Not really keen to attend this class. Not that I hate composing, actually I like it lor. I composed a song for a crush last time you know... But I lost the sheets when moving to Ozana lah... I hate to learn the chords lah. Damn difficult and this Ayob's hand writting damn small can? Straining my eyes so much just to read his notes on the board. Somebody teach me bout chords lah. And my chords progression damn weak lah. Tu lah... theory tak baguz mia pasal.

Music Appreciation
Yes, we appreciate music in this class. Hahahahahaha~ I still don't get the point of this class apart from that. Every class we just listen to pieces, damn long works and tried our best to follow the score while listening. Weirdly I didn't fall asleep in this class like I did in history. Hahahahahaha~

Muzik Melayu Asli
Its an ensemble. I'll be playing violin in it lah. Can't wait till my violin is shipped from Melaka. Haven't seen it in weeks. Ok lah... Not shipped lah. Pay Kun will be bringing it here for me lah. Haven't started the class 'tho. Starting next week. Kinda excited!!!

Performing Arts Theory
OH SHIT!!! I still can't get a bit of this class. Don't know what me-not me-me. Some sort of shit like that lah. Apparently we are actually in 'not me' situation everyday unless when you are alone. And we are acting as something everyday. Like acting as a daughter lah... student... blah blah blah lah... Hanafi is teaching for the moment until Anus....Oops! I mean Anis is back. HAhahahahaha~ Its a joke he told us about. (Puff remember constipated fucker??? He's the one who told it. Will tell you about the 'anus' joke the next time) Actually I'm anticipating for Anis to get back. I like his teaching style more than Hanafi. Hanafi's voice is like singing lullaby to me.

Music Theory and Composition
Learning Schenkerier Analysis and another thing which I forgot. Still can't get the analysis. See I told you music is not that easy ok? Summore I take so long to understand things. Oh... we'll be doing composing as well. Have to compose a song for a 15-20mins slot in a movie. Planned to do something from She's The Man. The only thing I hate about the class is the class time. I hate 9am class!!!!

Its some sort of performance class thingy lah, which I hate coz I hate to memorize pieces to perform. I am so not a performer material.

This is the one-on-one class with my piano tutor. Nothing much to say about. My tutor is still just as cute.

Well, that's about it. This sem I have time to take naps and practice violin in the afternoon. Sorry to the neighbors coz they have to bear with my terrible playing. Go complain lah for all I care coz if MC expels me I would be more than happy. Who wanna stay in this shit place???

I have decided that since its a more free sem I will dress more nicely to uni. I mean something more nicer lah. Other than just tees and jeans. But just as I planned it this way, I forgot to bring all my nice clothes to KL.

Ceh~ must wait till I go back and get them here only can start. Ah Shan... join me arh... You always said that nobody wanna dress nice nice with you right??? Now you got friend. Yes, I do mean you KWAN LI SHAN.

Ok lah... That's bout it. Byes...