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Happy New Year 2008!!!

Yo yo yo~

Its da new year yo!

New year, new skin.

Nice??? Need ya all to give comments. Coz I'm not totally satisfied with it. Still looking for other nicer ones. I think that the background's not colorful enough. But will settle with this for the moment.

New year, new resolutions.

Last year my resolutions didn't exactly workout. Hahaha! For example, I didn't get distinction for my violin exam. Bleh~~~ I nearly fail la!!! Tu lah... Didn't work hard enough!!! And my CGPA didn't hit 3.0 either. Double bleh~~~ (=^_^=) The rest of the resolutions made were mostly forgotten. Hahahahahaha~ Coz I deleted my old blog posts and didn't write them down anywhere. Not even serious about it. Hahahahahahahahahah~

SO this year, I'll make resolutions, make sure I write them down somewhere I can see everyday and make sure I will work the hell out so that they work. OH YEAH!!! *stands on a high stool and make superman pose* Hahahahahahah~


1. CGPA hit 3.0

Yeah... You guys must be thinking: "What? She dare to make this resolution again?" Alaa... I said d mah... I will work the hell out. Tak cukup tidur also must work until I get 3.0. Ganbatte ne!!!

2. finish reading the bible

Last year also made this resolution. Also tak jadi. Hehe~ But I did better this year coz I tried damn hard to read it even though I must be honest that some chapters are really damn boring and long winding. I managed to complete some books d. Will continue doing it this year and I am sure I can finish it this year.

3. stop my bad habits

I have some really bad habits which one of it I can't really disclose on the blog coz I don't want some people whom reads my blog to know about it. But this year I must really quit all my bad habits. I think I could face the world better and also God if I am be able to quit it. Really!!! (P/s:Don't bother asking me what is the bad habit, I won't tell)

4. save up to RM3000

I wanna save up this much of money coz I have lots of things I wanna do this year that might be using hell lots of money. Last year neney and wasn't able to go to Singapore. This year we must really try to go lah. And I wanna buy something for myself for my 22nd birthday. Don't know why lah. Just wanna pamper myself. Huhu~ And that thing I planned is not cheap wor...

5. gain weight till 50kg

Hahahah~ failed this last year too. Gonna eat like a pig this year. Hahahahahah~

6. do not spend money on things that I don't need

This is so that I can save up to RM3000 lor...

7. share gospel with someone

I really hope I have the guts to do it. I've been reading books about sharing gospel and wanna try it out on someone. Don't worry lah... I won't try it on my friends one. I will go find strangers and 'attack'. Hahahahaha~

8. read 2-3 books per month

I wanna grow a habit of reading books. Not just novels or story books. Any books at all.

9. own a branded item

Ever since I transformed from a tomboy to a girlish girl (WTF???) I had been very materialistic. I had not spend money on bags, shoes, clothes when I was a tomboy. Now I keep craving for more and more stuff. And now I want something branded. Tapi malu wanna ask from my parents lah. I think if I bought it myself, I would treasure it more. So yeah... you guessed it right, this will be the birthday present I wanna give myself this year. Huhuhuhu~

10. take good care of myself

This time my sickness is real bad. I nearly end up in the hospital during the Christmas season but I made myself pull through even though I was really really not well. So I must really take good care of my health and tried my very best to take good care of my own safety anywhere I am.

Well, that's all. Starting from today all these resolutions will be kept at the side bar to remind myself and my visitors to remind me about them. Hahahaha~

Neney will be posting up his soon. I made him make his resolutions too. Hehe~

Bye bye for now...