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Melaka Trip Day 1 Part 3

Despite what is said in the post above, I was able to upload all the photos. So here is Day 1 Part 3...

After spending some time at home, we went over to Jonker Street, which was the best place to get cheap souvenirs and some other stuff.

Mel trying to force some necklace on me

Hahahahah~ she didn't force lah. But this photo taken by Li Shan made it looked like it.

Jane at the same necklace stall

Then we had some dim sum. And this is the damn stall that made me go sick for a few days. I don't know whether it is or not lah. Coz nobody got sick 'tho. I was the only one who got sick after eating there.

Anyways, I ate three sticks of century egg. Hahahahahaha~ Not suprising to get sick also lah.

Moi and one of the three sticks of the century egg

Jane and hers
Damn poser lah my roommate

Li Shan and her multiple shots of her dim sums

She took so many that I got so sien-ted and did this...

Why I looked so stupid??? I am a lenglui leh!!!

Then we had a shopping good time. I didn't buy lots. In fact I only bought a castanet. I editted the photo but don't know where it vanished.

Anyways, it is damn cute k? Its pink and has a bee drawn by hand on it. Shall show you guys next time lah k???

Mel bought a handphone hanger and Li Shan bought a thousand of stuff. Why lah she doesn't blog??? At least she can show you all right???? Esther bought a castanet like mine but its red and with different thing drawn on it. Er... And I think she got a handphone cover too.

This is what Jane bought...
Look at the face also you know how happy she was lah right?

She wanted to get a pig like this for a long time. We searched for it with her in Midvalley for a couple of hours but couldn't find it. Or is it too expensive???

When she saw this, she instantly insisted of buying it no matter what. And she did lah of course...

Then we went around and take photos as though we were some tourist from other place. We usually imitate China tourists. Hahahahahah~ Damn lame right?

Some buildings at Jonker Street:

Damn good lah the shots taken by Li Shan. Can be photographer d girl.

Then the most anticipated moment came...


Man... I miss Melaka. Have not been back for weeks d. Gotta go get some chendol as soon as I get back next week.

Jade green chendol and crimson red red beans

Yum factor is 123456789 out of 10. LOLz~~~~

Anyways, I didn't eat any on the day of the visit coz remember... I got sick coz of the century eggs I stuffed into my mouth. Damn sad...


Our being cute names. Hahahahahaha~ Damn 'er' right??? Like so -_-lll
Janie nice until Janie drink until like that.

this Jane arh... Her expression shows everything that she feels. Damn easy to see how she feels one.


Hard to get candid shots of her lah. She's always damn aware. HAahahahhhahahhaahah~

No photos of me mana boleh???
Me being half-dead at that selipar stall

All da pretty ladies
The last shot before leaving

After going to Jonker Street, we went to have Satay Celup which is this...

For those who don't know, you have to put those ingredients in the first set of photos into the hot pot in the second set of photos. Then when its cooked, pop it in you mouth.

But before that you must wait for the hot pot to get boiled. Here are the photos of us waiting for the pot to get boiled...
Waiting with patience

She's not sure what is she doing as well

Candid shot!!!

I did it yo!!! Hahahahahahaha~

Like some sort of achievement konon.

While waiting, Jane got ready for her daily routine...

... getting calls from her 'friend'

Not well d still mati-mati wanna camwhore

If you didn't realized it, I was already wearing jacket in this shot. Don't know why suddenly felt that it was damn cold.

I got bored and took photos of the walls. The walls are filled with photos of celebrities that had come to the shop. Quite nice actually. But look at the ugly Mickey Mouse.

Should be the pride of the boss. Coz it looks damn old but he didn't get rid of it.

The hot pot got boiled and we could start soaking and eating...
Its fun to take photos of Li Shan eating. Hahahahahaha~

So happy Esther Niak

Then quiet down pulak...
Mood change like weather this girl. Hahahahhahaahahaha~

Pork Liver
Me love pork liver. Totally a 100% pork lover. Totally cannot no pork at all.
Pork Liver and I

Besarnye mulut

Another camwhore shot
Because of me being sick, I only ate about 4 sticks that day. Usually I could eat up to 30 sticks. Don't ever underestimate a skinny pot o!!!
Jane on the phone again and Melisa talking with somebody
After eating satay celup, Melisa who heard that the famous pork rice with curry was just opposite the satay celup shop, asked us to go there and have a try. I heard of it but have not tried it. I wanted to try but was too sick and had not appetite. So only they ate. They only ordered one plate and shared among four.
Look so yummy ler...
Ney... I wanna eat... Bring me go eat lah!!!!
That's all for day 1. Day 2 will be up soon. It'll be a little interesting for those who likes animals coz we went to this place with animals. And its not a zoo.
So do stay tune for it.
Just had supper and felt like sleeping d. Hahahahahahah~ K lah. see ya all...

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