Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Melaka Trip Day 1 Part 1

Number one post (erm... other than the resolution one) for 2008. Backdated as usual. Hahahaha~ Its the Melaka trip's stuff. This is just part one coz neney asked me not to put too much photos in one post. Coz he said that it load very slow. People wanna wait also sien. Errr... don't really get his point but okay lah... I think its for the best. Hahahahaha~

Took these while waiting for everyone to get ready. Too bored I guess. Hehe~

Then we left tepat pada 8am. So ganjeong lah all these people.

I was so bored in the car. Wanted to sleep but don't know why tak dapat tidur. So I took photos of other people sleeping. HAha~

Esther sleeping

Wah... so 'yao yeng'!!! Sleep with sunglasses summore... (p/s:purposely make it sephia so that it looks a bit more glamourous. Hahahahahaha~)

Jane sleeping

I guess some of you had seen my sleeping face in Mel's blog. Damn!!! Spoil my cute auntie image only. Haahahhaha~ Anyways, do check it out. let's go!!!

This Mel so geng lah. My sleeping face also can get. I pulak failed to get hers. But instead I only get the view of the front people from my seat. Bleh~~

Upon reaching Melaka, we got really hungry coz we didn't get to eat breakfast before leaving KL. I asked them what they wanted to eat and all said they wanted CHICKEN RICE BALL!!!

We went to this store at Melaka Baru. I haven't been here before. I decided to bring them there coz Ah yu recommended that this store's chicken rice balls are damn good. That 'soi zai' got also good recommendation arh... HAahahahah~

Oo~ laa laa...

I love white skin chicken. Or is it called steamed chicken. Aiyah... Watever lah. Its in contrary with the other black skin one lah. Hahahahaha~ Not everyone like it 'tho. Some think that the white skin chicken got hormone smell. HAhahahaha~ WTF lah NAna...


So happy esther...


And you thought she was ladylike and stuff.. Poo! Hahahaha~

Tertidur while taking photos of the food

Hahahaha.... I really looked like I dozed off.

How stick-alike I am...


Why Esther looked so digusted with Li Shan taking photo?

After lunch, we left Melaka Baru and went back to my house. But before that...
So nyenyak the cat...

Hahaha... So sueh heng the cat. Sleep until like that. Hahaahahah~

Okay lah...will continue the next part in the next post.


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