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Melaka Trip Day 1 Part 2

Here's to continue from the Part 1.

We'll start the post with a photo of...
...Esther sleeping


After eating chicken rice, we went back home. I think I said before lah... Some of us like Esther started sleeping while others...
...Unpack their stuff and check whether forgot anything

Then I forgot who gave the idea to play...
...a game of Uno

Dunno why suddenly our gang is so into Uno since we started playing to release stress during exams.

The pictures taken in my room are quite blur. But they all looked damn nice so I decided to post them up.

That's the last photo 'tho. See why Li Shan so happy? Coz she won mah... And the one beside her lost. Haahahahhahahaha~

Then after that Mama cooked a lite lunch/tea break/dinner for us. Hahahaha~ I don't know what to call it lah... Coz some of us got hungry. Er... actually all got hungry lah.


What she cooked

This is from my bowl

We were given choices to what noodle we want. Either mee ker... Yee mee... or Kway Teow. Mel and Jane chose Kway Teow while Esther, Li Shan and I chose Yee mee.

I don't know why Jane looked so happy eating this meal. Takkan she never eat before Yong Tauhu right? Keep smiling ler... I know very tasty but still.... See for yourselves lah.

This was candid k? See how happy she looked at the kway teow. And check out Esther. Pouting over what o? Haahahahahahah~

Still smiling

Kepo Li Shan taking photos of dunno what

Finally eating

Our yee mee took longer coz ma cooked the kway teow first. So those who wanted to eat yee mee was too free. And that explains the many photos of other people Li Shan and I took.

Sempat lagi camwhore!!!

Why Esther love pouting so much arh??? I drinking the soup ker her nie??? HAhaahhaahah~

Alright... That's Part 2. The next part you'll see us going to Jonker and satay celup. Wah! Like dunno what series pulak nie. AHahahhahahaha~

k lah... See you guys soon.